Block Unwanted Calls and Give Yourself Space

Receiving calls from unknown numbers daily? Are these calls a source of harassment for you or targeting you as a part of a marketing scam? You should be aware of these scammers. It happens to almost all of us that we often receive calls from a number who just won't stop calling us. It might be a spam caller or your ex who don't want to give you space. It's significant to know when to block an irritating and annoying number to get rid of becoming a fool in hands of such spam callers. Blocking phone numbers is crucial to evade from scammers, pushers, ex (employers, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wifes) or harassers etc. Now you must be thinking about how you get to know when to block someone! This article will teach you when to consider a few points, and where to get help from.

When to block a number

There are two phases before drawing a line, one is emotional/personal and other is psychological/professional. If you are getting calls from your personal caller such as harassers or exes in a weekly or even monthly basis it can cause emotional disturbance and pain. So you have to make a firm decision to avoid them through blocking the latters. For your sanity, block every call that makes things awkward for you.

Other ones are spam calls from marketers. These are robot operated calls and it's a new tactic of marketers to bombard your phone with spam messages and calls as these calls continue to increase year by year. You should warn them not to call again and if they persist, report or block them before thinking twice. Gain some peace and calm the mobile phone.

Points to consider before making a decision

Before choosing the method, you should consider these following points

  • Type of services you want  
  • Phone you possess
  • How many calls you receive
  • How much details/personal information you can provide
  • How much you can afford/pay

Different ways to block unwanted numbers

You received a call and when you answer it, instead of a person you hear a recorded voice. Well this is a robocall powered by a machine. Illegal scammers use this tactic to make calls from all over the world. With the help of fake caller IDs, persons hide from the law enforcement companies. These calls are infuriating and alarming. There are different ways to handle these bogus calls. Such as

  • Mobile phone Applications

Many applications are available on mobile play stores for number blocking. They require downloading, but all of them are not worth having them on your phone as they might have some viruses that could affect your mobile phone.

  • Mobile phone's built-in blocking feature

Mobiles having this feature are awesome. If your mobile has this option you don't need to outsource or download anything.

  • Cloud-based services

These services are connected to mobile networks.

  • Carrier method services

Carrier services are valid for all landlines, mobile, cable and internet devices. But their range of blocking numbers is limited to 10-30 number per year.

  • Call blocking devices

Call blocking devices can be installed on your home phone. They have the backlisting option, but they are valid for landlines only.

Block spammers with

You can create a blacklist at and simply block unwanted calls in a matter of seconds. A blacklist is a list of numbers that you would like to block them from calling your phone. Our website also has a blacklist database. The latter has numbers of significant scammers and consumer complaints. If your added number match this database, it will automatically be added to the blacklist. Once the number has been added into the blacklist, it will no more create disturbance and hassle for you. You can also distinguish your preferred numbers (personal contacts) by adding them to a whitelist or a favorite list!

Moreover, with the help of reverse calls lookup method, you can custom choose which type of calls you want to block e.g. silent callers, spammers, unwanted ones, marketers or harassers. Geographic location and area code popping up on your mobile screens will also give you choice about how to respond to the specific call. has made things easy with these convenient and handy tips,

Expectantly, your confusion on when and how to block someone has pretty much resolved. Be a member of users' family, avail all our premium packages and get liberated from scammers and harassers completely.

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