5 Reasons Python Should Be Something Every Kid Learns

In the world today, coding has become almost an essential skill. As the workplace changes and the technological proficiencies employers expect to see become more advanced, coding will evolve into an ability that's as essential as math.

Among the biggest programming languages around, Python is possibly the most widespread, thanks to its application in industries beyond computer science. Not only is the language a favorite among software and web developers, but it's also used in finance, science, data analysis, and more. A working knowledge can be a huge advantage in today's competitive job market.

If you want to give your kids a leg up and they're interested in coding, your kids can learn Python in online coding courses. Courses are offered at a range of skill levels appropriate for everyone from younger kids to teenagers preparing for post-secondary.

There are all kinds of programming languages kids can learn, but these are 5 reasons they should start with Python.

#1 Python Is Beginner Friendly

Often, the first programming language young kids learn  is Python, because it's so intuitive and the syntax is clean. It's a great way for kids to start familiarizing themselves with the language of code.

#2 The Biggest Apps Use Python

Whether you know it or not, Python is probably part of your everyday life. It's been used in some of the biggest apps ever. For example, both Spotify and Netflix use the language to power their analytics engines, allowing them to make recommendations to streamers. Data storage company Dropbox relies on it as well, and Instagram was initially built in Python, too.

#3 There's High Demand for Developers

The industry wants developers who know a variety of languages, and this is one where demand is perennially high. As more and more of our lives are conducted online, the more demand there will be for developers. Coding is changing the way we experience the world. There's high demand for the coders and developers who are the real people behind those changes.

#4 Python Is Used in Data Science

One of the reasons the use of Python is so widespread is that it's used in a huge range of industries thanks to its usefulness in data science. Data scientists need programs that will quickly automate large datasets in order to extrapolate useful information. Python is easy-to-use, has a good library and active community, and it has quick and clean syntax. Those qualities make it the preferred language of data scientists in a variety of fields.

#5 Python Developers Earn Good Salaries

Even compared to developers who specialize in other languages, Python developers earn high average salaries, making it a great career choice. Knowing the language can be a benefit in other job markets and help candidates improve their earnings.

Depending on what your kid wants to do with it, they may want to learn other programming languages as well. Industry-standard languages like Java, C++ and C# are also taught in coding classes for kids, and they're perfect for students who want to use their skills to make video games. Sign up for programming courses that teach kids how to code using the most popular languages used in the industry.

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