When, What, and Why: Cannabis For Pets

Cannabis has been controversial as a recreational drug and as medicine for an extended period of history. It seems recently that the use of cannabis as a medicine is becoming more common place and less controversial. As modern medicine progresses, the medicines that we use to improve our own quality of life are being incorporated into veterinary medicine as well. One example of this is the use of cannabis in the treatment and management of symptoms of dogs suffering from cancer, seizures and anxiety.

What is cannabis?

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a plant which contains a psychoactive compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol abbreviate to THC. Cannabis is a depressive drug, meaning that it slows down the processes of the central nervous system, which then slows the messages that are sent through the nervous system to the brain.

How is cannabis used?

Medicinal cannabis can come in a variety of different forms. For human use, it can be inhaled or ingested, among a variety of other creative processes, however, for pets it is most commonly ingested, although some balms for the skin are available. Ingestion is usually in the form of an oil, which is then absorbed through the wall of the digestive system and enters into the bloodstream. The people at Innovet are able to provide information on the forms of treatment and also how to access a range of products. Products available to the pet market include treats of sorts, a capsule forms of medication and topical ointments and balms.

Why is cannabis used?

Cannabis oil can be administered to dogs for a variety of reasons similar to that of humans, including anxiety, seizures, gastrointestinal issues,pain relief and the relief of cancer symptoms.It is fairly low risk as far as medications go and research shows few side effects.

When can dogs have cannabis?

Unlike more traditional pain relief medications, cannabis oil does not show signs of long term damage to vital internal organs such as the kidney and liver. However, if the wrong dosage is administered THC toxicity may be a risk. Like any medication, cannabis should only be used when absolutely necessary. Cannabis should not be given to animals with metabolic disorders as they will not be able to effectively process and eliminate the THC after ingestion.

Cannabis or Marijuana is becoming more popular throughout medical practice in the western world and there for becoming legal in more areas. It is commonly used in the treatment of people with anxiety, chronic pain and to manage cancer symptoms. Due to this success in the human medicine world, these innovations are spreading into that of veterinary medicine and the treatment of similar ailments as those in the human world. THC is the compound which allows the central nervous system to slow down and may block some messages from reaching the brain. There are no long term effects of the use of cannabis in dogs, however incorrect dosage and the administration of medication to animals with deficient metabolisms may be detrimental to the health of the animal.

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