How COVID-19 Proved the Advantages of Fintech Applications?

Fintech or Financial Technology is an innovation to improve the method of providing financial services to the public. It enables people to utilize technology-based platforms in performing financial transactions.

The importance of the fintech industry has been significant to everyone, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Since banks and other financial institutions were forced to halt operations due to social distancing protocol, the need for alternative platforms for financial transactions rises.

Fortunately, online banking, lending, and payment are now available, all thanks to the development of fintech.

Fintech's Advantage

The Fintech industry is needed by the public more than ever. It gives people the option to continue with their financial transactions while staying at home.

From paying electricity bills, sending money, buying foods and medical supplies online, up to lending quick personal loans,  fintech applications made them possible.

This industry has proved its advantages during this time since social distancing is observed. While everyone was ordered to stay at home, this technology made our life comfortable despite living with restrictions.

Further, financial technology has proven that everyone could work securely at home with the same productivity in an office environment. The future has already changed as the coronavirus hit us hard, plummeting our economy and making home-based jobs the future of employment setup worldwide.

This setup had already existed many years ago, but today, it has become the new normal due to the worldwide lockdowns. While other sectors experience crises, the fintech industry is developing.

Aside from a home-based working setup, cashless transactions is also a huge possibility soon. As the Government slowly ease up with the lockdown, businesses are expected to resume operation. However, the threat of COVID-19 is still out there, until a vaccine is available, we should continue to be vigilant, and lessen the frequency of going out.

Since money is believed to be one of the many ways of transmitting the virus, the fintech industry gives us solutions by using online payment portals. These changes proved that as the world evolves, the way we also live changes.

The pandemic opens the possibility of changes in lending companies' operation. The lending sector is one of the industries that benefited from fintech's advantages. More lending companies had created their online application processes to serve their customers.

How Fintech Brought Positivity

The Fintech industry has given the people an option to process an application to borrow money from lending companies using fintech applications. This platform provides people with options during this pandemic. It helps them survive by utilizing fintech applications.

The isolation we are going through has made digital solutions change how we live. This includes how we manage our financial transactions. More lending companies have added technology in their operation, not only to follow the trend, but to improve their services as well.

Businesses are forced to suspend their operations, leaving their employees jobless. As the virus spreads fear and danger, people opt for loans to support their expenses. Through fintech, banks and lending platforms now have online services where people can apply for loans.

Cashless and paperless financial transactions will be expected to become the new normal since fintech shows everyone how beneficial their platform is. More people favored the quick and flexible transactions they experience during the pandemic and are expected to continue using the technology after the COVID pandemic.

Older generations are not convinced that technology replaced traditional practices, but our current situation leaves our elders with no choice but to use the technology. Surprisingly, their responses are positive and give a probability of future usage for more convenient transactions.

How Fintech Industry Helps Manage the Pandemic

The fintech sector not only helps the people during this pandemic by giving them an option to continue working or accomplish financial transactions at home. Fintech companies all over the world offer their digital solutions by helping remote medical services continue their operations.

This industry helps the economy to flow even during the lockdown. It helps slow down the declining trend in our economy by offering online payment methods, digital money, and online shopping, which gave way to e-commerce.

Sellers started offering their products online with the help of e-commerce platforms. As online transactions continue, our economy will strive. Even though the Government already allowed many establishments to resume operations, business owners are still investing in a digital solution to help them with their new operating procedures.

Online banking helps money move around quickly. COVID-19 donations from the private sector were transferred via online banking transactions, which helped the government aid everyone affected by the crisis.


The continued service of the lending companies during the COVID-19 pandemic helps the people need extra cash to pay for their expenses. Fintech applications help different industries to survive the lockdown and keep financial transactions running amid lockdown.

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