Is RoFx the Modern Way of Trading? — A Review

Yes Forex trading can be lucrative. But you know it's filled with risks.

Is it possible to do it without endangering your budget and savings too much? The company RoFx claims it can help you with this. We have taken a look and want to share what we found.

What Makes RoFx Different?

RoFx suggests that you automate the process, taking one step beyond the customary techniques of trading and trusting professional robots with your money.

This is what RoFx offers and states to sustain via a safe infrastructure.

The concept was started by experienced traders who put their knowledge into a robot. The RoFx Forex robot uses algorithms to trade. It sources and analyzes data, using the information to make dynamic trading decisions.

This provides options for anyone to trade without special knowledge, because the RoFx robot does it all.

Let's Discuss Safety and Risk

While unconventional, trusting robots may keep money safer than employing human traders:

  • The robot is designed to identify lucrative options, so the losses most new traders face while learning to trade, is circumvented
  • There is no risk of human error
  • The robot keeps all information confidential and safe, different from letting human traders handle it constantly.

The robot's usage history shows that its number of successful bids are always higher than ones with no profit. This maximizes the chance of users making profit.

Statistics show you can make 0.38% profit daily, or enjoy up to 10% profit over a monthly period.

In addition losses are limited by these RoFx features:

  • The company offers a guarantee on invested funds
  • Adverse negative results don't impact wallet amounts, because RoFx covers it with its reserve fund
  • There are no withdrawal charges

These guidelines give us relative reassurance that no user will lose money in the process. This makes RoFx an ideal option for cautious investors.

What's the Process?

Users are met with a very easy process without even meeting a professional:

  • An account is opened online
  • The robot will start generating trading signals and reproducing them to the account
  • Profit is calculated every day and added to the user's wallet

Users can make profit even when not bidding. The size of profit is determined by the package of the user. Five different packages (Trial, Easy Start, Moneymaker, Gold, VIP) are available, varying in terms of:

  • Invested amount
  • Trading period
  • The share of daily profit a user is entitled to
  • Percentage performance fee that must be paid

We think it's smart the company caters to different types of clients.

Note to new users: Gauge eventual payouts accurately by including the performance fee in the equation.

Will Users Enjoy Using it?

Any modern development should align with consumers' needs and they demand user friendly infrastructures. We believe RoFx did a good job in this regard too:

  • The interface is easy to understand
  • No software downloads are necessary
  • Many preferred payment methods are available:
    • Transfer via your bank
    • Card payments
    • Bitcoin

Additional Benefits

  • A trial option of 30 days is offered
  • Regular, accurate bids enable users to budget and use it as a steady income source
  • The company offers one of the best Bitcoin prices on the market

We also appreciate the interactive and intuitive website where users can join & monitor their wallets.

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