Aerial Photography Tips and Tricks

With the invention of drone photography, taking beautiful and awe-inspiring photos is easier than ever before. But just because this type of photography is now possible, doesn’t make the act of actually taking a fantastic shot easy.

With our handy tips and tricks to aerial photography, you’ll master the art of breathtaking aerial photography in no time.

Think about the light
It can be easy to get over excited and go out with your drone and start snapping away. However, you need to consider the time of day and how this will effect the light, just in the same way as if you were taking photos on the ground. The light will be softer at the beginning and end of the day, providing more contrast to your photos.

Also take into account that the direction of the light will be different too, so keep that in mind when you're planning your photos.

Check the weather
It can be all too tempting to go out and shoot when the skies are clear and the sun is shining. But sometimes, cloudy weather is actually preferred. A clear sky is a clear sky, but clouds will add drama and interest to your photos. As well as this, they’ll like create more contrast and shadows, which will make for a more interesting and unique photo.

Be aware of camera shake
The higher you go, the windier it will get, which means camera shake is inevitable. Knowing this before you head out can make a big difference, as you can alter your camera settings to take into account the wind. Look at reducing the shutter speed to help counteract any shake you might get, to leave you with sharp, crisp photos.

Remember that things look different from the air
Never assume that just because something doesn't look that interesting from the ground, that it won’t look interesting from the air. Some of the best aerial photography looks mundane from down below. Fly your drone even when you think there’s no point; you’ll be surprised by what you see.

Use Google Maps
Scout out potential new locations with Google Maps. With many limitations in place about where you can and cannot fly, it can be difficult to work out where you can go. But by using Google Maps, you might find a really interesting location that you hadn’t considered before. If it’s private land, simply ask the landowner's permission before you begin, and you could end up with some fantastic shots you had never previously considered.

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