How to Get Free UK Casino Bonuses Online

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In September 2019, there were close to 30.2 million active accounts for online gambling in Great Britain. We're only talking about websites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Since British players are allowed to play on foreign sites, the realistic gambling activity is much greater.

Given the fact that land-based casinos were closed down for several months over 2020, the number of people who started gambling online grew even further. Currently, we don't have any data about the number of active online gambling accounts in the UK. What we do know is that many new gamblers are wondering: what online casino should they choose?

Bonuses are a huge factor towards the final decision. Getting free money to try a particular website is certainly a plus. You might be wondering: how can you get the best bonuses for UK online casinos?

What's the Best Type of Bonus?

Let's talk about the different kinds of promotions currently running on British gambling sites:

• No-Deposit Casino Bonus

This is the best option for completely new players. If you've never gambled online, it's great to try online casinos with free money no deposit required. You'll only need to register on the website, but it won't require any banking information. Once you accept this offer, you'll be awarded with free points in your balance. You can use them to try the games before you decide if you want to make a real-money deposit.

It is possible to win money with a no-deposit promo. The points work just like real cash. The games are not programmed to distinguish players who play with bonuses, so you get equal chances. You should only read the terms, as they imply wagering requirements.

• Welcome/Deposit Match Bonus

This is another great program for those who want to try new websites. Once you make a minimum deposit (of £10 or £20, depending on the site's terms), the casino will double its amount in your balance. Although this program also imposes wagering conditions, they are more beneficial when compared with no-deposit promos.

• Loyalty Rewards

Most gamblers like to try new websites, but some stay loyal to a particular one. Each online casino has a policy to attract new players, but keep the returning ones happy. The purpose of a loyalty program is to keep users coming back. You may get it in the form of free spins, reload bonuses, or special events for regular users.

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How to Get the Best Free Casino Bonus in the UK

Even if you choose a random website for playing casino games, you'll encounter a bonus program. But we don't recommend making random decisions in this industry. Each site has its strengths and weaknesses, so you should compare a few before making a commitment. These tips will help you get the best bonus:

  • Search for the type of promo you need. If you want a no-deposit bonus, focus on comparing those programs. Check the wagering requirements that different websites offer. See if you're only getting free spins, or credits that you can use on all games across the offer.
  • If you're focused on welcome bonuses, check how much you can benefit from each website. These programs are also related to specific terms and conditions, so make sure to read them. It's important to find an online casino that will accept a low first deposit. It's not wise to invest £50 if you don't know how to gamble. Minimum-deposit sites will accept you with an investment of £10 or £20.
  • It's not just about the bonuses. The point is to earn money gambling, so you want a reliable website that quickly pays out after withdrawal requests. You can check how reputable an online casino is by reading online reviews and testimonials from real users.
  • Search for special bonus codes! Reviewing sites often feature unique codes that grant you free credits on tested gambling sites.

Stay Safe!

It's easy to get seduced by online casino bonuses. There are too many options to choose from. Online casinos comprise 39.9% of the overall UK gambling industry, so you can only imagine the level of competition between the sites. Each one wants your attention!

Be smart when checking and comparing the programs. When you find a website you like, it's best to stay loyal to it. Eventually, you'll make a deposit to be able to withdraw the winnings. If you get to that point of real-money gambling, you have to be confident in the decision you make.

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