Smart Choices to Feed Your Growing Feline Friend

Cats are known for being super low maintenance, a simple petting session between you and your cat or watching your cat do its own thing is enough to make both of you happy. A study supports that having a feline around you can be just as rewarding and beneficial as any other animal friendship. It is also important to take care of the well-being of your pet. Cats mostly use protein as an energy source, meaning they need a source of high-protein food for sustenance and doesn't require carbohydrates in their diet. In the wild, our feline friends eat plants, primarily for their digestive system and dental support. However, the idea of a dietary option for your cat can be confusing when deciding which kind of cat food is the best for your pet's health and well-being because there are a lot of brands and formulas with different nutritional benefits available in the market.

Be mindful that you need to seek veterinary advice in general, because each cat is an individual, with special dietary needs and has a reaction to a standard diet. There are three types of cat food you can try with your cat, Kibble, it is usually inexpensive but high in carbohydrates. Canned has more nutritional benefits, these are the uncooked or processed proteins ideal for your cat, but most expensive among all options.

Kitten Food

At the early stage of your cat's life, kittens get their nutritions needed directly from their mother's milk, once the cat passes this period in their life, you can try to feed your cat with restriction, controlled amounts, and frequency.

From 3-5 weeks of age, we still include milk in their diet and encourage them to wean from a bottle by putting it in a small dish. Add high quality canned or dried kitten food and feed them 4-6 times a day. Make sure to use warm milk to get all the nutrition it needs.

At 5-8 weeks of age, this is the stage where your cat learns how to chew. By this time, feed your cat with food rich in protein for energy. Do this 3-4 times daily. If you are searching for a top rated kitten food, ask your veterinarian so they can give you a better option and access your feline needs. 

Giving your cat the right amount of food and the right time throughout the day is important for your cat and necessary to support their healthy growth and body function.

Adult Cat Foods

Dry cat food is among the popular choice cat owners usually give to their cats, but it is not an ideal choice of food for them because dry food has higher carbohydrates compared to the ones we get from plants. As we all know, plants also have high proteins suitable for your cat's diet. Thankfully, scientists developed a formula for dry cat food dedicated to delivering a complete nutritious meal for cats and caters to certain health conditions that are widely available in the market. 

Another ideal food to feed your cat is the wet cat foods, it has nutrients just like the kind of diet cats would choose in the wild. The ingredients in the canned cat food are usually animal-based, which means it has low carbohydrate count and high water amount, which compliments a cat's physiological need. 

You can also try to feed your cat with fresh cat food as it is also high in unprocessed proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals that your pet needs. Unfortunately, it can be hard for your cat to accept a change in food types and texture. 

It's a challenging path taking care of a cat. Considering cats can be a picky eater and must balance their food with the correct diet that they need, but in order for you to have a meaningful bond with your pet, you have to be smart with your choices as it will benefit you and your feline friend.

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