Chinchilla Sounds

Chinchillas make a variety of sounds. The most common is a “barking” sound that they make to indicate that they're scared and to warn other chinchillas of danger. On occasion, our chinchillas will bark if there's a particularly loud car going by the house or if there's an unusual noise outside.

A while back, Michael Termathe posted the best collection of recorded chinchilla sounds I could find. Unfortunately, his site is longer running. The good news is that his hard work has been archived here! The following is his article (edited a bit) with the chinchilla sounds he recorded. I hope you find them as useful as I did.

In order to get a more detailed understanding of the behavior of chinchillas, it is necessary to interpret their speech, because chinchillas communicate each other by using a comprehensive repertoire of sounds.

In fact, they only have a few basic sounds. Because of a rich variation in melody and loudness, chinchillas thus have a distinct language. If you listen to their sounds attentively, you'll recognize a high similarity to human sounds and emotions.

During 18 years (the age of my oldest chins), I carefully watched their behavior and their sounds, which I want to present below.

Note: Some of the sounds described on this page are very seldom made by a chinchilla and it is not easy to record them with a microphone. In addition, please keep in mind that every chinchilla has its own personality. Some chinchillas are talkative, others not so much. Usually, a pair of chinchillas make more sounds than a single one (to whom should a lonely chinchilla talk to?).

The Warning Call

Whenever a chinchilla hears or sees something unusual and it doesn't know what it is, it responds through a sequence of short and loud warning calls (up to 15 at a time). This typical warning call sounds like barking. I think, in the wild this sound is used to alert the entire group. (warn1.mp3: here, the chinchilla worries about some fireworks from a distance.)

A newly purchased chinchilla often makes use of that sound, because there are a lot of strange noises in its new environment. However, when the chinchilla gets used to its new home and gradually becomes tame, you will hear this sound less and less often.

Chinchillas have very sensitive heading. For instance, if a car door shuts somewhere from a distance, we humans probably won't notice, because we've gotten used to it. However, a chinchilla may become fearful because of that noise which is new.

Occasionally, you can hear a chinchilla barking while it is sleeping. Usually, it makes just a few croaky/hoarse shouts. I am sure chinchillas do dream! I think they sometimes even have nightmares.

The Short Alarm Call

If a chinchilla gets shocked because of a sudden noise it is likely to try and run away as fast as possible. Then it shouts in fear using a short call, which sounds like “Hababababapp”. That sounds very funny.

Fear and Pain

In extreme situations a shy and irritable chinchilla reacts through a loud and piercing scream. From a tame chinchilla, however you will very rarely hear this cry.

Chins also make use of this cry in pain – for instance, if they have hurt themselves.

Rage and Anger

If a chinchilla female has a lot of babies, say three or four, then the fights for to be fed can be quite heated, particularly if the mother only has a small amount of milk. In such cases, the hungry kids will fight amongst themselves. While they're getting up on the hind legs, they threaten each other by chattering their teeth and then try to throw down their rivals — mostly harmless.

During such a family feud, the chinchilla mother may turn very sour. Then she answers through a loud rasping noise, that sounds like an angry grumble. Mostly she also gets up on her hind legs and sprays urine towards her babies to separate them.

A shy and nervous chinchilla also makes use of such urine spraying, if a human hand comes too close to it.

A “Marriage Dispute”

Chinchillas are very spirited animals. They love jumping and chewing very much. Thus, keeping them in a chinchilla cage or habitat, even if spacious, will sometimes cause a quarrel among them. This is particularly true if they they don't get enough exercises in the evening. But generally chinchillas are very peace-loving animals. Hence, squabbles are rather rare.

The following example shows a situation where the female is bothered by the male. While they are facing each other, the male provokes her by chattering his teeth and she answers with a loud and angry grumble (knurren.mp3). You can hear the silent chatter in the background, especially in the second half of the sound sample. The female suddenly screams up and sprays urine toward the male's face.

Then the male leaps up and as a result, a turbulent chase begins. (kaefjagd.mp3)

Baby Chinchilla Contact Sounds

Whenever a baby sniffs at its mother (nose to nose), it always squeaks in a very loud and high way. (bquiek1.mp3) In this way it signals to its mother that it wants to be fed and cared for. Then the chinchilla mother answers through a calm grunt and licks her baby's ears carefully. (bquiek2.mp3)

Then the baby crawls under the mother's belly and looks for the teats. While it is doing so, the mother turns her baby upside down and starts washing it with her tongue. And while the mother is grunting silently, the baby sings cheerfully and happily in high tones. (singen.mp3)

The young chinchillas are much more talkative than full-grown ones. While they are seeking shelter close to their mother, there is always an active conversation. Here is the sound of a sleepy and content baby (sleepy1.mp3) and the same after being woken up (wakeup2.mp3).

The Contact Sound

A pair of chinchillas often communicates through a soft contact sound, which sounds like a content grunt (u1_adpcm.mp3). That funny sound confirms their togetherness. Chinchillas often make use of this sound when they are calm. Also you may hear this sound while the chinchilla is sitting on a board feeling lonely, longing for a friend to play with.

The Decoy Sound

A chinchilla often makes use of the decoy sound if it wants to have something or if it is looking for something. For example, it might beg for a snack or if it would like to get out of the cage (lock.mp3).

My chinchillas may have a daily run in the kitchen. And they always examine everything that is chewable (like wallpaper, cartons, and cables). Often, there is one chinchilla sitting quietly in one corner chewing on something interesting while the other one feels lonely and concerned. Then the lonely one reacts with a short and concerned sound (lock1.mp3 In the background you can hear the lonely chinchilla tapping around looking for the other one).

Here Kuddel is looking for his partner, because he wants to kiss and cuddle with her (u4_acm.mp3).

The “Don't Hurt Me” Sound

This sound (tmn.mp3) is used quite often whenever a chinchilla feels annoyed or cramped by another one. Chinchillas make use of that sound from childhood and they will retain it all of their lives. The noise indicates that the chinchilla is harmless and defenseless (poor little chinchilla).

The Protest Sound

If a chinchilla feels pressed by another one, it reacts with a grumpy noise – the protest-sound. For instance, this may occur at the bowl where several chinchillas fight for food or if a female gets annoyed by its mate. This sound will tell the other one something equivalent to “Get lost!” or “Leave me alone!” (bedr1.mp3)

If an annoyed chinchilla becomes too pressed by the other one, it will react by strong defence-sounds or rage and anger.

The Defence Sound

The defence sound is a very short and forceful call and sounds like “kack – kack” (keck.mp3). It means something like “Ouch!” or “Scram!”.

A sucking mother often uses this sound if her babies are being too demanding.

In chinchilla-farms, I've noticed very shy chins, which were making use of that sound as soon as a human was came close to their cages. Obviously, this is the result of captivity and missing affection.

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  1. I got my Chin back in Jan and he was 3 months old. He makes all sorts of noises. My concern is, when I let him out of cage to run around and play, he will end up peeing on something. I do leave door open to cage so he can go back in on his own when he wants and also made a little litter box also now for when he is out thinking he might use that but he doesn’t. Anyone else have this problem and if so how did you fix it?

  2. I have a question, my chinchillas are both very different. Jack is very old, and prefers a quiet life without me petting him or even touching him, and I’m cool with that. But mushu is very young and active and prefers me over Jack, but why won’t he let me hold him? I’m pretty experienced with chinchillas and I know when they down like touch, but mushu often jumps into my arms at the worst moments! (During zoom calls, etc) Is there any way I could change that?

  3. I have two male chinchillas. One is 8 months and the other is 3 months. There cages are next to each other and we hope to get them together soon. They are making the connection sound with one another. But the older one is also making high pitched squeaking noises towards the younger one. I’m not sure what this means and if anyone could help me that would be great:)

  4. I just got a chinchilla, he is 6 months old and I've had him for 3 days. He makes the loudest dog toy squeak at night and sometimes in the morning. He wont stop until I get out of bed and sit next to his cage (he is right outside my bedroom). I don't know if he's bored, scared, wants attention, if he is still getting used to his surroundings, or all the above? I feel bad for the little guy and I'm loosing a lot of sleep. He is still a little skittish around me so I haven't tried to pick him up yet, but he's not interest in leaving his cage on his own. I've read that exercise at night helps! Anyone have tips? Thank you!

    • Get a night light for him/ her. My chin used to bark at night until we got her the light. Now she rarely barks at night.

      • I've been busy with work and there's times where my chinchilla will have to be inside his cage all day I dont have as much time to cuddle with him and give him affection like I used to well I went to get him out of his cage today to let him run around and he made the warning call sound and even bit me when I tried to get him out how can i make him happy i hate seeing him so angry and distant with me am i missing somthing?

        • Most likely he’s lonely and confused. He sees you as a provider, and although you still feed him, you can’t be there for him when he needs it. I have two chinchillas, both obnoxious little gremlins who I love dearly. They like each other but from a distance. What I would recommend is giving him love from you. I put time away for my chinchillas to show I care. I would try playing music, Mushu, the younger, loves 14 romances the classical music song. Biting happens a lot with me because my older chinchilla, Jack Jack is nearly blind, so he confuses my fingers with treats. Keep him entertained and busy, most chinchillas love a wheel (12 inch or more), and he might begin to respond. If people are bored, they’re grouchy. You could probably get him a friend like a stuffed animal or a real chinchillas, but know you’re gambling a lot. It’s really not about how much time you spend with them, it’s what you do with that time.

  5. My chinchilla sounds like a squeaky toy or a clown horn. It's the only noise he's made the two weeks I've had him. Likes to be pet and rubbed, but not held. Likes my dog more than me.

