9 Unusual Hobbies You Have Never Heard About

Nearly every person has a hobby that allows them to forget about the bustle of daily life and plunge into the world of their own interests. If it seems that your life is boring and monotonous, we recommend you to immediately find a hobby. What hobby to choose is entirely up to you. There are thousands of activities that can be referred to as a hobby, from fishing to collecting comics and figures. While some people prefer classical hobbies, we want to share with you some unusual and interesting hobbies.

1. Breeding butterflies.Have you ever thought that you could create a butterfly farm in your own house? It's a truly beautiful hobby for those who like nature. You will need to explore all peculiarities about the life of butterflies, as well as get a humidifier, an insectarium, and many other tools to make butterflies feel comfortable. You can even turn this hobby into a little business. Over the internet, you can find numerous instructions and video tutorials. For example, you can check the blog of a person with vast experience in raising butterflies.

2. Treasure hunting.
If you are a fan of Robert Stevenson's “Treasure Island,” you probably need to try geocaching. It's a game that unites people who enjoy stories about pirates, detectives, and revealing various secrets. The aim of geocaching is to look for stashes in different places. One team of players make the stashes while others use GPS and special devices to find them. A cache is usually a container with an obligatory attribute of geocaching – a notebook. If there is enough space, it may contain a pencil for notes and various souvenirs. You can play this game alone, or with family and friends. Explore local geocaching groups or check the official website.

3. Learning to survive in the wild.
The idea of the coming apocalypse is constantly in the air. And it's not a surprise that many people are seriously concerned about the question: “What should we do if a disaster will suddenly occur?” If you have ever seen “Ultimate Survival” on Discovery, you have a brief picture of survivalism. This movement was established during the years of the Cold War and is still popular among people from all over the world. Survivalists are people who learn how to survive in an extraordinary situation, from flooding to a zombie apocalypse. Every survivalism fan has a bug-out bag and constantly improves useful skills (first aid, fetching drinking water, etc.). If you want to become a survivalist, search for websites like Survival Life.

4. Writing academic texts.
Have you enjoyed writing essays and research papers in school and college? There are some people who are in love with the academic tone of voice and conducting research on various topics, but for some reason they have ignored an academic career. These people find themselves helping students with academic papers, complex math assignments, and tests. Some of them even turn their hobby into supplemental income in a college essay writing service. So, if you miss college assignments and love to write, why shouldn't you try?

5. Taking weird photos.
We are not talking about wobbling on the camera or using strange angles. For example, Chuck Lamb had a strong desire to become an actor in a horror movie, so he created a series of photos where he plays … a corpse. And would you know that his dream came true? In 2014 he starred in a horror Netflix series. At the same time, photographer Mark Nixon collected all the toys from his childhood and made a series of photographs. In fact, anyone can create something interesting with a camera. Some people take photos of buses and trucks, find strange and unusual Google photos, take macro photos of snowflakes, and create various photo stories. Even if you have no photo camera, you can use your phone camera and start creating!

6. Creating and collecting miniature stuff.
It's one of those hobbies that allows you to create your own world and take your mind off of troubles. It can be little furniture, miniature interiors, and even complete towns. It's quite challenging and painstaking work, so you will need a great deal of patience. For example, some people recreate the battlefields with all the historical details, including soldiers' clothes. Along with creating miniature models, some people collect miniature copies of various things. Joseph Tari from Hungary has a collection of over 5,000 miniature books. If you are interested, there is even a Miniature Book Society in the US.

7. Collecting meteorites.
How do you differentiate a meteorite and a stone? Where do you find meteorites? If you are a real fan of space topics, you may try to create your own collection of meteorites. Every day meteorites fall towards Earth, but only some of them enter the atmosphere and reach the surface of the planet. Meteorite hunters constantly monitor information connected to the movement of space bodies and meteor showers. They even go to Antarctica, Mexico, China, and Russia to have more possibilities to supplement their collections with new items. This hobby may be quite pricey, as the hunters need costs for tickets, special inventory, and devices to find and detect meteorites. But what can be more fascinating than touching something from outer space?

8. Decorating with bottle caps.
Did you know that bottle caps can be used to decorate a house and make various interesting stuff? Start collecting the caps, ask your friends and family to help, and turn on your imagination! Jewelry, pieces of decor, and many other things may be created with metal and plastic bottle caps.

9. Collecting drawings by mentally ill people.
Practically all of us live in a so-called “borderline state” – on the verge of a mental disorder. Who are mentally ill people? What are they experiencing? How do they perceive reality? Many of the mentally ill are truly gifted people. And thanks to their talent they can demonstrate how they perceive reality and show their feelings. There is a term known as outsider art. It's an art created by people who are far from the mainstream art world. Outsider artists frequently experience extreme mental states and various mental disorders. Their works help us get closer to understanding mentally ill patients and some people even collect their works.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article, and even are ready to try out one of the hobbies! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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