A Brief History of Audi

The Audi company was founded in 1909 by August Horch. In 1899, the talented inventor August Horch founded the Horch and Company company in Mannheim, which after 4 years moved to Zwickau. In 1909, he built a new, very unsuccessful 6-cylinder engine, which almost brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy. In 1909, the famous brand and no less famous Audi company were born.

The first car called Audi-A was released in 1910. The next year, the Audi-B model followed.

In 1912, the most famous model appeared – Audi-S.

In 1928, the company was acquired by the German DKW (DKV), Audi became the owner of Jorgen Skaft Rasmussen.

By the end of 1968, Audi returned to the market with a good range of models and excellent sales statistics. Four circles were preserved as emblems, symbolizing the merger of four companies in 1932.

The “100” model, which appeared on the market in 1968, as well as its followers, including the famous Audi Quattro, featured a sporty profile and 4-wheel drive, which was a new milestone in the automotive industry.

Since 1970, Audi began exporting extensively to the United States. At first, exports to the United States were limited to the Audi Super 90 (sedan and station wagon). as well as the new Audi 100. Since 1973, they were joined by the Audi 80, which, unlike the European version, existed as the Audi 80 station wagon (in fact, a VW Passat Variant with a higher level of equipment). Later, Audi models received their own designations in the US market: Audi 4000 for Audi 80, Audi 5000 for Audi 100. However, repeated cases of violations of the manufacturer’s responsibility for their products from the mid-80s led to a decline in Audi supplies to the USA.

In May 1994, the public was presented with a five-seater RS2 Avant with a 2.2-liter 315-horsepower injection turbo engine.

The Audi A3 is based on the Golf IV platform. The first show of the model took place in June 1996 and the production of the Audi A3 began in 1997.

The Audi A6 was first introduced with a sedan in Geneva at the 1997 motor show. In February 1998, the A6 Avant with a station wagon was introduced. All models of the C4 platform were discontinued in the summer of 1997 in connection with the development of a completely new A6 (4B-type).

From the moment of showing the concept Audi A2 in the fall of 1997, to the start of mass production (early 2000), the A2 model took a little more than two years. So Audi has a new family of passenger cars of European size class B. High-quality carparts you can fine here

AUDI S4 / S4 Avant / RS4, a high-performance sports modification of the Audi A4 with a 2.7-V6-Biturbo engine. It was first presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1997. In 1999, a modification of the RS4 Avant with a 2.7-V6-Biturbo engine (380 hp) was introduced.

In the fall of 1996, “sports” configurations of the S6 / S6 Avant appeared.

Currently, Audi, which is part of the Volkswagen concern, is experiencing a boom. Such success was made possible thanks to new developments of the company.

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