  6. I love this page with all the chin sounds, helps you understand your chin so much!
    I have a rescue boy who would get angry if I put my fingers up to the cage and he would bite, put your hand in the cage and he will fly at it from wherever he is and bite and draw blood, I gave him a raisin and he totally changed and wont bite my hand in the cage and I can put my fingers through the bars now and he comes up and digs on my fingers and is gentle. He has also started jumping up on my shoulder. He is well trained as if I call his name he comes straight to me when he's out for a run!!!

  7. Hi guys i have problem with that fear cry sounds, without no reason no harm, injure or anything else, its happening always on night, i have two male very long time 3 years almost, they are like brothers, but one of them start produce this cry loud sound on night. I really dont know what is problem here :( During day and evening is happy and very active.

    sry for english im from central Europe.

    • I'm not an expert, but I have three Chinchillas. It could be him dreaming. Mine do it in their sleep sometimes. Also, it could be for attention, if you get up and attend to him Everytime he does it, he got you trained. Lol.

  8. Hi, i got a 5 month old chilla as a gift from a friend, he's been with me and my family for 5 days, he was very edgy and the first couple of days, but he seemed to be less "worried" last night when we let him out of the cage, we could pick him up and pet him, but this morning my daughter put her hand in the cage to pet him and he bit her, now he makes a noise almost sounds like he's sneezing and tries to bite when we pet him, what should we do to get him to be calm?

    • You have to stand your ground. If he isn’t drawing blood he is just nibbling to see if you take your hand back. Don’t pick him up for about a week and just open the cage and place your hands in. Don’t pet him let him come to you. If he is scared it’s ok try later or tomorrow. After doing this for a while they will start coming over and climbing in your hands and arms. Do not move or try to touch him while your hands are in the cage just let him climb on you. Do this for about 2 weeks till he understands you will not hurt him. Let him come to you. Don’t force the bond.

      • Thanks for the response,
        He has already stopped trying to bite or nibble, but he still shies away when we try to touch him, we'll try it like you say, hopefully he will start trusting us.

    • Chinchillas aren’t a pet for kids so maybe ur daughter was hyper an that’s why she got bit . Or maybe thought she was giving him a treat. If the cage is small it can be stress . But teach her the warning sounds . An if he gets up on two feet he might just be scared maybe that helps I’ve owned 4 chinchillas . One passed at 13 years old . I have a bonded pair of three I’ve gotten individually . So I know a decent bit . That’s what I can think of

  9. I’ve had my chinchilla for 6 years now, and he is actually 7. I am concerned about him because he is acting strange recently. He seems to be really sick though. He has goopy eyes, he eats but allows most of the food to fall into his paws, he drools on me after he’s eaten when I hold him, he chewed the fur off of his top paws, and he pees somewhere is his cage and sits in it. I’m really confused though because he makes the happy noises all the time and he asks to be held a lot. He only really makes the angry noises when we have to gently open his eyes back up because the goop flies them shut. Does anyone have the same problems as me? Do any of you have an idea of what he has?

    • Please take your chinchilla to a vet. That sounds like it might be malocussion. It is when the chinchilla's teeth cause severe pain, they drool and drop their food. It sounds urgent.

  10. I am new to the chin world but have so many questions. I have a 13-15 year old male. He is wicked cute and loveable. He’s been making the happy squeaks at me so I take it he likes me. I know they like routine so everyday I’ve been doing the same routine as his previous owner. Due to health issues of her know she couldn’t care for him like she use to. I don’t know about chins at all I’ve read up something about them but if anyone could please help me out with what’s best for them and what’s not it would be highly appreciated.

    • Hi Rana, you can write to me at Happy to help and answer any questions you might have!

      For starters, if you live in a hot country or a country where there are hot summers, you’ll need air conditioning. This is critical as they can die from heat stroke otherwise. Ideal temperature is below 20 degrees centigrade. I live in a tropical climate and I have the A/C on all day long.

      Cage: get a good cage, preferably a large one with lots of vertical jumping space, and many platforms. Best to get a Cage made specially for chinchillas. You can look online eg Quality Cages in Portland, USA, to see what the ideal Cage looks like. You’ll also need to get a large chinchilla wheel, drinking bottle, food bowl. A hidey hole/mini house is optional but they do like to squeeze into small spaces. Chew toys are important to alleviate boredom and keep their teeth healthy. They also need a square glass container with high walls filled with biodegradeable cat litter, which they use as a toilet. They will only pee in one corner so you can clean it out easily, every day.

      Food: important to get a good pellet. Good Brands are, Mazuri, Oxbow, Brytin. They also need good quality fresh hay everyday, Timothy hay is best. Brands of hay: American pet diner, Oxbow, small pet select. U can also add herbs to their diet and some oats as a treat. If your chinchilla is a senior one, 12-15 years is senior, you may have to supplement his diet with food suitable for older Chins too.

      Exercise: although a wheel is good, best to let your Chin out to play every day. But make sure the room is Chin-proof before you let him out. Hide all wires and remove dangerous objects as they love to chew.

      There are plenty of useful websites like LY chinchillas, you can check out online. Lots of information on how to care for your Chin!

      Hope this helps,

  11. My male chin is going on 12yrs old. He's always barked if he didn't want to be pet, and chatters to us when we pet him. He sometimes makes this almost like honking noise, when he's sleeping or even just randomly. My favorite though are his chirps + tail wag! It's the best!

  12. I have had my chinchilla for about 8 months now and she has adjusted well to her home. She is not the friendliest and rarely likes being held, but she has definitely gotten used to me and my family. For the past month or so I have not been able to get her out of her cage to run around. The only way I can get her out is to trick her by using her dust bath. Of course I feel bad, but it has been the only way to get her out. Also in the past month, every once in a while she will make this repeated sound. It almost sounds like a squeaky toy. It doesn't really sound like any of the noises on here. She will do it for like 3 seconds, stop, and then in the next 2 minutes or so, she will so it again. She will only do it a few times and then stop. She mostly does it at night and I haven't actually seen her when she does it, it's always dark. She just did it a few minutes ago but that was the first time I have heard it in like a month. So I guess that's good. I recently got a rabbit I think it was about a month ago and that might have something to do with it since there cages are right next to each other. I'm not sure if she is in pain, or it is just normal. Please If anyone else has heard anything like these noises please let me know. Thank you.

    • Usually they make that "squeaky toy" noise when they want attention, but since you say your chinchilla doesn't like being pet, I'm not entirely sure why she would be doing that. You said she usually does it past dark, which is when chinchilla's are most active so she may want attention. A lot of times chinchillas don't like being pet during the day because they are sleepy. From my knowledge, the noise doesn't mean she is in pain. Hope this helped a little bit!

  13. I have a 3 year old male chinchilla who has adjusted well to his new home. I took him outside in a pen to run around in for some fresh air. I then brought him inside back into his cage. He then started making a unusual sound I have never heard him make before. It sounded just like the "defense call" listed above. When he made this call he bounced a little. almost looked like hiccups. I take him out every day and he has no other companion. Im not sure if it's something I should be alarmed by. I'm new to the "chinchilla world."

  14. My chinchilla made the defense sound several times last night. He would make the noise and then make it again several minutes later. He did this about four or five times last night (it's out of character for him). I got him out of the cage and examined him, but everything seemed fine and he didn't make the sound while I was checking him out. After I put him back in he didn't make the sound anymore. He was just at the vet last week and he received a clean bill of health. I would also like to add that he has no cage mates. Does anyone believe that this could just be a random quirk and I should just keep an eye on it or is it serious?

    • It could have been as simple as an unusual noise he heard outside that startled him or even a fly buzzing around his face. If it doesn't happen again or regularly I wouldn't worry. That's not a sound of pain or distress, just him telling something to go away.

      • He hasn't done it since, so you must be right.

    • If there is a bug in the room Clarity's cage is in she makes that noise. There hearing is quite sensitive so I start checking around immediately.

  15. I'm foster caring for two chinchillas. The one is very shy and quiet but the other not so much. He hops or runs on the wheel a lot and eats a lot. He seems protective. I can pet him if he is in the cage and my is on the outside through the wholes in the cage. If I go to grab him he makes the defensive sound and bites. Been that way since I've gotten them. Wondering if you know some ways to fix that and make him more comfortable. I got them in March.

    • Do you have the cage covered? Because chinchillas are prey animals they are by nature skiddish. Trying wrapping a sheet around 2-3 sides of the cage for protection.
      Keep doing what you're doing with slow pets and scratches. Leave your hand in the cage and let them smell you. Work up to longer snuggle session and picking up. Reward possitive snuggle sessions with a treat.

  16. I just got a male chinchilla a few days ago. His previous owner smoked with him in the house (all of his stuff along with him smelled of it). He has been making a noise that to me sounds almost like a cough but may be just barking? It comes in threes usually. He is active, is eating and drinking. There's no discharge of the eyes or nose either. Is it something worth taking him to the vet for or should I give it time and see if there's any change?

    • Did you get any feed back on this? I'm experiencing the same sound from my male. And I'm debating on a vet visit

  17. I just got my first chinchilla 3 weeks ago and he is 10 years old and he makes a noide like singen.mp3 sometimes during the middle of the night and when I sit up to look at him he is at the side of the cage looking at me. What could this mean ?

    • I got my first chinchilla almost 2 weeks ago and he is 4 1/2 months old. I haven't heard him make any sounds, but this morning I did and it kinda sounded like a bird. I'm not sure what it was. Thanks

      • mine sounds like a bird too. I'm trying to figure out what it is.

    • Emily he want your attention, if he is 10 years old and been treated well he should be used to people, the sound is a contact sound. Try to gently get him in your hands and out of the cage to the floor (a safe place) where you don't have to chase him because he can hide everywhere, else get him gently in a transport box, the small cheap plastic ones, and use the bathroom, remember to close the toilet :) let him run and you just sit relaxed and let him come to you, you need to learn how much he can handle, you might be surprised how tame he is. Did you ask the previous owner why he was alone? if he was, another male could keep him company and so much joy but make sure he isn't one of those chins who can't stand others :) you can read how to introduce a chinchilla, just be carefull they can get violent, if they don't like other chins. Try pet him under his head gently and see if he likes it

    • It means he wants attenion

  18. Hello, thank you for all your advice! I recorded my chinchilla making some sounds I can't identify. Would you mind helping me figutre it out? Can I send you the recording?


