Erectile Dysfunctions May Be Symptoms of Other Problems

Despite the stigma and the disproportionate amount of shame attached to it, erectile dysfunction is a fairly common occurrence and happens to a lot of men for a variety of reasons. Sadly, there is little discussion regarding the condition, and it seems to be clouded in many unfair negative assumptions that further compound the problem. Usually, erectile dysfunction can be solved fairly easily. But in rare instances, it can be indicative of other health issues that should be handled immediately. Here are some pointers.

Mental Health

Erectile Dysfunction is a common symptom of mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. There is a common misperception that these conditions rule only in the mind, but they actually affect your body in other ways, such as increased heart rate, contribute to blood pressure issues, fatigue, and erectile dysfunction. Also, stress more generally can affect sexual performance, which is normal given that worrying about other things will create a distraction that can impede the capacity to perform normally.


Type two diabetes can cause men to have erectile dysfunction. This is due to damage to the nerves and blood vessels caused by long-term blood sugar problems, as well as high blood pressure and general heart disease. Erectile dysfunction, in this case, can occur earlier in men and will actually serve as a telltale sign to the physician that the patient may be suffering from a diabetic diagnosis. 

Possible Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


Depending on the efficacy and your physician’s advice, you may be able to find a medication that works extremely well to help treat erectile dysfunction. According to the blog post Premature Ejaculation Pills: Do They Work?, it's best to consult a doctor, as these are over the counter pills, and while some may work, others don’t. There are also different resources available out there that can help a great deal in assessing whether or not pills can work, and it would help a great deal to read up on them before taking the plunge and trying out prescription pills as it’s important to also understand the different side effects.

Herbal Supplements

One last alternative therapy for erectile dysfunction that may help is trying herbal supplements such as zinc, Indian ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and so on. All of these have been shown to help men with getting stronger blood flow, clearing toxins, or get higher levels of zinc, all of which have been shown to alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 


A natural treatment for erectile dysfunction, there is anecdotal evidence that regular acupuncture sessions can help alleviate the condition and result in longer erections. Furthermore, the risks associated with acupuncture are fairly low, so it is a safe option to pursue provided that the condition is not an indicator of a larger health issue – so, check with your doctor first. 

In the end, erectile dysfunction is usually a condition that can be easily solved, especially if you take the time to make a few lifestyle decisions such as stopping smoking or lowering your alcohol intake. Very rarely, it can be an indication of other health issues, which is why setting up an appointment with the physician is imperative. Either way, there are proven methods to help tackle the problem, especially under proper medical guidance.

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