3 Reasons To Have A Cyber Security Degree

When you take a degree in cyber security, you will learn how to keep all computers, networks, and all the data within them, protected from cyber criminals, otherwise known as hackers. Since these cyber criminals will be keen to ‘break into' as many personal and business networks as they can in order to steal money, sensitive information, and wreak havoc overall, this is a hugely important job.

Putting it this way makes it seem like a simple thing to do, but the reality is that there is a lot to learn and it's not the kind of degree someone should take on a whim. If you are interested but haven't entirely made up your mind, read on for some of the best reasons to take a cyber security degree. 

Job Security

With a cyber security degree to put on your resume, you'll always be able to find work. In fact, cyber security careers are growing, and in terms of job security, working in cyber security will certainly tick all the boxes. If you want a career for life in a field that is booming and will only continue to grow as we all begin to use more and more technology, this has to be it. 

Of course, as technology gets better, so too do the attempts to commit cybercrimes. For this reason, anyone with a cyber security degree will need to keep completely up to date with changes in their industry to be as effective as possible. 

High Salaries

Money doesn't buy happiness; that's something we're all told from an early age. Yet having money is not something many people would turn down, and it's not something a cyber security graduate would have to worry about since these careers are highly paid ones. 

This is partly down to the fact that, although the sector is growing, there are still only small numbers of people taking advantage of the degree on offer (relatively speaking, anyway). Businesses who want to hire cyber security experts have to compete with one another since there aren't enough to go around, hence the high salaries on offer. 

Plus, if a business were to be hacked and lose money or lose their customers' sensitive information, what would happen? In some cases, depending on how bad the breach was, they would have to close altogether. Paying for a cyber security graduate to be on the team is a kind of insurance against that happening. 

Many Career Options

Although the primary career that many cyber security graduates will go into is protecting business networks from attack, there are numerous career options open to anyone who has this degree. 

As you study, you'll be able to find out just which areas of cyber security most appeal, including: 

  • Security engineer 
  • Security administrator 
  • Cryptographer 
  • Network analyst
  • Infosec office 

Since good candidates for these jobs are in high demand, once you know which direction you want to take your career, you should have a good choice when it comes to applying for positions. 

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