    • Hi you can send me the recording at I have a chinchilla and she makes a variety of sounds, all of which I understand quite well. :0)

  19. Thank you ever so much for posting these! So helpful! I have a 4 month-old girl whom I've had just 2 weeks. She's my first chinnie. I give her attention throughout the day and we have a lot of bonding time.
    She can watch me from her cage whilst I'm in bed, and she sometimes makes the "contact sound" at me. Particularly the lower sounds at the end of the clip. Usually just 4 or so little chirpy grunts. I usually go pet her a bit or at least talk to her. She was alone in a cage when I got her and like I said, has a lot of attention and contact from me. She's overall very vocal. I was wondering if anyone else hears this sort of sound from their baby or adult chin and if you could possibly give some insight?

    • Just happened.. I'm in Singapore and it's 8am now, just now around 6, my 2yo chin suddenly made a loud noise, exactly like bquiek1. Iam still wondering why she made such noises...

    • Yes mine does the same thing, she's a young 1 and a half year old. It's to show affection and ask for attention -- the "contact sounds". Infolific has a few recordings of chinchilla sounds - check it out!

      • Thanks, Brenda! I thought I'd update you since she just turned 1! She chirps happily when we play, especially in the evening. She doesn't "talk" as much as she did as a kit, but she kecks, grumbles and barks quite often. She's definitely my boss and a sensitive female, but so loveable and affectionate, too! I'm on facebook if you'd like to talk! Danielle Chasyah

        • Hi DC!

          I'm not very active on FB, ha ha. Your Chin baby sounds exactly like mine - sensitive, loving, vocal, intelligent.


  20. hi,
    My sister recently got a chinchilla in december, so he's had time to get used to us.
    sometimes, though, when i reach into his cage to pet him, he makes the defensive sound and he ears goes back and it looks like he's curling his nose at me. but when i take my hand out, his ears go back up and he will come back to the cage opening like "where did you go?"
    Sometimes if i just put my hand in the cage and not try to put him, he will come up to my fingers and lick or nip at them or jump on her hand and crawl up my arm, but as soon as a wiggle my fingers or try to pet him, his ears goes back down and he makes that "keck" sound again.

    when I go in my sisters room and ignore him, its almost like he gets offended that i'm ignoring him and presses his face against the cage (to the point where he bent the bars so much that he can stick his nose through it) and he holds on to the bars and just sits with his face pressed against the cage until either i or my sister acknowledges him.

    IS he being defensive? or is the little fur-baby just being a little weirdo

    • My girl does this. She loves crawling on my arm, sitting on my hand inside her cage, etc., but if she thinks I'm might try to scoop her up and hold her, she "kecks" or even screeches and quickly backs off or even bites. But then when I step away from the cage, she looks like she's begging for me to come back and I feel awful! The more I've shown her I'm not just going to grab her, the more she allows. Do you often pick him up or do you help capture him when it's time for cage cleaning or any of that stuff?

      I have a few tips I've learned that at least work to put my chin at ease, although some are just skittish and will never be keen on being touched and held:

      Lay your fist or open palm in the cage, a comfortable distance from him and stay still and only talk calmly. Be sure to tuck your thumb or flatten it. My chin used to see the thumb coming from a different direction than the rest of the hand as a threat, but she's becoming used to being pet with it while she stands on my palm.

      Try not to move quickly, even when you're not close to the cage. If I make a sudden movement from across the room, it sometimes makes my chin hide.

      My other thought is, perhaps his cage isn't large enough? They needs lots of space and the cage I brought mine home in made her miserable and I didn't know how much until I set up her new gigantic cage. She's now much more at ease, especially with me, since I think she feels she can get away if she feels the need.

      I hope that's at least a tiny bit helpful. It sounds like you're just trying to be sweet to him and that's so great! I hope he becomes more comfortable with you!

  21. Hello,
    I have a male chinchilla, almost 3 years old now, and he has just started making this really worrisome noise that sounds like a long squeak, like from a dog toy or something. I always check and make sure he is okay, but he acts lie nothing happened, goes back to running around the cage or on his wheel. He has never made anything like this in the 3 years I have had him, and I am very worried.. I don't have a vet in town that knows anything about chinchillas that I know of...

    • Try and see if he moves his tale from side to side to, then it can be because he want to mate a female. Make sure he is healthy, teeth needs to be very yellow, body not skinny (run your fingers over his spine, must not feel the bones, no drolling or watery eyes that is sign of teeth problems, like to long or roots can grow very deep and poop is dry but not overly dry, stomach is not hard and big filled with air, if problems with stomach, he needs raisins, and out running, can give him pure ananas juice to, but it have to pass very quick no more than and hour or two, else you need a vet. Chinchillas is very good of hiding if they are ill. Most vets today know more about small animals than a few years ago.

    • My chinchilla is 4 years old and he has been doing this too sometimes in the middle of the night and I would wake up horrified and worried he might be in pain but as he always go back to jumping and enjoying me scratching him right afterwards so I don't think he's hurt. Tonight he has been doing it for at least one time per hour and he's been waking me up! His squeaks are usually about 5 seconds and it's really high and loud! when I hear him starts and if I call his name, he stops right away. I tend to stop thinking there's anything wrong with him and I even thought that maybe he did all this to get attention from me in middle of the night when I'm sleeping. I tried to search many times but found nothing but just saw this that its because he wants to mate? That makes me relieved. Thank you.

      • One of my chins would often sound like one of those big honking dog toys when he barks. Chins do occasionally bark if they want attention, especially at night, so that could also be why they go back to acting normal once they see you get close.

  22. I have a chinchilla named Milo, and well I got him about almost a month ago and he still makes these weird noises and I think that's cause he is scared but I clean out his cage every day and I've noticed he gets closer and closer to me everyday. I get worried a lot cause he makes these weird noises a lot but I think its ok. And when its time to put him back in his cage sometimes he don't want to but when it is time I reward him with a rasin. And by the way I get him out at least 1 a day or every other day. But anyway I get worried a lot cause of him making those noises is that normal??? Should he still be making those noises??

    • Chinchillas makes noises for different reasons, he could be telling you he want contact, you don't have to be afraid he will suddenly attack you, that is not in there nature, if he is very young he want a lot of contact, it's always a good idea to have 2 chinchillas together, it's easier if you get two brothers, but if you get another male, make sure to get it from a breeder, who can tell you how to see if they can be friends, it takes some introduction, but the younger they are the easier.

  23. I got a Chinchilla Last year named Buddy for Christmas,and I've learned so much about him but still at night he does frequent screeches and he does it at least Twice a night but I have nothing that moves in my room and he's felt everything in there since I let him run around my room.What's going on?

    • My chin makes a longer, high-pitched "keening" noise, that occurs usually while he's been sleeping - it might be what you're chin is doing, too. He did it for the first time when I brought him home and I was setting up his cage.... I thought he was fatally hurt or something! Scared me to death! He still will make a series of these noises occasionally, but not every day like his 1st year. He's about 3-1/2 yrs now. All I can figure is, maybe it's a nightmare of being caught by a predator (instinctual), or of being separated from his mother (possibly before he was ready?).
      Since he's otherwise happy and healthy, makes the noise less frequently, and only while he's been sleeping, all I can do is guess what's up....! But from others' comments, it doesn't seem like it's uncommon for chins to make this keening noise - which isn't recorded at this website, nor have I heard it recorded anywhere; the reason I too was listening to these chin noises to see if someone else knew what was going on in that furry little head!

  24. So I got a chinchilla, holland, 2 days ago, she's been acting fine and stuff but then tonight around 2:30 am she started making this HUGE screeching sound and I'm really worried because she keeps doing it and I tried to pick her up to like comfort her and pet her and play with her but she just ran away from me and then tried to bite me. This is the first time she's done this and I'm super worried. I think it might just be loneliness because before I got her she was with another chinchilla but deprecate cages but she keeps doing the huge screeching sound and it's getting me really worried. What should I do????

    • Look up some videos of chins barking: that can be quite a bit squeakier than the name implies. If it's that then it's not unusual especially for a chin in a new place.

      If you've only known your chin for a couple of days then the chances are she won't find it comforting to be picked up by you. They're prey animals and pretty intelligent - they see being grabbed as losing control (not to mention being grabbed) and that will only stress them out more: Whatever was causing her to bark might be completely unrelated to the reason she bit.

    • She is most likely feeling very lonely, you could get her a young female as company. Females are way easier to introduce to each other than 2 males, if you get a baby girl, around 3 months. Just make sure you are there, when you do try it and can grab the baby if she should attack it. but it's very rare they do it. They should run around for 10 to 15 minutes, without any biting, then relax and sit next to eachother.

  25. my chinchilla, Bella is six months old and she loves oats. when she was eating the oats she hurt her paws on the side of the container. What sound do you think it is? I think it's fear or pain but the sound is not a high pricing Nosie. it's hard to explain the sound.

  26. My youngest chin (about 1 year old) makes a sound very similar in tone, intensity, and pattern to "wakeup2.mp3". But he always makes the sound when he's been running around for a while and has stuffed himself away under a couch or chair, or is otherwise on his own (he has two three-year-old males as cage/free-range companions). Does this mean he is missing them, wants to lure them over, or...? The first few times we heard it, we thought he might have hurt himself. Guess we still have a lot to learn about chinnie noises!

