How Gaming Could Make You a Better Business Strategist

Video games are not like any other type of entertainment. Good gamers tend to be highly cerebral, and video games have been shown to help teach a whole variety of skills. They have even been shown to improve learning skills and hand eye coordination in young children. The benefits of gaming extend way beyond childhood, however, and playing video games could be the perfect pastime if you're an entrepreneur. Let's take a look at how gaming could make you a better business owner.

Team Work and Cooperation

If you like to play MMORPGs or team-based FPS games like Call of Duty, you know how important communication and cooperation are. You also learn how to follow the leader and accept their expertise. Being able to defer to someone else is something not many entrepreneurs know how to do. Humility is an underrated trait in business and knowing when someone knows more than you is important if you want to grow.


Video games can also demand that you spend a lot of time developing a character or exploring an area. This means that you have to be able to see the big picture and be satisfied by small, incremental improvements. These are all things that could be very useful to you as a business owner. You'll be better at setting goals, and won't be so eager to see results. You'll know that small results lead to progress over time, and this will keep you focused and motivated.

Problem Solving Skills

Video games have also been shown to help improve problem-solving skills. This is the type of skill that is very difficult to develop on your own, but games are usually problem-based, and playing games with a strong strategic aspect will help you look at problems from many angles and find a solution.

Tolerance to Risk

Online gamers, especially those who are into online gambling, tend to have a much higher tolerance to risk. Being risk-averse can have many consequences in business. Being too hesitant can push you to delay decisions and miss opportunities. It can also affect you during negotiations or when it comes to expanding, for instance. Having a little gamble in you is never a bad thing in business, and it can even make you a better leader, as long as you keep it under control and use it at the right time.

You Get to Recharge Your Batteries

One of the biggest health issues for entrepreneurs is that they often forget to take time for themselves. Another issue is lack of time. The good thing about video games is that they're a great way to escape, but don't require too much effort. This makes them the perfect option for busy business owners. Some will even do some gaming during breaks to refresh their minds, and we think this is a great idea. Just make sure that you time your sessions so you don't procrastinate and give your eyes some rest as well.

These are all ways in which gaming could make you a better business strategist. If you stopped gaming or have never tried it, we suggest you do so today and look at a few titles that might interest you.

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