How to Buy a Guitar

Are you thinking of buying a guitar? Do your research first, it will pay off. First you need to decide if you want an acoustic or an electric guitar. If this is your first guitar, and you have a limited budget, then it's recommended you start with an acoustic. They are usually less expensive, and they sound better if you are a beginner. In addition, an electric guitar you will also need an amplifier, and perhaps an effects box, which improves the sound. An acoustic guitar does not need all these extras.

Similar to almost everything you buy, if you want a good quality product you'll need to pay the price. But, if you're serious about guitar playing it's worth it. Remember, you get what you pay for. A good quality guitar will sound better, will feel better, and you will more likely play it because you will enjoy it more. However, don't be afraid to shop around and look for deals on good quality guitars.

The size of the guitar is important. Look for one that fits you. Try it and see how it feels. And ask the sales people for their opinions. Also look for a guitar that you like the looks of. If color and design are important to you then don't ignore this when shopping around.

Guitar Parts

  • Neck: the long piece that contains the tuning heads.
  • Body: the part with the sound hole.
  • Bridge: this part is on the front of the body, near the sound hole. It is the part that the strings feed through before they pass over the hole to move up the neck. A poor quality bridge may crack.
  • Strings: these can be made from brass, steel, nylon, or some kind of combination of all 3. Nylon strings are much easier on the fingers of beginners.
  • Fret board: this is the part on the neck that you press the strings onto. It is glued onto the neck. The strings should be close to the fret. This is referred to as low action and it makes the guitar easier to play.

Try as many guitars as you can before making a decision. Visit several stores and try them. Play them a bit and see if they feel natural, balanced etc.

A few other things to keep in mind; get a hardshell as it provides better protection. A strap lock which prevents the strap from loosening accidentally. Get a bunch of picks, you'll need them and get a variety to see which type you like best. An extra set of strings, as the ones on the guitar would have stretched already.

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