Things Every Cat Owner Should Know

Pet owners tend to look at the pet world in two ways—you are either a dog person or a cat person. Cat people have distinct mannerisms. So, this post will not try to change who you are. It will try to strengthen our relationship with your cat with information that may lead you to better understand and care for your feline friends. Here are the simple things that you probably already know, but have been ignoring them:

Cats Are Playful

Encouraging the cat to retain its instinctive nature shouldn't be hard. Most people ignore this important aspect of a cat. First, playing makes the cat what it is. It is supposed to be playful at all times. A docile cat will quickly gain weight and probably end up obese. Do you really want that to happen? I don't think so. Also, playing is good for the overall mood of the cat. Finding the cat lonely on the couch every day is not inspiring. You want the cat to wait for you at the door when you open the garage door. A playful cat will always be in a good mood.

What to do to make play natural to a cat. Create a playful environment. Do not make the play area unnatural. Add variety to the play area. Ensure that there is enough material that will always tickle the cat's curiosity. The cat sees something; the cat wants to touch, pull, scratch, and play with it. Ensure there are enough things. Don't miss a few cardboard boxes in the house. Cats love them.

Watch The Diet

While the middle-aged cats love the thrill and adventure, kittens and seniors love their sleep. Ensure that each type of cat eats food suitable for its age. Sedentary elders will need specialized care, just like our elderly parents. The team from says that senior cats need specialized meals which most people seem to neglect. Make sure that they have enough nutritional intake that will give them enough energy, the right bone mass, and still support their increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

Kittens, too, need specific types of food that will help them grow healthy. The balance should aim at providing enough calories for growth while preventing excessive weight gain. Monitoring naps can help you understand the type of foods you buy and the play ideas that you should add. You don't want the cat to stay asleep all day.

Kitties Love Grooming

You will not find an unkempt cat. If you do, she is probably sick and roughed up by a dog or something else. Make it easy for the cat to groom. Every time they are grooming, they will definitely release enough fur, so you will be on hand to vacuum the area occasionally to reduce allergens. You can also help with the grooming work, especially for a cat that has long fur. Some brushing can go a long way. Who doesn't want to be pampered occasionally? A massage here and a brush there will help you develop a strong bond with your cat. While grooming the cat, inspect her health. 

Keep The Cat Hydrated

Cats also enjoy a cold drink after a hunting foray. Ensure that the cat has access to clean water in the house. Some cats will stay without water for some time, but you can encourage the feline friend to take some water. Cats love playful things. A cat fountain can encourage the cat to take water.

Maintain Healthy Indoor Temperatures

Don't forget to keep the air conditioning on whenever you are out. Failure to do so even in spring can leave the cat exposed to colds or how weather. Maintain a healthy indoor environment throughout. Your cat will always be home, and therefore there is no room for breaks into your internal temperature controls. Also, keep them maintained to make sure that they do not malfunction or breakdown while you are away. You can also put up a cat window or door so that the cat can wander around occasionally. If there are wild dogs within the neighborhood, you can make a door that opens from the roof to ensure that the cat is always safe.

A cat needs more than basic needs. It needs attention and care to ensure that all its health concerns are taken care of adequately. Giving the cat age-appropriate food is one of the ways you can improve the life of the cat. Ensuring that the cat's weight remains optimal is also another important factor. Cats love to play, and you need scratch ropes and posts, hunting baits, and other items that will encourage playful activity. Do not also forget to create some kitty time.

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