Interactive Toys to Make Your Cat Busy 

Many people complain that their cat is the laziest creature in the whole world. And it's not surprising since the chances are high that if your pet doesn't eat, then it is sleeping or grooming. Well, the latter moment is of key importance for your cat since it doesn't only clean its fur but also calms down. However, your cat should also stay active enough to be healthy. Many cat owners prefer their furry friends to stay home, but in this case, an indoor cat is even less active than it's outdoor fellow. And you should buy not only the best cat products but also some great toys to ensure an entertainment program. Yes, they lose interest in ordinary toys pretty quickly, but the situation is different when it comes to interactive ones. It's a completely new kind of toy that will help you make your pet occupied at least for an hour since they evoke their instincts. Don't forget that your fluffy friend is a predator, so they like to chase and haunt their victims. Thus, this type of cat toy will help you increase their physical activity and develop their mental abilities.

Tunnel cat toy

Cats are curious creatures, so they try to investigate everything they can reach. If you are looking for an unusual toy that will amuse your furry friend for some time, it is worth paying attention to this option. It is equipped with tactile and audio elements, so when your cat enters it, the fun begins. Its design helps your pet unleash their nature calls and awake their inner beast. Your kitty will like a crackly surface and the touch-activated lights located inside the tunnel. You will like that it's not hard to disassemble it in a second if you want to pack it away. Besides, you will control your cat's playtime via the switcher. Such a complicated toy has got many positive feedbacks, so it is worth giving it a try.

Track cat toy

You will not do without this cool toy if you want to force your cat to become much more active. It consists of 3 tiers of ring-shaped tracks, and each of them has its bright ball. Such a construction is created to evoke your friend's instincts and make them stay active. A great benefit is that you will not need to seek lost balls since they are mounted in a spot. Your furry friend can entertain itself without your help. However, if you want to join the fun, you can start thrusting the balls. And if you are an owner of several cats, they can play all together. The design of this toy eliminates all the situations when your cat can get stuck.

Bird dancer cat toy

If you are not ready to spend a pretty penny on expensive toys, you should pay attention to this option. Both of you will get a big dose of positive vibes and fun. You cannot but smile watching how much your pet is excited about this bird. It meets all cats' needs, so it doesn't matter how big or old your fluffy friend is. It has been made of environmentally friendly material, so your pet's safety is ensured. The chances are high that it will become the most beloved toy of your cat.

Automatic moving cat toy

When you see it for the first time, you may think that purchasing this toy is just a waste of money, but you don't realize how entertaining it is for your furry friend. You can study reviews of customers who decided to cherish their pets with such a toy. You will be amazed at how happy their cats are. It's a case when a cat doesn't feel bored dealing with it. They turn on all their nature calls and mental abilities to catch it and win over. You can choose one out of four speeds that will be the most suitable one for your cat. Another big advantage is a reasonable quality-price ratio, so both of you will be satisfied with the purchase.

Laser cat toy

If you never amused your kitty with an alike toy, then you don't know how pure fun looks like. This toy is completely safe so that you can stay calm about that. You can also participate in the entertainment program or turn on an automatic mode when you are occupied with your stuff. By the way, it will be automatically switched off in 15 minutes, so your fluffy friend will not become exhausted or overstimulated. Random movements of a laser will make your cat pay constant attention to it.

Bird sound cat toy

You know how much cats like to chase birds, so if you want to evoke your indoor cat's killer instincts, provide it with such a toy. Thus, your beloved friend will get the required physical activity, chasing a sound-making toy. You can choose the toy's size considering your cat's peculiarities, so it can bat around or carry it to the mouth. Besides, organic catnip that serves the toy's filler will help draw the cat's attention and stimulate its activity. So, even if you are a happy owner of the laziest cat in the world, this toy will be able to wake it up.

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