  27. My chinchilla has been acting weird lately. During the night he does what is called a "Contact sound" . Does it mean he is lonely or sad. I don't have any other chinchillas so i don't know who he is speaking to. I am thinking of getting another chinchilla. Would that help him?

    • I only have 1 Chinchilla, and my Chinchilla does it to me :) Yours is probably trying to talk to you.

      • I had one chinchilla, Cinny, and she made the 'contact sound' often. When I got my second chinchilla, Lyra, Cinny stopped making the noises except when she was around Lyra. I think investing in a second chin if yours is always making the sound is a good idea.

  28. We have had two male Chinchilla brothers for about 5 months now, they are so much fun and as different in personality as could be. they were three months when we got them. I have been trying to figure out a sound they both make. It is usually directed at me. It seems to be mostly at happy times. It's like a little puff sound. It's probably not even a sound just a short puff of air. If I do it back they will both respond with a puffs and it seems like a game. But I figured before I continued this game I better be sure this is a happy sound and I'm not stressing them out. They are generally not stressed and do a lot of wall running and pop corning and playing. But they are pretty verbal and do make lot's of sounds and noise. If their food dish is empty they let me know right away. If their hay bin gets low. They let me know. If I've been ignoring them and on the computer too long they let me know. I don't mind it's funny. But I would like to understand the puffs. Thanks

  29. Why are my male chins whimpering at each other?
    I just added another male chin to my family (now I have 2). They are not siblings and the new one I bought home is older. I'm trying to get them use to each other so that maybe one day I can keep them in the same cage. The younger one seems to be the one in charge here. Anyways they were kind of getting along tonight except my younger one keeps trying to establish his dominants but humping the other. The first time I introduced them this happened but they tried to kill each other. I tried again tonight and there wasn't any fighting but still humping.
    When I put them back in there separate cages they were whimpering at each other, very soft and sweet sounding. What would that mean?

    • Rebecca,

      My situation was similar to yours a few months ago. I have gotten an additional chinchilla (both males). I had to keep them in separate cages because they would fight and look like they were going to kill each other, it was scary. This would happen everyday when i tried to put them in the same cage together. But i learned that if they wanted to kill one another they would have already. So, same with you. Chinchillas fight like that to claim their dominance on another. They basically want to show another who's boss. Usually they do this by peeing on another, for some odd reason. I leaned to just put them in the same cage and shut the door. I was extremely hesitant to do this but after about an hour they fighting wore off. That same day they were cuddling when they sleep together. When I would separate them in the middle of their fight they would make that sweet whimpering sound. That means they are looking for their friend back to play with. They actually get enjoyment out of the fights where their fur flied everywhere. My best advice would be don't be scared when they fight just sit back and let it happen and they will naturally fight it out.
      I have a video of my chinchillas fighting when i put them together, so I could send you that video in an email to make sure your chinchillas are acting the same way! Also you could email me with any other questions you have! I hope this helped and good luck Rebecca!

      • Could you please send me the video of them fighting. We have been scared to put ours in the same cage because of the fighting and the one always seems to pee on the other.

        • Introducing two chins is very touchy and I have seen photos of the losing chin in a fight.

          The damage can be quite extensive to the point of maiming and death. I would never let two chins just fight it out, that is inviting trouble. Introducing two chins can be a long process and you must be diligent and patient. NEVER let two chins fight it out, the risk is too great for injury or death.

          I think Caroline got very lucky her chins resolved their issues, because it is rare.

          For more info you can google 'introducing two chins' and look for a forum that offers detailed advice on how to do this.

        • When we got a male chinchilla we put him in the cage as soon as we got him with are female they didn't fight but they weren't friends but about after three days they were friends maybe you should try to let them meet.

      • I am in the same situation right now! I have two males in separate cages now because they started fighting when I put them in the same cage and I panicked. They are always at the sides of the cages that face each other though like they want to be together. I was wondering if you would send me the video also?? I would really appreciate it! :)
        Thank you!!
        Jennifer L.

    • They weren't humping each other, they were simply showing a sign of dominance. They get on top of each others back to show that they are greater than the other.

  30. hi... i got my chinchilla yesterday 4th July hes 3 n called "Gizmo" n its my first time ever having one ive got 2 female gerbils in a cage next to him there only babies tho, but last night he made a loud noise like an owl whenever i called his name he stopped but then started again, but at about 9:30 this morning i went to go n try petting him 1st he was in his tube he let me stroke his head but when he got out he started making grunting noises and chattering his teeth so i left him alone then he started hiding in the bck of the cage making sorta soft grunting noises then the sound of a piglet. what does this mean? and is there any easier way of picking him up i got him from my mums friend and she used to just put her hand in and grab him while hes running around.. any easier way i can pick him up?

    • Caitlyn,
      I am not an expert but I do own 2 Chins. I have had them for 3 years. To this day i still google info on chinchillas to better understand and care for them. I have noticed at night, that if it is too dark they wil bark quite loudly. And like yours, if I call their names or say anything to them they quiet down only to start back up again. A night light has hepled alot. In your case it may be something similar. He is in a new surounding. He needs time to become confortable. As for all the little chirping/grunting sounds he is making, it sounds like he is ok with you being in his cage and showing him attention. My male is like that. He will run around his cage and squeek and grunt while I feed him, just talk to him, or even if I am just sitting in the room. The more you continue showing him attention and put your hand in his cage the more comfortable and happy he will become and the more he will get to know you. One thing I have read and personally learned is that chinchillas do much better with a routine. It is much less stressfull for them when they know when they are being fed, taken out, and even when its bed time. My biggest piece of advise is to read up on them. Take out books and google everything on them. You can even talk to a local exotic vet. Good luck with your new addition, they are amazing little creatures.

      • I got my female chinchilla at the beginning of May, I found out she was a girl after I got her few weeks ago she was in with another chinchilla and I think she may be pregnant how can I be sure?

  31. My chinchilla I've had for a few days and today he made a awful choaking noise he wasn't choaking bc he didn't have nothing in his mouth when I came near him he wood run away what does this mean ?

  32. my chinchilla makes what sounds like a whimpering noise and im new with owning a chinchilla and i dont know what to do or what it means when he does that, can anyone give me some friendly and helpful advice?

    • The sound you describe sounds to me like the sound they make when they want someone or something to come out and be with them. They have a quiet, kind of whimper sound they make when they want other chinchillas to come out and play, so he or she may be just happy that you are there. My chinchillas make this sound mostly when they more attention.

    • I have had my female Annabelle for about a week. She has not made a single sound nor is she not wanting to eat. I'm worried and wonder if it is normal behavior. Can u help?

      • Some chinchillas just simply aren't vocal. It's nothing abnormal. My baby chinchilla makes noise nonstop, but my friend has the sibling and they are silent. Nothing to worry about.

  33. I am curious about a sound my chinchilla started making. It's very close to a ducks quacking and also the same sound the stuffed rabbit I bought when it is squezzed. I took him to a vet and I actually thought it was respitory but the vet did not say it was but gave medicine for him. It's not all the time, just random, like every couple of hours he will do this. Any advice ?

    • Debra, Chinchillas make strange sounds and noises. I'm thinking that your chinchilla is fine, he is expressing his feelings about something. I think your chinchilla may be lonely. Mine has done the same sound. I got him a female companion. and now he is happy. But, chinchillas will make other sounds. Go to this website and listen to the barks and grunts that are normal for chins.

      • I have listened to the sounds once before, it's just that the first thing that entered my mind was a respitory problem and he was coughing, hence the sound like a duck. I recongize the barking when he is sleeping. Another thought is that he saw a mouse and was reacting. I have in the past inquired here if chinchillas can thrive as a solitary being in a house but no one responded. I thought of gettig a companion but I live in a studio apatment and one is all I could handle at the moment, plus if I get him a female, I don't really want baby chinchillas as he is not neutered.

    • A small stuffed animal really comforts them.mine sits on it,lays next to it,and when she's bored,she will actually pick it up n toss it..she has had the same lil buddy for a year now.just need to throw in washer(with bleach)at least once a week.

  34. Hey I'm wondering if I have to let my chinchilla out everyday? I have a wheel for him and he runs on it. And he also barks at night. Which makes me think that he is hyper and wants to play. I have to go between my moms and dads house so I can't let him out every day. Is there a different option or alternative to letting him out? And what will, make him stop barking?

    • Ariel, its a good idea to make sure your chinchilla gets at least an hour or so of playtime outside his cage. Chinchillas need exercise and as you know they can leap up very high. Try to give him at least an hour a day. If he is barking at night, it could mean he is lonely or frightened. You may have to put him in another room so you can sleep.

    • I just recently got a chinchilla like 2 or 3 weeks ago, she sometimes barks at night but what i found that helps her is singing in a soft voice and she stops, you should try it but i mean every chinchillas personality is different.

    • I have 2 chinchillas for about 7 months and when I just got them, "they were babies" I use to put classic or very soft music to them to calm them down, that helped a lot! When they are to hyper even after play time I still do it but less because they are already accustom to their routine. I hope this helps

  35. i have a chinchilla and keeps barking (like a dog)in the middle of the night i don't know what it is doing and why?

