Workplace Vehicle Safety Check List

If there are work vehicles involved, especially if they are used to transport workers, the following should be adhered to.

  • All drivers should have the necessary driver's license and proper insurance.
  • The number of workers in a vehicle should not exceed the number of passengers the vehicle is designed to transport.
  • All drivers/passengers should wear seat belts.
  • All drivers should obey all posted speed limits and other road regulations.
  • All drivers who start feeling tired should ask for a replacement.
  • All drivers should be 100% free of alcohol, drugs or medication that may affect driving ability. If medication is being taken by a driver a physician's advise should be sought as to the safety of affects of operating a vehicle.
  • Vehicles should be well maintained, with all recommended service schedules adhered to.
  • Vehicles should not be used for tasks other than what the vehicle is intended for.
  • Non-workers should not be transported in work-intended vehicles.
  • Tire pressure should be checked regularly to assure proper traction.
  • If any mechanical problems arise they should be reported to the supervisor immediately.
  • Unsafe vehicles should not be used.
  • Vehicles should not be used to perform functions that they were not designed to perform, e.g. carrying heavy loads with a vehicle that is not designed with that purpose.
  • During unsafe weather conditions driving should be avoided. If it is a must precautions must be taken, e.g. tire chains.
  • Drivers should not be using a mobile phone to make calls or to text. Even if it's hands free it is still hazardous as the driver is mentally distracted.
  • Both hand should be on the wheel at all times, unless using other driving controls, in which case at least one hand is on the wheel.
  • Drivers should not be eating, reading, shaving, applying make, adjusting the radio, etc. while driving.
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