Food Suggestions for Diabetic Dogs

Diabetes is increasingly becoming a widespread epidemic for both people and dogs. Mainly, it affects dogs aged between six and nine years. The condition is stressing to both the dog and the owner, but the good thing is that your diabetic dog can still maintain its health if you handle it well. Other than regulating the condition with insulin injections, it is advisable to have a proper feeding management plan. The feeding methods greatly vary depending on the type of your dog, the weight of the dog, and age. However, there are common food suggestions that fit well to almost all dog breeds. Here are diet suggestions that you should include in the menu of your diabetic dog:

1. High fiber products

High fiber food products help in the regulation of insulin and prevent obesity in dogs. The fiber makes the dog feel full every time, thus prevents it from consuming too much food. There are two main types of fibers; the soluble and the insoluble fibers. The soluble ones attract water very quickly and convert it into a soft gel, which slows down the digestion. Conversely, the insoluble fibers make the stool bulkier and facilitate the removal of wastes. Both types of fibers are beneficial to diabetic dogs. Ask your veterinary officer to prescribe you the best fiber-rich foods for your dog.

2. CBD products

CBD is a natural and readily available treatment for diabetes in dogs. It contains anti-inflammatory agents that prevent chronic inflammation. Besides, CBD dog treats can improve the metabolism of the dog to enhance the absorption of sugar in the body. Although it might not be necessary to replace the regular sugar insulin with the CBD products, using CBD alongside a proper diet and regular exercise can significantly improve the condition of a dog suffering from diabetes. You can administer the CBD through infusion, or even mix it with the food.

3. High protein content

Dogs with diabetes require high protein foods that do not have many fats. The proteins help the dogs to shed off the excess weight quickly. Besides, the low fatty proteins help the dogs maintain a healthy skin. The primary sources of protein in dogs are turkey, fish, and chicken. Some of the food brands with high protein content include Zignature turkey formula dog food, Orijen six fish food, Acana heritage dry dog food, and much more.

In addition to the above:

  • Feed your dogs with the food brands with the fixed formulas
  • Give the same type of food within the same duration every day
  • Feed the dog with the low carbs diet to keep the insulin level steady
  • Include the low glycemic foods on the menu. The main low glycemic food substances include brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits, and vegetables.

Final remarks

As you can see, it is possible to manage diabetes in your dog. The treatment, however, requires a full-time commitment. Once your veterinary officer confirms that your dog has diabetes, feed and medicate the dog well every day, and check on the weight of the dog. You may not need a specific prescription, but your veterinary officer will help you come up with an ideal feeding plan for your pet

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