    • Megan, my chinchilla does that too i think sometimes they do that because they are scared or had a bad dream the best thing to do in that situation is to hold them and confort them hope i helped :)

    • Megan, if it will help, read my comment in response to one of the earlier questions /concerns, made by Angelina and Niki. Your chin may be making the same noise.
      I'm not a vet or any expert, but I've had Sterling for several years now, and I've learned a lot from watching and listening to him! I also read as much as I can find on websites like this one, to learn more. I think, just like each chin has its own personality, they each have their own voice, too. My little guy makes noises I haven't even read about, or heard here, such as a soft whistling sound when he's sitting on my shoulder and seeming very content! He loves to watch TV with me, even getting up closer to the screen when it's an animal show.... until there's something startling, then he runs to me for a reassuring cuddle. He's not really scared, because he returns to his spot up close, within 10 or so seconds.
      They are very, very intelligent animals, which I'm sure you've seen yourself! Having Sterling around reminds me of having a toddler; getting into stuff whenever he can and putting everything in his mouth! (Requiring a very watchful eye) He also knows what "No" means. But chins like to get their own way, or just be stubborn! Also like human children, I agree with others that Chins definitely like a routine! After you've had yours for awhile, you may start to wonder if you've been training him, or if he's been training/manipulating you all along!! I also talk to my little guy all the time. I would guesstimate he knows what I'm telling him about 90% of the time! (Of course, I'm not talking to him about cold-fusion ... don't think I'm crazy!!)
      Hang in there with yours! They're the best pets!

  36. I've had my chinchilla for about 3 weeks now..he is going on 5 months old. He makes, what you called the decoy sound, when i try to pet him or try to pick him up. Is he warning me not to? he usually jumps to turn away from me while he is making this sound. but then he will come back to my hand and nibble my finger. I'm just not sure if he was doing it in aggression because he doesn't want messed with or what.. and what is the best way to try to pick him up.

    • there could be a reason that he does not trust u when u got to pet him. Do u have anyu other pets? Because if u do it might hear them moving and get scared at night. Just what i think

  37. also, is it ok to play these sounds for my chinchilla so i can "communicate" with him or will this make him lonely? when I played the grunt he responded by making the same type of noise.

  38. I've had my chinchilla for 15 years now and we get along very nicely.. except when he's out of the cage for a long periods of time and is free to roam the apartment.. he starts to get awfully bossy and then he's normally put back to the cage. Most of the time though he jump to back to the cage by himself and waits in there for me to close the door.

    The noises he makes are all the above in the samples and i think that those noises are spot on since i've noticed the situations where he makes those.

    PS. My chinchilla, called Pörrö (Fluffy in english) is currently searching the house for that other chinchilla which is making the sounds as i listened those samples :D

    • My 1.5 year-old female is very bossy when she is out of her cage for long, as well! She also goes into her cage on her own, but if she doesn't want to, it is quite a struggle! I get a lot of annoyed grumbles and kecks!

  39. I have had my chinchilla for about two months now. Sometimes my chinchilla will just be sitting in his cage and will randomly make noises that sounds like an owl. When you look at him, he'll stop. But when you look away it starts up again. What does this mean?

    • Chins love attention. Especially when you just sit and talk to them. My 12 year old daughter will usually read to him from her homework assignments. I think they love hearing a sweet calm voice.

  40. Our chinny FatFat doesn't often hide from us. If your chinny is comfortable with you and his environs he will act out as if he is the boss. They will often make noises to gain your attention in the belief that they are in charge and you should pay them attention. Very cute and yet another reason that we love our chin!!!!!

  41. My chinchilla is been wit me for bout six months my friend gave it to me she was with other chinchillas now she has been wit me for the six months and jjust today she started to make noices tha sound like a cry she gets in her house n sounds to me like a puppy when they cry im jst wondering if thas wat it is and why. Thank you






  42. do chinchillas have nightmares? my chinchilla is in his cube and lets out sounds when he is sleeping. what does this mean?

    • My chinchilla usually makes these sounds during the night. It sounds like a screeching girl or something. It means that it is scared or heard a strange sound. i am guessing they do have nightmares. But i go to check on him and he is till sleeping. i am still trying to figure it out.

      • Janine & others,

        My chin makes what I think are same as what u described. He does this only when he's sleeping, & when I say something like, "Ssshhhh, it's ok Sterling, Mama's right here," he stops. This series of short screeches occurs when he's exhaling, and every exhale, for 6-8 times or less if I'm there and (verbally) comfort him.
        I strongly believe chins dream (they're at least as smart as dogs, and we know they dream), & these sounds are happening when he's scared during a dream. There are 2 reasons why I believe this: First, I used to have rabbits, and typically rabbits don't make noises (we can hear). However, they have a "death scream" that happens when they are caught by a predator, or just about to be caught. This is common knowledge among experts on rabbits. So I think chins are making this somewhat similar sound, as they too are prey animals.

        Secondly, there was just one time my chin made the same exact noise while he was awake. It was when I brought him home for first time. I was setting up his cage, & had left him alone in the carrier. He was only a few months old, too, and very scared, I'm sure.

        So, just my opinion, but I think these screeches happen when they're having nightmares about being chased &/or caught for food.

  43. my chinchilla makes noises to but everytime i tried to grabb him he just runn away from me or make sounds but i really dont know what they mean its like he's warning me to not mess with him or somthing or he probably dont like me try to grabb him he tries to bite me but im not scared of him because when he bites it dont hurt its just like a little pintch



      GOOD LUCK,

  44. Hi.. I just got a chinchilla the other day. He makes a sound that is sort of like a whistle noise.. what does that mean? also, he keeps trying to get out of his cage. I have each door on his cage closed but do you have any other ideas to make sure he doesn't escape? it's almost 2:30 am and I'm terrified to sleep!

    • HI ANGELA.




      • My chin also makes what sounds exactly like a whistle, just very low volume. I have no idea how he's making the noise, since they obviously can't just purse the lips and blow! But he only "whistles " when he's content, sitting on me, and watching TV, and I only hear him when he's close to my ear.
        So I think the soft whistle is made when they are happy and content!

    • We took our store bought cage and applied chicken wire to the outside of the bars. This serves two purposes: it prevents him from escaping and prevents him from injuring himself. Until he is large enough to NOT slip between the bars this is an ideal and cost effective solution. Me and my wife used zip ties to secure the wire as it is semi-permanent and won't damage the coating on your cage bars thus preventing your chinny from ingesting any harmful coating from the bars.

  45. Our chinchilla "Lessie" made a sound we have never herd before tonight. I think we may have frightened her when we came home. Her cage is in our living room where the front door is and we were kinda loud coming in and within seconds she was making this noise, I instantly thought something was wrong so i scooped her up and held her to comfort her, she seemed strangely calm then when i put her back in her cage she made the sound again. Is there something she is trying to tell me?

  46. Actually, Chins aren't nocturnal. Their habits are based around time of day, so be sure to keep them somewhere, where they can tell the change of day, they're most active around times like twilight and dusk/dawn. So don't let someone tell you that they are nocturnal, because they are not.

    • My chins are settling in for bed and just waking up at dawn and dusk. They are very active at say.. 3 am or so. They are very nocturnal, both of them.

  47. ummm...i have a question on noise...are they sposed to make noise??? cause my chinchilla is about five months old and he never makes a sound...and i dont think anything is wrong withhim...but is that bad he doesnt talk???

    • HI LAUREN.


      GOOD LUCK.

  48. Ijust got my chinchilla her name is marry Jane ( she's not green although that would be sortvod awesome) it's my first chinchilla and I hope ican form a nice relationship with it like her just hangin out with me watching some tv I'm wondering if I could train it to come out of it cage if I call it and it will come to me, iknow it's a dog, but ithink it's possible they learn fairly quickly iv been told.




  49. HI JAIC.


    BUT TO SPECIFICALLY ANSWER YOUR Q ""... "make alot of noise durig the night when we are asleep" THE ANSWER IS YES. SOME CHINS MAKE NOISE (DURING THE DAY) WHEN THEY SLEEP.




  50. As we're on the topic of noise, I was just wondering if they make alot of noise durig the night when we are asleep. Because I'm considering getting one, however, because i will be leaving it in the living room which has a bed room on the other side of the wall, I really need an response to this matter. Thank you =)

    • haha yea. i got with Nikki. by the way, i love how ur chinchillas watch animal planet lol. but yea, Jaic, u might want to consider another animal if you dont mind some noise during the night. but, u never no, my chinchilla is somewhat quiet, she likes to juump off the walls of her cage, but every chinchilla is different.

      • i go* with nikki, haha typo

      • HI JESSICA.




    • hey just wanted to say every chinchilla is very different, mine stays in my bedroom because we have three kids and i dont like him spooked, curtains go down at night he stays quiet till morning at 5-6 when i open them. i cant say that for everyone but mines a good boy he was loud the first month or so but i think they all will get into a routine. he runs free throught the house for about 2 hours before bed and just goes in and crashes after his bath. you have to have alot of paitents but the love they give back is amazing!

  51. I just got a chinchilla last Saturday. It stays in its hut most of the time. It won't come up to me or come out when i am in the room. It barks when i am near. I did put my hand in the cage and even though it barked i set a treat down at the entrance of his hut and he took it. How long before i can handle him? I want to enjoy my pet not watch it forever from the cage! It did let me pet him when i stuck my hand into his hut..then barked after i was done petting him!! Can i force the issue and just take him out or will that set him back more?

    • Ok well i have 2 chinchillas and they were both quite shy! But i kept hand feeding them treats on an outstreched open palm and they took them, i took it slow puttin my hads near them and gettin them used to my smell and hands and then just left the cage door open one day and waited. They came out on their own and then its easier to pick them up. Hold him close to u and stroke him gently. If his fur comes out it means he is stressed so put him back and keep doing the same everyday. The barking could actually him being naughty for your attention! Remember they dont like loud noises or quick movements. Slow is the key! Hope this helps and u can enjoy ur cheeky chilla!!!

  52. Hi my name is sandy .. i just got a new female small chinchilla , the pet guy said shes very sweet and i dont know why if shes scared or indanger , im not sure.. why she keeps barking , and when i walk in the room she would i hide from me and be in a opposite dirrection from me ... im not quite sure wht to do and idk know why shes always hiding behing her purple cave thingy besides in it and sleepin in it well idk its only been 4 or 3 ish hours since i got her

    • Hey.
      The chinchilla will be ok, she is just scared. Sit beside her cage and talk to her in a soft voice, give her treats if she comes up to you. They are just scared of life, that's all.

