Help Your Cat Recover After an Operation

Has your cat recently had an operation or surgery? When he or she is ready to come home, your vet will probably give you some essential tips on making your furry family member comfortable and content. They'll be a little out of sorts for a while, so you'll want to ensure that they receive a lot of support and, most importantly, lots of love.

Don't be alarmed if your cat is a little more lethargic than usual for a few days, even if they're usually energetic. Depending on the operation, vets use high amounts of anesthetic on their patients, and it can stay in a cat’s system for a couple of days. However, keep an eye out for any aggressive signs of pain and if they’re eating and drinking. If you notice anything particularly unusual after a few days, give the vet’s office a call.

The main thing is to provide your pet with the care and support they need to get back to their active and mischievous selves.

In addition to any medical instructions from the vet’s office, let's look at how you can make your cat comfortable and happy with these at-home recuperation tips.

Create a Cozy Space

Experiencing an operation is just as tough on cats as it is on people. Your four-legged friend will be drowsy and need lots of rest in a quiet part of the house. Consider crocheting or knitting a small covering for the kitty to snuggle up in. Has it been a while since you brought out the crochet hooks, Patons yarn, and other knitting materials?

Why not level up your skills and find a pattern suitable for your specific degree of expertise, and make a comfortable blanket or pillowslip for the cat to fall asleep on? Discover patterns of all levels online, and find the perfect bedding that your feline friend will love. They'll be able to rest anywhere in the house, in whatever corner they prefer. Does your cat like to hang out in a cat condo or tree? Your cat will love a soft, knitted blanket that perfectly fits inside the little bed area.

Give Them Space

As tempting as it might be to want to give them cuddles and non-stop pets, your cat will initially want alone time. Cats are already independent by nature, and after a confusing and challenging time spent at the vet's, they'll likely want to take a day or two to rest and gain their strength.

Do you have other animals in the house? Do your best to separate them during the recovery process. You don't want them to harm your tired cat accidentally.

Keep Them Indoors

Is your cat an outdoor adventurer? After surgery they should remain inside. Going outside could potentially pose danger to the cat, so it's best to turn your home into a play area for your pet. Your vet will provide instructions on how long the cat should remain inside, and it's important to follow whatever he or she recommends.

For many, cats are prominent members of the family! You want the very best for your adorable pet. After a stressful situation like an operation, create a safe and comfortable space for them to relax.

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