Tech Careers You Should Consider After Graduation

Finishing college might be one of the most thrilling moments in your life. You feel excited that you will be free of home assignments and will never look for an essay helper again. However, making your first career step is not easy at all, and you have to be prepared for a long, challenging path. If you are about to get a tech degree but still don’t know what career to pursue after graduation, then keep reading. We will give you the list of the best tech jobs that might be a perfect start for you.

1. Technical Customer Support Manager

This is the easiest way to jumpstart your technical career, see how the office work is organized as well as to gain some industry and soft skills that will help you climb the career ladder. You will be the one who will troubleshoot all technical issues clients might experience. Great technical skills, as well as impeccable knowledge of a product you work with, will be an absolute must. Also, having great communication and problem-solving skills will be an advantage for a candidate.

2. Technical Sales Manager

In this case, you will have to possess a good understanding of how the IT world works as well as great technical skills. Your main job will be to sell hardware, software, or other IT-related product effectively. You will have to be familiar with all features and technical characteristics to let clients want to purchase it. Outstanding communication skills are something paramount for a vacancy like this.

3. Quality Assurance Specialist

Here is another great job you should consider after graduation. As a QA specialist, you will have to work with a website, app, or software and test it to find all potential bugs that might negatively affect the overall user experience. You will have not just to find bugs but also offer the best way to fix it. For this job, you have to possess analytical and research skills as well as a high level of organization.

4. Software Developer

This vacancy requires more advanced technical skills and knowledge. Your main task will be to create software, application, or even game based on the client’s requirements. You will have to collaborate closely with a whole product team to come up with the desired results. You have to possess not just a solid technical base but also be attentive to details, work well within a team, and have critical thinking abilities.

5. Web Developer

In this case, your main responsibilities will include creating a website from scratch based on requirements as well as creating the whole appealing design. You have to possess not just technical skills but also graphic design skills that will help you come up with a visually good-looking website that will work fast and will be easy to navigate for clients. Problem-solving, analytical thinking abilities as well as design skills and creativity are crucial for this role.

6. UX Designer

As a professional, you will have to work closely with a web or software programmer as your common goal will be to create a website or an app that will let users have the best experience navigating it. You have to possess design skills to concentrate on making a product look and feel good. It has to be so intuitive and comfortable in use.

7. Security Engineer

Here is a highly demanding and well-paid job you should consider. You will have to possess technical as well as cybersecurity skills that will enable us to protect the company’s data from breaches and other security issues that might occur in our digitalized world. You will be responsible for protecting all systems, networks, and information from potential threats and ensure the highest safety level. In case an issue occurs, you will have to address it as soon as possible.

8. Network Engineer

This one is the last but definitely not the last job on the list as it gets more and more demanding on the IT market. As a specialist, you will have to set up, administer, and maintain all company communication systems and networks as well as mind security measures.

Summing It Up

These tech jobs will be the perfect choice to make your first career moves. Always bear in mind that the industry is very competitive, so you will have to work hard to become a successful and demanding specialist. Start paving your way to a thriving career today, get familiar with main requirements, and work on your tech skills to become a matching candidate.

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