5 Ways To Make Living With A Cat Easier

We would often surf the internet and stop at pictures of adorable little kittens thinking: how happier and more exciting my life would be if I owned a cat! Yet, you also worry about methods of taking care of these tiny creatures that will often purr not complain, well not as much as other animals. You will feel guilty as you think that you're not doing the job of taking care of them right. However, there are some ways that could prove otherwise.

Making your life, and your cat's life, easy in your home is not difficult to achieve, here is how:

Safe Spot

Even if your kitty friend is the most sociable feline out there, they will still seek the comfort of a safe zone because cats are solitary creatures, and as much as they love to hang around their owner, they would still like time of their own to care for and groom themselves. So, giving your cat a safe spot could be a great gift. Simply, purchase a bed for your cat and situate it in a secure, warm, and secluded place. You can make a more private place, such as a DIY tent which could be made of simple materials like an old t-shirt and hangers or you can easily purchase one online.

Because cats always love to climb and explore, ideally trees, an idea for a comfy place that your cat will love to climb is cento; being characteristically similar to a tree in its design, this product will create the perfect resting spot for your beloved cats with its soft plush and adequate size that could fit almost all cats, along with its modern design that can fit into any room.


Cats always love to play. Whether it's with toys, with important papers, or with kitchen utensils, cats will always find something to play with so you'd better get them toys they could use in their hyper state. Cats love to run and bounce on moving objects, so using a laser or flashlight beam will set them off running after it. Be careful of directing this light into their eyes as it might be harmful. You can also use ping pong balls or electronic toys that skitter across the floor.

Feather wands are also an excellent idea for a plaything for a cat as it resembles a cat's prey. Moving the feather wand around in the air or the floor will initiate your cat's attack mode and it will jump to catch and bite it. Engaging in activities such as these with your cat can strengthen your bond and bring you one step closer to your little friend.

Use Catnip

Catnip has a ranging effect on cats. From being extremely hyper and excited to a state of calm, it will certainly draw your cat's attention and affect its behavior. Stuff a pouch with catnip for your cat, attach it to your cat's favorite toys, or, for shy cats, sprinkle it in a new place to help them interact with other cats. If your cats get overly anxious in car trips when you go to the vet, catnip can help reduce their fears and it even has a sedative effect on them.

Litter Box Choice and Placement

As you choose the proper litter box for your cat, you need to consider its size and how easily it could be hopped into it. For example, a small litter box will not suit your cat and it might consider finding another place to relieve itself. As we know, cats are often private and shy creatures. Therefore, the place where they do their business is an important aspect of said privacy so make sure to put it in a nice, hidden place where eyes cannot reach it easily but can still be easily accessed. 

Scratch Control

If you're a cat owner, then you're certainly familiar with your cat's nefarious scratching that marks almost every piece of furniture you have. Cats often do that to mark their territory. If your cat's favorite place is a sofa or a chair, you'll find it digging its claws frequently into it. This can be solved by putting a scratcher in its favorite place, lure the cat to use it, and you can attach a toy to the scratcher to attract her to it.

Having to care for your cat's comfort in your home might seem like quite the challenge, and soon you will find out that it is a responsibility you'll have to shoulder every day, but as your friend rubs his fur on your side lovingly, you'll think that providing him with amenities and comfort is worth it all.

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