How To Keep Your Golden Retriever's Grooming In Tip-Top Condition

They say that dogs are man’s best friends, although surely the proverb did not mean dogs that are not groomed. Nevertheless, we all love our dogs, and it is because of that deep and sincere love that we hold for these beautiful and loyal creatures is why we wish to always see them looking good. Though, with dogs such as the famous and much adored Golden Retriever, seeking such an endeavor may be a lot harder than you think.

How to groom your golden retriever

Although the sight of its fur coat has a striking appeal to it as well as it being perfectly pleasing to the eye, it will still need grooming. Now, if you do not regularly brush their coat you might find the floors of your house to be hiding underneath an untold amount of hair, due to shedding of course. 

However, worry not, for there is an easy solution to this frightening complication and it starts with grooming.

Get the right tools for the job

Before doing anything, you will need to acquire the appropriate set of tools. Your grooming kit must include scissors, thinning shears, a comb, and a brush. You should get the best tools as it will provide both your buddy, the Golden Retriever, and yourself with comfort and ease. The dog grooming experts over at Dog Struggles explains the importance of being updated with the best dog brushes 2020 has to offer, seeing as how a Retriever’s coat is delicate and different to that of other dogs, and needs special brushes. A slicker is said to be the best dog brush for removing knots and matting from a medium to long-haired dogs.

Brush, bathe, then brush again

Now, no one ever said it would be easy. You need to start off by brushing or combing your retriever, then remove any matted fur that has become too tangled. Once you have done that, you then need to bathe them so that you may then brush or comb them again. This is important so that the coat is straightened out, which will make the next step easy to perform. 

Get the scissors out

Firstly, you should take caution when trimming your Retriever’s coat as you do not want to trim the entire coat. The reason is that this beautiful creature has a double coat, over and under. They perform one very important task and that is to keep the Retriever warm and cool at all times, depending on the weather. You will then want to start trimming the fur on the feet and legs and then move onto the chest and neck. Do not forget the ears and get artsy with the tail because you do not want it to be too thin but rather tapered.

Once you are done, just work on the nails and then wipe all areas, such as the eyes, that will highlight the beauty of the dog. Then, to top things off, another bath will do them good. However, if you do not want to bathe them, you can opt for the easier, and more time efficient option which is dry shampoo. Voila, your Golden Retriever has been groomed and looking in tip-top condition.

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