4 Factors Affecting The Speed And Quality Of Your Internet Connection

You have landed at the right place if you are looking for a faster internet connection in your home, office, or school. The speed and quality of the internet are essential in this era to ensure smooth workflow; therefore, it's imperative to ensure your connection is reliable and stable to avoid unpleasant incidents as you work or study from home.

Internet speed depends on the quality of the internet received from the provider. But it might be that your internet provider is providing seamless internet services, and the issue is on your end after all! That's why you should learn more about the issues that might slow down your bandwidth at your place and fix them before it's too late.

But even after battling these, if your internet quality and speed are not enhancing, it might be time for you to switch your internet provider. You can easily compare broadband companies and their rates online with a good comparison website. But before you get to that, you must check the following to ensure there is no issue at your end!

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Equipment Condition

Internet speed (especially Wi-Fi) directly depends on your network equipment. The network equipment might include the internet router you are using or the cables used for the connection. Even the underground cables from which you receive the internet can affect your internet speed and quality.

Generally, an ethernet connection is more stable and quicker than Wi-Fi. That's why you must check the internet directly with the ethernet cable if you are having issues with your Wi-Fi. If the internet is working fine with the ethernet cable, then your Wi-Fi router might be the issue. In this case, we suggest you upgrade your Wi-Fi router with a new one.

If this is not even the case, old computers and phones might experience slow and unstable internet for the same reason. So, you must check the internet speed on several devices in your home before making your final decision.

Even if the internet speed is slow on all devices, we suggest you check the other factors below instead of going straight to Compare Bear or any other comparison website to look for a new internet provider.

Signal Strength

Wi-Fi users might especially experience this problem. One of the most common issues with slow Wi-Fi is the device's distance from the router. Internet routers have limited signal range, and your distance from them determines the quality and speed of your internet connectivity.

If the Wi-Fi signal strength is not showing fully on your device, we suggest you move closer to the Wi-Fi router and recheck the internet speed. If the internet speed improves as you move closer to the router, you must invest in a better wireless repeater/extender.

These wireless extenders can easily be plugged into any socket between the router and the device to double the signal strength on your device.

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Viruses In Your Device(S)

Another reason for slow internet on your device(s) might be the presence of specific viruses or malware. These viruses run in the background on your devices and connect to the internet without confirmation. This further drains the resources, hence the internet speed on your device.

To tackle this issue, you must install good antivirus software and run a malware check on your system. This will scan and remove all the viruses from your system and ultimately improve the internet speed on the device. Moreover, you must never get add-ons and extensions from unknown sources to avoid the threat of any potential virus.

Number Of Users

Slow internet or internet downtime can occur when the number of users on the network increases. This usually happens during peak hours, i.e., after work hours when everyone comes back home and connects to the internet. Moreover, the number of users connected to your internet network also directly impacts the internet speed.

But if this issue is recurring and you find yourself struggling to perform even the basic tasks on the internet, then it might be time for you to change your internet connection.

Change Your Internet Provider!

Once you have checked all the factors above and feel like everything is fine, it might be time to go to a good comparison website to find alternative internet providers in your area. These comparison websites show all the essential information about all the providers operating in your area.

You have to check the details of these providers and weigh the pros and cons. In addition to checking the comparison websites, you can also ask people within your area about the internet connection they have been using and get their feedback. This will help you make your final decision and select the best provider according to your specific needs.

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