Crazy iGaming Statistics from PA and Other Legalized States

The popularity of iGaming in the US climbed to record highs during the recent pandemic. For many people in lockdown, internet entertainment like video streaming services and online gambling took off.

Many experts predicted it would return to previous figures once people resume their daily lives. It turns out they were wrong.

iGaming continues to boom, and 2023 saw more monthly records broken. In most of the seven states where online gambling is legal, October tends to be the month where revenue records get set.

Nationally, in October of 2023, revenue reached a record-breaking $562.4 million, an increase of 23.2% over the same period in 2022.

Here are some crazy iGaming statistics from Pennsylvania and the other six US states in which online gambling is legal.

iGaming Statistics from Pennsylvania

iGaming in Pennsylvania was legalized in 2017, and the first sites appeared in 2019. The state's land-based casinos provide it via their websites and apps. Anybody physically in the state, residents and visitors alike, can play these games.

Statistics from the state in 2023 confirm that the gaming industry is growing in PA. In March 2023, iGaming revenue reached a new high of $148.2 million, only to be beaten again in September at $159.5 million.

iGaming Statistics from New Jersey

Of all the US states, New Jersey has some of the least restrictive gambling laws, and iGaming has been legal for more than ten years. While land-based casinos in the state report reduced revenues, the same can't be said for iGaming.

September 2023 was also the best month on record for New Jersey's online gambling industry. Revenue for the month was $163.8 million, a 21% increase on the same month the previous year.

iGaming Statistics from Delaware

In 2012, the first state to legalize online gambling was Delaware, all the way back in 2012. It's been showing steady growth but not breaking many records until recently.

The middle of the year tends to be the time in Delaware when iGaming figures increase as sports betting slumbers due to the NFL offseason. In April 2020, iGaming revenue reached a record high of $1,134,900—a record that seemed like it couldn't be beaten. However, two years later, in April 2020, it reached $1,221,890 and was smashed again three months later at $1,253,607.

iGaming Statistics from West Virginia

West Virginia only legalized online gambling in September of 2018, but players haven't taken long to set some records. 2023 was the year for iGaming records in VA. Revenue reached $14.3 million in March, only to be trounced in July at $15.5 million.

The best news for iGamers in West Virginia is that in December 2023, the state joined the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA). Now, players can compete against others in Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, and Michigan.

iGaming Statistics from Michigan

Michigan has had a complicated history with gambling, as it's controlled mainly by the National Indian Gaming Commission and its related tribes in the state. After a year-long battle, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer finally approved online gambling in the state in December 2019.

October is the record month for iGaming revenue in Michigan. In October 2022, the highest month on record, revenue was $141 million. Exactly one year later, the record was broken again at $160.3 million.

iGaming Statistics from Connecticut

Online bettors have only been able to play in this state since October 2021. Similar to Michigan, most of the gambling in the state is controlled by Indian tribes. Only three online casinos operate, yet they're pulling in impressive results.

Like some other states in this list, October is the record-breaking month for iGaming in Connecticut. In 2023, revenue topped $31.9 million. Considering that there are only three operators and a statewide population of less than 4 million, that's a staggering result.

iGaming Statistics from Rhode Island

In June 2023, Rhode Island became the seventh state in the US to legalize online gambling. One company, Bally's, holds the monopoly on gambling, and players will need to play through its online arm, Gamesys. Online slots and table games will go live starting April 2024.

Naturally, there aren't any iGaming revenue statistics yet from RI, but a statistic that might surprise people is that the state tax on online gambling is hefty. Bally's, for example, must pay the government a 50% tax on all online slot revenue.

iGaming Continues to Boom

Despite only seven states that have legalized iGaming, it's not showing any signs of slowing down. If the results from 2023 are anything to go by, 2024 is shaping up to be an even better year.

California, New York, and Indiana all have bills currently introduced to their various senates to allow iGaming in these states. 2024 could see any or all these bills passed, opening the door to more online wagering opportunities for Americans.

For an activity that boomed during the pandemic, it's still an extremely popular pastime for many.

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