  53. our chinchilla makes a sound almost like she is gasping. she only does it while sleeping,
    Is it a bad dream?

  54. I appreciate your website and all your sounds and details, but your information seems biased, especially your sound description, which are simply logical guesses at your chinchilla's psyche. I wouldn't call your site a guide for chinchilla pet owners, especially in case people looking for more in depth information from scientifically studied sources stumble onto your blog.

  55. Hey =]
    Your chinchilla is alerting any other chinchillas that there is danger near by - either hearing a car door slam or a bird or something.
    My chinchillas do it all night it used to drive me up the wall. Now it's just comforting knowing they are there =]
    She will either keep being vocal or just get used to the noises and stop
    Hah. Nothing to worry about though =]

  56. Hi, I just got a chinchilla a week ago and at night she makes a weird sound similar to a soft owl call. It's like who who whooooo..... Do you know what that means?

    • At night, they may "whoot" because theyre hungry

  57. I brought my chinchilla home yesterday, and he let me pet her and she ran around the room happily, and at night my cat wanted in my room so i let him in, and the cages door was closed...and i was thinking that she could get used to the cat, but this morning i let my cat out, and opened the cage door, and reached my hand in the cage and pet her, and than she stood on her hind legs and made a hacking sound as if she was going to vomit, and or was quiet odd. does anybody know why she is doing this?????

    • Hmm,
      Well, she might have just been sleeping. Mine are just as grumpy and stupid as me in the morning.
      She is basically saying gtfo, lol. Spend some time getting used to her before opening the cage. Like, go up and say hi, wait for her to come to you, give her an oat or whatever small treat, like a half a raisin, poke your hand through the cage, and then if she seems still comfortable open the cage and pet her. Take it slowly, how would you feel if you would be locked away and some giant stuck his hand through the bars hehe.
      As for the cat, let her in during the day and monitor what the chinchilla is doing. She might get used to kitty in time. =]
      Never let kitty out during playtime though unless you know 131% that they are ok.

  58. My chinchilla squeaked it was alittle squeek u could barley hear it but im wondering wat it means?

  59. i just played some of the sound clips and my chinchilla responded to the chirps they make when they are looking for each other. he kept running up to the computer making the same noises

  60. hi theresa.
    i have 4 chins. my roxie is anywhere between 4 and 6 (rescued so im unsure) and my triplets will be 1 in may 2010 (also rescued).

    roxie was tough because im not certain of her past. she wont let me hold her either but she will climb on me and she is never close to my hands. it took me nearly 2 years to accomplish this task with her and it all started with an ice cream cone. see, i had those small basic cones and i put one next to the cage for her to smell and she went crazy after that first bite (also try cranraisains, vanilla almond shredded wheat, or rose hip). once she was used to the crackling sound of the plastic from the cone she would greet me with the cage doors closed. everytime she came close i repeated, in my loving my newborn baby high pitched-voice, "thats my roxie" or "roxie-rox". very slowly she started to associate my tone with her getting a treat. then as she adjusted to that i slowly started to rub her under her chinchilla and then the top of her head, etc..
    i hope this story can help you to find away to bond with chilli.

  61. okay i have 2 chinchillas one is mine one is my boyfriends mine is friendly and nice his is shy we have had them for 4 months now and mine is still in good health however his is missing lots of fur cries all of the time his foot is swelling and now the base of his tail is also swelling. i thought maybe they fought but we watched them very closely and they never fight they are brothers and they sleep and cuddle up together.. his is looking very ruff and i'm worried at what is causing him to be this way..

    • You chinchilla is sick. Take her to the vet ASAP.

    • JACKIE -

      Your chinchilla may be very ill. You should get him to a vet right away.

  62. I just got my Chinchilla his name is Chilli He is just over a year old. He is very shy and skiddish, when i go to try and pick him up he just runs and makes a squealing nose like im going to hurt him. When i try to feed him a treat he pushes my hand away, just wondering what I can do to get him use to me.
    Also Chilli makes a noise like a cell phone is that normal? Every time he thinks were not looking he comes to the cage door then i try to put my hand to the cage and he just runs away? Just wondering what I should do? Thanks for any help I can get.

    Before you ask no he was not abused, The guy I got him from has another one the other one is very friendly and not shy at all Chilli has been this way since he has had him. Any suggestions would be great.
    Thanks Theresa

    • Hey, theresa
      When I got my chin, it took a while for him to bond with me. Unfortuately he came from a pet store and I think the young workers handled him roughly because till this day I cannot pick him up ( 3 years now) He will come to you and jump on your lap for treats. He allows me to pet him on his head and back but if I try to even softly pet either of his sides, he will make a sound that he does not want to be touched in tha area. He is very affectionate and a happy chin, but he will not let me pick him up "with my hands" except if hes on my foot and I lift it wtih him on it. All chinchillas have different personalities. If he was treated well, it will just be a matter of time. As for me, I have him in a 3 tier cage but I leave it open because I have an issue wtth caged animals. PS Have you given him dust baths yet, that will make him very happy

    • Well chinchillas do have different personalities.
      I'd recommend talking to him as they do react to voice. Do it in a soft loving tone (yes you will look funny and sound crazy an yeah it's perfectly normal).
      Give him little treats when he comes up to you so he associates you with something he likes.
      Also, I'd wear a big big hoodie for a while, and then try putting him in it, and just let him run around in it while you're watching tv
      he will crawl in your sleeves and sit on your chest or lap and try to escape but try to keep him in there for a while unless he is freaking out tons
      this way he will get used with your smell more and being in a dark place will keep him calmer., and as well his little brain will think "hmm she didn't eat me! cool!" just watch out he doesn't get too warm, and check his ears once in a while to see if they are red and warm sign of needing to cool down. As well, don't keep him like that for too long and after a while you can even let him on the couch
      after doing this a couple of times he won't even try to jump off the couch (never let him do it in the first place, they learn fast)
      and he will even come and chill on your shoulder and bark at the guns on tv maybe =]
      all chinchillas are different but most skittish chinchillas if spent a lot of time with will be fine
      What I also try to do to my chinchillas is immitate their noises back at them
      it's really funny if your chinchilla is vocal he will start freakin like uh you speak! haha

  63. I just purchased a baby chinchilla from a pet store, Pearl. Pearl is approximately 6 weeks old. I already have another chinchilla, Penny, who is approximately 5 months old. The 5 month old, Penny, was in with another chinchilla, Rosie, for approximately 2 months. Rosie died approximately a week ago. I took her to the vet to be sure she died of natural causes and not because of an attack, although, Pennie and Rosie got along very well. My problem is that I put Pearl (the new chinchilla) in with Penny (the 5 month old) and Penny seems aggressive. Does a chinchilla go thru a mourning process? How long does it take chinchilla to adjust or accept the other(s)? I have divided the cage in 1/2 and tensions are easing. Is there anything I can do?

  64. My chinchilla Reptar has been acting weird lately. He's always ittching and at night he'll make these weird squal like noises. And I've looked up chinchilla noises but there is nothing on what sound he is making. Can you help me?

    • belindA - Does your chinchilla get regular dust baths? Too few (or too many) could be the issue. I let my chinchilla bathe every 2nd or 3rd day for about 15-20 minutes. (You just reminded me, tonight's bath night!) If this doesn't help, try changing to a different brand of dust. Hope this helps!

  65. My lone male chinchilla made a grunting sound today! I really don't know if it was a calling or a mating sound. The chinchilla recordings were helpful and figured out it was close to a contact sound. I also think he got scared of the sound of the fireworks/ loud sounds he heard outside.

  66. I had a chinchilla years ago and recently got another one both of my chinchillas were fairly quiet except my new chinchilla had a couple of nights where she barked I think she was scared because of the noise in my appartment building other than that she has been very good at night if i hear anything it her running on her wheel or swinging in her hamock.

  67. I have one Chinchilla and he is crazy! The first time he made that nosie it scared me half to dealth! I freacked out and check him for bleeding and broken bones, but no luck. Finally I figured out why6 they do that. He was just scared of my dog.

  68. I haven't bought my Chinchilla yet but have studied them thoroughly. I will have to keep my chinchilla in my bedroom and I need at least 8hrs of sleep at night because of my job. how much noise do they make at night and how can I quiet them?

    • I too had to keep my chinchilla in my bedroom and needed sleep. I found they do fine, as long as they don't get bored. If they get bored, they'll "chatter" at you to request company. Or, in my case, they'll get the cat going and then laugh hysterically "cackling" at the cat's antics.
      I found if I left the tv on really low volume, so I can't hear it but he can, and on CNN or the Comedy Network, then I was fine. I switched to CNN because he was laughing too much at the Comedy Network. He would watch tv most of the night. And I slept fine.

      • I have a pair of Chinchillas and they usually do fine at night. The only noise I hear from them is usually when one is changing levels in their cage or when the male gets too far from the female in the dark and she starts crying for him (she's a little damding/cuddly thing).

      • So there you go. :)

    • Chinchillas are supposed to be nocturnel, but they also can adjust to your schedule. The sound at night if you have one is either a scared bark (which can be as loud as any small dogs barks) or the gnawing sound( if a heavy or semi-heavy sleeper his shouldnt wake you up). But their wheels might be a tad annoying. But thats about it other than climbing with again if a heavy sleeper or semi-heavy sleeper shouldnt bother you. I have one in my room right now, and she isnt making much sound at all im easy to wake up and she wasnt done that at all since ive gotten her.

      • Corey -

        I think Chinchillas are more crepuscular than nocturnal - but I agree, mine are in my room and they don't bother me at night (and I have a JUMPER!! YIKES!!)

