Safer Alternative products or the Traditional Fix – Take your Pick.

Whenever someone mentions a safe alternative to a product, the first thing that comes to mind is tobacco. People were out there replacing smoking tobacco with the smokeless option.

The practice of dipping has carried on with its immense popularity in the Southern cities of the US. Since the 19th century, the evolutions have been remarkable as Americans had been one of those that greatly enjoyed the practice. The latest products in the market are drip-free and spit-less as well.

Modernity does not remove the hazard

Regardless of how modern or attractive dipping gets, tobacco's health issues remain one of the biggest concerns out in the world. People start dipping because they hope that it is healthier than smoking, but many believe that it is similar to getting rid of one bad habit to embrace another.

With the traditional tobacco dip, you can be affecting your heart and your lungs. Your teeth can decay, and it all puts you in the direct line of danger from mouth cancer.

What are the Effects of the traditional dip?

Apart from the addicting nicotine fix, there are other far more dangerous things that tobacco might be doing to your body. Research has pointed out several risks that can occur if you continue traditional dipping tobacco.

Cardiovascular Risks: Studies have shown that with the continued use of traditional tobacco, you are putting yourself at risk against complications such as high LDL, hypertension, resting tachycardia, and how HDL cholesterol in the long run.

Oral Cancer and Gum Loss: With the regular use of dipping tobacco, you can develop mouth lesions that can easily turn malignant. This is the shortcut to oral cancer, without a doubt. You can also suffer from tooth and gum loss with the prolonged use of tobacco, and the decay will only keep spreading.

Tobacco-free Dips

This is where the market makes space for tobacco-free dips. As consumers become more aware of the damage done in the long run, they want to stop putting their bodies at such a risk.

These new dips are made using Pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and flavors that are enough to fool anyone into thinking it has the real tobacco. Companies like have risen to the top with their tobacco alternative for dips that prevent all the health risks associated with the traditional fix.

Other Alternatives for Mary Jane

Tobacco isn't the only product that needs a replacement. Companies like Verma Farms are exceptional at producing CBD gummies and edibles that reap all the benefits consumers need without inducing the high of marijuana.

CBD gummies are Antiemetic, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antipsychotic, Anticonvulsant, Anti-tumoral/anti-cancer, and Antidepressant as well.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you opt for the safer alternatives on the market. Companies invest in recreating the experiences to ensure you get exactly what you need without health issues

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