What You Should Know About Working in IT

You might be wondering if choosing a career in IT is the right one for you. It can be lucrative, and the industry is growing quickly, meaning you will likely have job security. The number of available jobs is quickly growing, and you will often start out with a higher salary. Still, there are several things to know about the industry before deciding if it is right for you.

You Don't Have to Have a Computer Science Degree

You don't have to major in computer science to get into the industry since there are many other ways into it as well. Of course, there are professionals with the degree, but others have degrees in other fields. Or you could get an IT certification or attend a relevant bootcamp. Just because you don't have a computer science degree does not mean you can't be successful in the industry.

Still, getting a degree can be helpful in getting your foot in the door. You might find that going to college helps you get the connections and network you need to get a great internship. That way, you can get a better-paying job right out of school. Paying for a degree is sometimes difficult for students, so you might want to consider taking out a student loan from a private lender to cover your educational costs. Taking out school loans are an excellent way of paying for everything from tuition to housing.

The Importance of a Variety of Skills

Of course, you need to have great tech skills, including the ability to work with computers. However, you also need to have great soft skills, and many IT job postings mention these as requirements for the job.  It is not enough to simply have tech skills, so soft skills will help you really stand out from the crowd.

You will likely need to be able to solve problems and have exceptional communication skills. It will also be important to be organized so you can successfully manage projects. Even customer service skills can help you out. So, if you have worked in food service, stores, or at a call center, don't dismiss that as irrelevant experience. The skills you gained in these positions could help you overcome challenges and work better with others.

You Don't Have to Have All the Answers

Technology is changing quickly, so you don't have to learn everything you need to know in school and internships. It is impossible to anticipate every challenge and know all the answers right away. Even if it seems like the company, IT staff knows all the answers, they don't have all these answers in their heads. They are resourceful and look something up if they do not know something.

Remember, being resourceful is just as important as being knowledgeable about your subjects. Having strong problem-solving skills will help you stand out in any work environment. By not giving up until you find a solution, you can develop strong problem-solving skills, which will serve you well in the world of IT.

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