What Steps to Follow if You Get Hurt during Workhours?

Getting injured during your working hours can be a horrible and difficult experience to go through, if you get injured badly you will also have to deal with missing days at work and a multitude of other issues. There are some very important steps that you need to go through if you want to get your rights and proper care, without facing consequences from your employer.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

If you are involved in any kind of accident during your working hours, then you need to immediately get medical attention. Even if there does not seem to be an injury, you still need to make sure that you do not have any internal bleeding, and that you do not suffer from a concussion. The faster you get a medical examination done, the faster you can start recovering from your injury.

Notify Your Supervisor and Employer

This is something that can seem very obvious, but in the heat of the moment can be forgotten. If you get a work-related injury, you need to notify your employer and supervisor as soon as possible. In some states, you have a twenty-four-hour window, while in others you might have up to forty-eight hours to notify them. It can also differ from one workplace to another, so you need to be well-aware of your workplace policies concerning injuries.

Notify Your Healthcare Provider

This is quite crucial because unfortunately, some insurance companies can make a hassle if you do not have a record stating that the injury your healthcare provider is examining is work-related. Insurance companies want to have the least possible expenses so they will try to find any loophole possible to avoid paying a worker who was injured. Notifying your healthcare provider as soon as they start your checkup and asking them to write it down in your medical record can make a big difference later on.

Keep Track of Medical Related Expenses

Keeping track of all of your medical bills as well as any expenses that are related to the injury you got during work is something that people often forget to do. This is key to be able to prove that you were injured and not just taking time off. Keeping track of medical expenses is also important because it serves as evidence and a record of how much you need to be compensated for because of your injury at work. Usually, you will hand all of these records and receipts to your lawyer so that they can file it for you and represent your case about how much you think you should be getting as compensation.

Get Compensation for Injury

This step needs to be taken very seriously, because injuries can be quite costly, of course depending on the level of severity. Some injuries require a couple of days off work to recuperate while others will require a much longer span of weeks or even months. You will need to get compensation from your workplace’s insurance company to cover all your medical expenses as well as give you a wage so that you can pay other bills and so that you can fend for yourself while you are unable to work. When you are injured you don’t really have time or energy to file a worker's compensation claim, because the process can take quite some time. So you will have to find a lawyer to handle all of the procedures required and assist you in getting what you deserve because of the trauma you sustained.

Take Time Off to Recover

Another logical step you need to do to fully recover after being hurt during your working hours is taking some time off to recover and become physically able to go back to work. You can discuss how much time you need off with your supervisor and employer. Of course, the time you are allowed off will depend on your healthcare provider’s official notes and recommendations. You can also use your doctor’s notes as evidence to use so that your time off is paid.

As mentioned above, workplace injury policies may differ from one place to the other. These are general steps that you are going to have to take if you are hurt or injured during working hours. However, the best way to ensure that you are going to get all the rights you are entitled to and get the proper care you need is by learning all there is to know about your work’s policies and regulations. Educate yourself regarding getting injured during working hours, or getting hurt while you are doing anything work-related. This can prepare you so that you can go through all the right procedures and get proper compensation for what you went through.

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