Tips For Bringing Your Pets On Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Pets can be wonderful company when going out to explore the great outdoors, especially dogs, man's best friend. Hiking or camping with your dog can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience as it gives you both a chance to bond while enjoying some fresh air and exercise together. However, the excursion should be planned properly or else it will result in a huge headache or worse; there are all kinds of stories of owners losing their pets, which is incredibly tragic and heartbreaking. Here are a few trips to help you prepare for bringing your dog along on an outdoorsy adventure trail.

Evaluate Your Dog's Health
Before planning a trip together, you should be mindful of your dog's physical capacity. Were they recently injured, or have they been sick in any way recently? Or, if your pet is a bit older or tires out easily then they might not be able to tolerate a demanding hike with you for long stretches of time. The safest bet might be to check-in with your veterinarian beforehand to ensure that your dog doesn't have any latent issues, and is a breed that does not get overly exhausted when exposed to heat. 

Your Dog's Personality
If your pet is the type that gets overly excited when visiting your backyard or runs down the block as soon as it sees a butterfly, then it's probably not prudent to take them along on an adventure outdoors since you might lose track of them easily. Of course, there are plenty of effective training devices on the market to help you monitor your dog's whereabouts if you are truly bent on spending some quality time with them outside. However, be sure to read up on exactly how to use these devices beforehand and even consult with your local pet store owner for their expertise and advice.

Another thing to keep in mind – which doesn't have too much to do with the pet's personality but rather their breed – if you are the owner of say, a pug or any dog for which it is best to wear a muzzle when outside, then make sure you are ok with bringing it with you along on a hike. If your pet is easily frazzled and gets aggressive when out in the elements, then err on the side of caution.

Stay Hydrated and Bring Snacks
This seems like such an obvious point, but surprisingly people often forget that their pets can't always eat what they find outside. Or, they shouldn't. Even if your dog is prone to snacking on gross things it finds during your morning walk, it's best to bring your own bag of protein-packed treats to provide them with the energy needed to enjoy the outdoors for long stretches of time. Also, make sure not to walk your dog too much without giving it some water to drink. So, make sure to bring along a flask of water for both your dog and yourself to ensure a safer and more fun time outside together. 

Research Your Trail First
Another thing you should be mindful of is that you need to figure out whether the camping grounds or hiking trail you are considering to visit with your pet even allows for dogs to be there in the first place. Some trails might not allow a variety of pets to visit them. Or, those areas might pose some serious dangers to your dog. So, always double-check and call or visit your national park's website to learn more about important safety guidelines.

Baby Steps
While your dog might seem like a huge bundle of boundless energy, taking them with you hiking or camping is a different test of their stamina altogether. It might be a good idea to prepare them for a trip outdoors by having them practice with you first. You can try taking them for a slightly longer walk every day near your home and incorporate some inclines so they get used to that sort of physical activity. Also, depending on how sedentary your pet is now, you can start with a twenty-minute walk, then half an hour, and so on. It might also be a good idea to invest in hiking booties to best protect their paws from the difficult terrain they are about to embark upon. 

Always Be Prepared
Taking your furry companion with you on an adventure in the great outdoors is a lot of fun, but only if you take the time to plan and research properly. If you are prepared, then both you and your pet are sure to have a wonderful time.

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