Warning Signs of An Unsafe Workplace

Have you ever walked into a work area and right away thought to yourself that something is wrong? It is no secret that accident prevention does not happen by itself. It takes a lot of work, planning, implementing, and commitment from all levels of the organization. Accident prevention requires extensive investigation into risk management, identifying hazards, and finding effective ways at reducing risks. It also requires a very strong Health & Safety Policy, which is used to state the goals, objectives, and aims of the entire organization, it shows strong commitment by management, and makes clear to all workers that this organization is serious about safety. Another important aspect of the Health & Safety Policy is that it sets the tone for a healthy safety culture within the organization.

Organizations which do not take these steps are making themselves vulnerable to accidents, and all the negative consequences that can result from accidents: injuries, severe costs associated with injuries, litigation problems, lower good-will from potential consumers, etc.

Below are just a few things you can quickly look for, upon entering a new place of work, which can quickly indicate how serious an organization is about safety and about its employees.

  • There is no direct supervision of workers
  • Training is non-existent or not adequate
  • Orientation is not given to new workers
  • Equipment is in poor working condition, or old and unkept
  • Floors are messy, dirty, or slippery
  • There are no warning signs or posters, e.g. helmets must be worn, etc
  • Injuries occur regularly
  • Protection equipment is not used and/or is not provided
  • Teamwork is non-existent, e.g. when something heavy needs lifting
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