    • I keep both my boys in my bedroom, and at first they woke me up about once a night, by calling to each other. But, once they'd had time to settle into their new surroundings they were fine. Either I got used to the noise or they quietend down :) The only time they wake me now is if Pippin decides to see how many levels he can jump up in one go!

    • For a wheel I suggest a hard plastic one it is very quiet. It is also safe for them, there is nothing to get their tail stuck in and it is a hard plastic so they don't eat it

  69. i'm trying to decide between a guinea pig, a chinchilla, or a bunny. does anybody know what i should get? can someone tell me their character traits?

    • Well, I used to have guinea pigs and rabbits as a kid and have a chinchin now and know maybe too much about them
      I will talk a bit from my own experience and random facts about what I know about all three:
      Chinchillas are nocturnal, rabbits and guinea pigs aren't.
      They are all sociable, guinea pigs and rabbits will eat almost anything and chinchillas will eat more specific food, all eat thimothy hay but hte pellets are diffeent and this is very impoartant and a chinchin doesn't get as many treats and it's mostly nuts and DRIED fruit, they have a very sensitive tummy.
      Rabbits are cuddly and love to be petted, so do guinea pigs, I like guinea pigs more though because they follow you around and are good swimmers and are just a whole bunch more awesome with their sounds and cuteness. Rabbits are okay some of them bite a lot though and are a little dumb. Chinchillas are great athletes and will jump on your walls and will run around and love you, they will sleep in your hoodie and let you pet them more rarely, but if you take it when it's a baby you can easly teach it to trust you. Oh yes.. chinchillas are intelligent and need to trust you before you can be friends
      but I find it to be a very rewarding experience when it actually happens. My chinchilla is laying down beside my laptop right now staring at me in a very relaxed sleepy way which makes me more happy then anything in the world.
      One thing with rabbits and guinea pigs is in my opinion that they don't get as attatched as chinchillas. Chinchillas originally leave in large groups and are very sociable animals and need at least 30 mins (I repeat, at least) of love every day or else they get all sad and may stop exercising which is very important for them and such.
      Rabbits can be potty trained and I believe guinea pigs can too, don't remember but chinchillas lack the muscle in their rear that keeps them from pooping so they poop a lot. They have a much more sensitive skeleton as they have a floating rib cage
      Uhh.. depends on how much time you want to spend with you animal and how much effort you want to put into caring for them, really. A chinchilla needs dustbaths and a lot more stuff that rabbits and GP's go without.
      But even if a chinchilla is a lot more work, I find it to be a lot more like a dog. My chinchilla for example protects me (barks at people and birds, I know silly) and he loves me and cries if I don't give him attention. Guinea pigs love to sit on your shoulder too but they are bigger and they can't estimate heights so they may leap to their death, (little point there about not living them on tables and such). I don't know... I don't like rabbits because in my opinion they just sit there and don't do anythng but chew on your couch which is annoying. They are cute and fluffy I guess but hey, chinchins have the softest fur in the world. I sugest that you look them up and research more about their diets and needs and figure out for yourself what is best. I hope this will help you a bit, and hope you make the right decision so that you can love your animal and not end up dumping him like half of the owners that are responsable.
      Oh yeah, one more thing, I think rabbits live 5 years and guinea pigs around 3 though I'm 90% sure I'm wrong but chinchillas live up to 17 years. So it all depends on how commited you are. I advise and beg you to research a lot about the animal you are going to get as they do not deserve shitty living conditions and a sad life.
      Hope this helped
      (sorry if any typos, I'm basically blind from tiredness hah)

    • Guinea pigs make GREAT pets. Rabbits smell and I've never had a chinchilla but I had a guinea pig named Milly until last November 16th. But I had her since 1st grade.

    • Ummm. well i have 2 chinchillas because i didnt want my first one to stay lonely. so if u want 2 get them at the same time cuz trying to put them together afterwards is quite a task. and they both r a real handful but they r sooo dang cute. my friend had a bunny and it wasnt very active. Chinchillas r but ussually after like 6pm since they're nocturnal. i've havent owned guinea pigs so can't help u there.

  70. Well, my chinchin Otto is the friendliest little guy in the world. He changed from a nocturnal creature to my loveable careful daytime companion that knows when it's not apropriate to run on his wheel because he wakes me up and so on. He doesn't like to be held much but he is always sleeping in my hoodie and comes with me to work and everywhere. If I don't play with him he starts making this weird crying like noise, kind of like a whining dog, and then this high pitched weird short sounds. I sometimes copy them and do them back to him and he does them again. If I randomly do them to him he replies and I guess we are talking? Is that weird?

    Oh and anothe weird thing. Are they supposed to hump everything in their way I haven't heard of anyody complaining about htis before but he humps literally anything: cloths, bags ,my hand, hats (actually I have this gray fake fur hat he has a huge fetish for and hunts around the room), anything you can think of really... I don't want my baby to lose his balls.. but... any ideas on how he will stop humping stuff? x.x

  71. hi, i got to chinchillas, two girls infect. They look diffrent from the one in your picturs, darker, less furry tail and they were cheaper.
    In the pet store they said it's a desert chinchilla "DIEGO" or "DEGO"... you know what i'm talking about?
    anyway, I haven't heard them making any sound yet, only squeaking one time. I must mention that i have them for 3 days only

    • I'm pretty sure you have have degus, not chinchillas. Look them up on Google and/or Wikipedia to be sure.

      Degus need different pellets than chinchillas, so make sure you verify them as soon as possible!

    • I'm sorry but this is a little worrying, how can you not know what animal you have? Take better care of them, man, we fuck around with them enough keeping them in cages and such.

  72. Hello, I have a male 1 year old chinchilla who is paired with another 1 year old female. I have had them for about a week, and just yesterday he started making an odd bird-like sound. It's pretty loud. He does it when randomly when he is sitting down looking relaxed and not moving at all. It's 4 - 5 loud chirp-like noises. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they mean?

  73. He also, when around females, makes a clicking/screaming noise.

  74. One of our 2 male chinchillas throws its dung. Is this normal?

  75. my chinchilla has been making these weird sounds in the middle of the night it's like this crazy jungle scream like from out of a movie or something. why would he be doing this?

  76. My Chinchilla makes one to two barking sounds every morning, and I'm not sure why. There's no traffic to be heard, and my dogs don't make any noises that early in the morning. They aren't even anywhere around her most of the time! So I'm not sure what she's afraid of.

  77. Hopefully one of you out there will be able to answer my question! If you have multiple chinchillas, I'm sure you and I have shared the same problem.

    A year ago I brought a male chinchilla home to accompany my female chinchilla who is 6 months older. So, for the few months prior to his arrival, she was used to be alone with me and has since become very territorial over any space so therefore, they're in seperate cages. I have them facing each other in hopes they'll get along well enough to mate at some point or to at least get along, but nothing for a year! Anytime they're out in the bathroom together they're chasing and fighting. Poor, shy male is losing his fur because he gets stressed so easily.

    What's a chinchilla owner to do? Will they eventually get along, but how much damage does it do them to be chasing each other like that?

  78. i have a chinchilla that is about 2.5 years old. last summer her sister died of a heat stroke and i have been considering getting a second chin, so give her a companion. i know how much she enjoyed her sisters company and she had always lived with other chinchillas so when her sis died she was really lonely for quite some time....i think shes used to being alone now, but sometime i think she would be happier with a friend. so my question is...if i get a second chin...i was going to get a girl, dont want a bunch of chins, but should i get a baby, or one about her age...i was thinking of adopting one somewhere, is it risky to put two adult chinchillas together. how is can i best get them used to eachother. any advice would be great....and another one chin, she is very shy, always has been, she's playful when shes awake, but she doesnt want you to touch or hold her....she'll climb on you, but then hops away again once you pay attention to her. any tips on getting your chinchilla to be more comfortable around you and more cuddly?

  79. I have a chinchilla who does the warning bark quite a bit when I'm away. I have to leave on occasion and he really doesn't like it. Worse off the family is afraid of him. I've tried to give them lots of pointers on how to keep him calm, but something about me being gone doesn't sit well with him. What should I do?

  80. NLC,

    We've never heard of a totally silent chinchilla. However, it could very well be that your constant presence is constant reassurance. Our would only bark when we weren't in the room with them. Once we'd go into the room, the barking would stop.

  81. This seems like a silly question but... Have you ever had a 'mute' chinchilla? My chinchilla, Marty, is an extremely active, healthy guy. But I have NEVER heard him make a single noise. Not even a soft grunt or anything. Literally, no sound what-so-ever. Its a little bit weird.

    I sleep in the same room as his cage, and spend the majority of my free time in the same room on the computer. I would say I spend over half of my day in Marty's room... but never has he made the slightest noise. At first I wrote it off as a personality trait. Figured he was just a quiet guy. But after so long I have never heard a peep, it makes me wonder if there is something physiologically wrong with him.

    It is a little irritating because I cannot always tell what mood he is in. Like if he is running around his cage excitedly, I cannot tell if he is just hyper or agitated about something.

    • I have the same problem with my chinchilla.. you already now the answer? what is the problem with our chins?


  82. Hi!
    I recently adopted a pet chinchilla from a friend of mine who rescued it from the pet shelter. It was taken to the shelter by a store owner who said it had been running around the neighbourhood and in and out of stores. It was finally cornered and caught and was discovered to be very cuddly.
    My friend had it for a couple months and then I took it. I lived on Vancouver Island for about a month with it, travelling at times for my job (a friend watched it). Then I moved to Calgary and travelled with the chinchilla via plane. They wouldn't let me take him in the cabin with me, so he had to go under the plane.
    When we got home he started making squealing noises from time to time. And I noticed he was covered in urine immediately after the trip, so I'm thinking he got really scared, either by the noise or the experience, and did that urine defense move. But he's still really cuddly, if not more "needy" than before.
    So when I cuddle with him he'll crawl into my hoodie and lie with me in there on the couch. From time to time I'll hear a noise, but it's more like feeling a noise and the only thing I can liken it to is purring. Do chinchillas purr?
    Also, he gets exercise in a big ball that he goes in and then he runs around the house in that, often following me and placing it carefully between both my feet (so cute!). Is that enough exercise for him?
    We had to leave his cage behind (too big) and so he currently lives in the travel carrier I brought him in, getting time each day in his sand bath, and every minute I'm home he's either in his sand bath, in his ball, or in my hoody. He really seems to hate the carrier, but he's tolerating it. I'm planning on getting him a real cage when I move to my permanent address in ~ 15 days. Is that too long to use the travel carrier?
    Also, once I get my permanent place I'll be bringing home my black lab dog (so gentle and loving with all things) and my cat. My dog is 3 yrs old and my cat 10 and they both think they own me. Any suggestions for making the transition easier on all of them?
    Also, do chinchillas wear leashes? It would be easier to have him out of the ball if I could put a harness on him and he could crawl around on me while I walk around.
    lol I guess I have a lot of questions! Loving this site so far, thanks for sharing so much!

    • Rebecca, I've been bonding with one of my boyfriend's chinchillas, and over the weekend, for the first time, I felt the little guy vibrating under my hand/against my chest as I held and petted him. It was just like purring, though more of a feeling than a sound. He was all cuddled up inside the robe I was wearing and seemed super happy. So, yes, I guess chinchillas DO purr! You and I are lucky to have chinchillas that love us!


    • Please don't put your chin in an "exercise ball." They are deadly!

  83. I have had a new Chinchilla for three weeks now and at night when she is in her cage she sometimes whines like a dog, usually four times in a row and quietly, and sometimes chirps. She also seems to be trying to look for a way out of her cage all the time.

    Every day she is let out for a few hours and she just runs and hides behind the sofa.

    Please help me, I think the Chinchilla is sad.


  84. Avatar photo


    Unless your chinchillas are chasing each other or fighting, I wouldn't worry about the situation you described. It sounds like they each have their preferences. Barking noises are common and we often hear them with no apparent reason. But what scares us and what scares a chinchilla are different so we assume they're hearing some noise off in the distance.

  85. I recently bought 2 male chinchillas and they make sort of a welcoming humble sound. However sometimes my gray one (Odin) will make sort a bark noise...But nothing is happening to very confused as to what he does it for...his brother Thor appears to have the cage to himself, Thor always uses the wheel, and Odin never uses it, Thor sleeps in the house and Odin sleeps on top of it, but they sometimes cuddle together... Is Odin unhappy because Thor uses most of the cage?

  86. Avatar photo


    That is very unusual. We've haven't heard of that problem before. Have you tried moving the cage to another location to see if there is something causing the sneezing in the current location? You might also want to consider a full cage cleaning. If you've switch the type of bedding you use, that too could be a problem.

  87. My chinchilla is doing alot of sneezing, and I mean ALOT. About 3 times a min on average. What could it be?

  88. Raisins not reasons LOL sorry.
    Don't forget all chinchillas are going to be different so sounds will be a little diff. Also OFFER (raisins) to the chinchilla it will help her trust you more.

  89. Kristy check the sounds It may sound like the protest sound. I was told chinchillas are very Skittish pets mine was scared of my load voice and fast movements. Keep talking to it so it gets use to your voice and don't move fast around it also give her some space until she is use to the new home, say 2 weeks then start to SLOWLY! Interact with her.

    Don't forget all chinchillas are going to be different so sounds will be a little diff. Also OFFER reasons to the chinchilla it will help her trust you more. Most of them love reasons I call them chinchilla crack (like cat nip). Don't give her more then 2 or 3 a day to much sugar for a chin.

    If you still think she is unhealthy take her to a vet MAKE sure the vet knows about chinchillas exotic pet vet doesn’t mean they know anything. Chins do die fast so watch carefully ask the (pet store/breeder) you got your chinchilla from they should tell you a good vet.

    Need anymore help if I can answer I will do my best but remember I am no pro just an owner for a little over 6 months but I have looked up a few things :).

  90. Just yesturday I got my chinchilla at Petco. She's a female, and she's pure black. Well, she kept me up all night making this high-pitched wheezing sound... Do you think there might be something wrong with her? What could it be?

  91. I read some where that you can put the agressive chinchilla in a small cage inside of the other to show that the chinchilla is being punished and let the less agressive one roam free in the larger cage. It may help it may not, also blowing on the agressive one might work but be carful it didn't work with mine and made him unhappy and shy away so I stopped. Sounds like your agressive one may be joulous or is trying to be the alfa female.
    Wish I could help out better but I am still learning myself waiting on a ? myself so please do not take what I say is correct its just to offer opion.

  92. I have two female chinchillas both are about five months old. One of them has changed in her behaviour. She seems to scrape at things that get in her way and she tries to bite the other one but only when they are out of their cage. Also, she used to let me pick her up but when I try now she just tries to get away. She cannot be pregnant because they are both females I have double checked this....Could it just be 'Time of the Month'?

  93. Hello, I have had a Chinchilla for about 6 months now. I let my friend watch over him 2 months ago when I went to go visit my new niece. When I came back he started barking and jurks his head up like a spaz (sounds like the defense bark)

    when I try to pick him up and when I move him. But if I stay still or let him run around on my shoulders or stomach he has no prob's I can even pet him with no prob its only when I act like I am going to pick him up.

    I think my friend picked him up to hard and he is scared of being picked up any way of getting him to stop spaz barking?Sorry had to rush write the ?

    He has a big cage I only have 1 chinchilla I feed him correctly and give him dust baths and he has alot of chew toys.

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    Males and females can get along with each other. Most problems come about when you mix genders.

  95. I was reading your site and i was wondering if two male chinchillas get along. These two are littermates if that makes any difference.

  96. Melinda:
    I am just reading this site for the first time, so I apologize for responding so long after your post. Is your chinchilla still squealing?

    I've had chinchillas for 5 or 6 years now, and have a total of 4 males (2 standard, 2 ebony). In recent weeks, my boys have done some squealing also, like they are in pain. I came to investigate and sometimes smelled something "funny." I realized they were having gas and set out to figure out what I needed to stop feeding them. (Their droppings were normal.)

    It turned out that once I stopped feeding them dried apples, the squealing (and the "funny" smell) has stopped. I'd always been told that dried fruit was fine to give chins--just not too much. They used to get one piece a day. However, after a few days without the apples, I gave them each a SMALL piece. There was more squealing from someone that night. I will not be feeding the poor things dried apples anymore.

    If your sweetie squeals again, I'd look into the foods (particularly the treats) she is getting. Be careful not to change her diet too suddenly, though. Hope this helps!

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    We've never heard of chinchillas snoring. Not sure that means there's a problem though. Any other odd behavior? Is your chinchilla eating and drinking normal amounts?

  98. Hi,
    I want to know if chinchillas snore. My chinchilla makes snoring sounds and when I first heard it I thought it would be a breathing problem but it only makes this sound when it sleeps. Is there any need for concern?

  99. Avatar photo


    Thanks for the kind words. We always like to hear that people have found the information here useful.

    The sound you described is an odd one. We've heard "barking" noises, teeth-grinding noises, and short squeals. None of those sound like what you described though. The short squeals are common for our chinchillas in the morning as they're going to sleep in the wooden box we keep in their cage. It's short-lived and seems to be more of "get off my tail I'm trying to sleep" kind of sound.

  100. Hi there! I am a big fan of your website - you helped me put my chinchillas together! They're still very happy living together (two girls), but I had a question about a sound one of them (I assume) makes, usually at night.

    I used to think it was because she was lonely or something - she made the sound before I got her a cage friend, but she still makes it. It's a really loud squeal - it's kind of prolonged (maybe a couple seconds long) and I have no idea what it's from; I've never seen her actually make the sound and I think she only makes it in the dark. She seems to be very normal otherwise - social, enjoys raisins and dust baths, eats fine, etc.

    Any ideas?

  101. Avatar photo


    The only noise we know of that is loud enough to be heard from a different floor is what chinchilla owners call a bark. Not at all like a dog's, but a bark nonetheless.

    It is usually done when a chinchilla fears something and wishes to emit a warning to other chinchillas. Ours make such sounds sometimes when the TV is loud or when there's bad weather. Sometimes they bark in the middle of the night for unknown reasons.

    There isn't too much you need to do. Poking your head in to the room and speaking using the same tone you use when feeding or playing with them should provide all the re-assurance needed.

  102. My chinchillas "laughs". He has not done it in a long time, but he did it today. One time I noticed it while it looked like he was sleeping. Is this a happy or distressed sound? He does it when he is alone (he has his own room in our house) and it is always during the daytime. It is very loud, I have heard from downstairs. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Oh, my sister's chinchilla does it also, but a lot more often.
    What does the laughing sound mean?
    Thanks so much!

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    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We were on vacation last week and only returned yesterday.

    The sound you're describing isn't one we're familiar with. Every sound we've heard was one we could identify via records on the web.

    Not being interested in the dust bath does seem worth of concern. Besides raisins, there's nothing that our chinchillas are interested in more than their dust bath.

  104. I've had my chinchilla for 2+ years now, and she (today) started making these sad chinchilla sounds - they seem like reverse hiccups or something, where she will do a quick cough/sneeze out and then make the "sad sound" on the inhale. She doesn't do it with every breath, but maybe ~1 every 30 min. I thought that maybe she was upset at me for ignoring her (I haven't paid as much attention to her for the past few weeks on account of a new job), but then she didn't show much interest in her dust bath either which she usually loves. This isn't indicative of a more serious condition, is it? I've checked sound boards, and I can't seem to find her "sad sound" anywhere, though it sounds closest to the "protest sound" but I'm not bothering her!

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