Is It Legal to Live In The Wilderness?

I am a former longtime boyscout and outdoor enthusiast so survival would be a challenge but very possible. I have become very upset with the direction society has taken and would like to live in a remote undisturbed wilderness location for 1-3 years to search for the answers of life that I can not answer in such a jaded society. Is there a place where this would legally be possible, thinking maybe east Texas.

Charlie's answer:
I am from NC and lived in the wild many years ago back in the early 80's. I made a crude shelter and only hunted small game an lots of fish. I did love being out there in nature. It takes some getting use to but once you get accustomed to it is fine and a wonderful life.

I only saw a few people while out there, one ranger and one native american. The ranger was pretty upset with me being there and fishing without a license but after a few moments of listening to me he said that he wished he was in my position and out there living without hardly any care. He warned me that the next ranger that found me would and probably run me off.

It was only a few days later that the Native American came by and spent a few days there with me. He told me to move my camp just a little further north and I would be on Indian land and that I could live there and not be bothered by the rangers because they had no jurisdiction there. He said that he and some others had been watching me and that I was living the life of the Native Americans and only taking what I needed to survive and was welcome to live as long as I wanted there. I moved and stayed for a long time out there. I had no tv, radio or anything but the wilderness and loved it there. I left because of some family problems that kept eating at me and came back to the old world. I am 61 now and think back on those years and wish that I was there again. I am not in good health now but thinking seriously about doing it again. There is no better way to leave this world than being out in the forest and away from all sounds of civilization. Go for it you will never regreat it my friend. God speed

Bruce's answer:
Just wanted to let you know that it is possible to live free and natural as you mentioned. I have done just that off and on for many years. National Forests, Wilderness areas one must except if you make your self known and in the open you will be asked to move after a certain time. However if you know what you are doing you can live with out leaving a trace. My latest adventure was living 6 years in the wilderness of Alaska, yes the Bush.

I took my family deep into the heart of Alaska. My kids flourished and so did I. My now ex-wife did not! She just could not adjust to the solitude as well as the long winters. Yes because of this we came back to civilization. I am now single and my kids are grown. Guess what I wish to do again! I do not know if I could afford to get backc to Alaska again. I do know that I will make my way back to the mountains someday. Alone or with someone special that is capable of wilderness living. Just wanted you to know do not give up. It can and is done by more people then you realize.

Steven L.'s answer:
For those of you who are serious about this here are a few tips. You're going to need some tools such as a double axe head (don't bring a handle and instead make one); chisels from 1/2 inch to 3 inch; bow saw; broad axe (not required but helpful); a good scribe and level; a good Peavy tool (log clamp); and a Peeler tool. You're ready to go! Depending on how you want to do your fireplace you can build a cobblestone fireplace for which you'd want to bring a couple bags of Quikrete or a wood burner. I prefer the Quikrete than lugging a heavy woodburner around.

A good gun is a must .45-.50 cal if you intend living where bear are. You can get a book on making your own black powder or you can stock up on a ton of preformed powder pellets. My suggestion is keep the gun for self defense and learn to make snares. You can snare anything from a small bird to a large bear if you do the research. Also here's a quick meal for those who aren't great with snare making. Buy several rat traps. They cost a few bucks at the hardware store. You can anchor these to a tree up high for squirrel or on the ground anchored via a heavy snare wire for other critters such as coons.

If you're serious on making it in the wild these are a few quick tips to get you started. Fishing gear such as line. I'd suggest buying if you don't know how to make your own from ligaments or tendons. Hooks are easy; have a good knife and make them out of bone. Or you can do things the old fashioned way and build your own fishery which you'd want away from your home site if in Alaska or the Appalachians as fish bring in bear.

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  1. Living in western New York I have dreamed about living in the Wilderness...... any Ideas or advice send me a email

  2. My names Trent. I've been studying a lot the last few years on living off grid and off the land. I've always wanted to do it. I've just never had the money to buy land in the middle of no where. I would like to partner up with someone who's doing this. My email is I'm 21 I live in illinois. Email me.

  3. I have been preparing the last couple years. I have almost every thing except for things that could build a permanent structure. I currently live in Arizona but came from Montana. I desperately want to live out my dream living in the wilderness but know it would be much better to have someone, or a group of someone's, to do it with. Montana is my preference because I know the country pretty well. I grew up living in the bush country, hiking, hunting, etc.. Hoping to find someone to hook up with or at least share ideas. I can be contacted at

  4. Nice thread, so many topics. Ive been wanting to go rough it in the bush with very little supplies and make it on my own in a survival situation just like survivor man on tv. Finding a great spot and living in the wild for a week or two at a time, going from place to place, experiencing new different adventures ea. time. I try searching on the web for groups and always find someone posting a survival school...I already know my survival techniques/skills. Most my trips I had many supplies and usually a tent, now I want to combine and rely on my skills to build my shelter, find food and water and build a base camp for all my needs. I think its important for us to try out many different situations before leaving everything behind and head to Alaska. Im from the western Pa. area and looking for some adventures, im willing to travel to most nearby states. If anyone knows of any groups or websites that has active real survival guys like us plz let me know. If anyone is interested in a survival get together plz email me. Thanks and good luck to safe! Mark, age 39, Email me at;

  5. This has been a great thread! I thought that I was one of the "few" and possibly "crazy" for wanting to do this, but now I know I am not alone! That said, I am a 39 year old male and I am almost ready to try this deep in the Utah Rocky Mountains. I would love to have anyone, males or females, that are interested in long term wilderness living accompany me. I already have an area picked out with plenty of natural resources and sustenance, and plan on growing food as an added safeguard. The downside to the location I have picked is that it is high altitude (approx 8000ft), so anyone that is considering this will need to acclimatize to higher elevations as well as be ready for "real" winters. Also, getting into the area will take a pretty good hike as it is far away from any main roads, so a level of fitness will be required. This area is very secluded, and in my lifetime have only ever ran into a few people, and they were hardcore hikers! Lets just say that I have never seen a ranger there...ever! In conclusion, I have skills in hunting, fishing, construction and shelter building, foraging, growing, and trapping. I would not say that I am master by any means, but I have the skills to survive for long periods of time in the wilderness. So far in my life I have already spent 8 months in the wild without issue. This time, if I have my way, I will not be coming back. I am planning on leaving in August for a minimum of 2 years. If anyone is interested in joining me, please contact me at: Please only serious inquiries.

  6. There are some really great posts and input. I too have this very dream. I put myself on a three year plan, so I can purchase land outright and do it legally. If you are serious about living this kind of lifestyle and not wanting to "squat" or relocate every 14 days or so, then be sure you thoroughly investigate the land and county permitting. To do it legally, it will require some financial burden, such as land tax sure to plan ahead for these things. Of course you could always just pack a backpack and set off into the wild...if done right you would never get I like to be in one place, and want to build a home in my mind I think I'm better off just doing it legally. So happy for all of you pursuing this...may god bless you in your journey!!

  7. Me and Jason are looking for a few people to come along with us, email me at We might head up to the adirondack in Newyork - Again I'm willing to pick up a serious enough person. I'm located in the Midwest (Chicago) I'm willing to head south and then head back north to meet Jason in Newyork. I'm looking to leave around July 1st Thank you

    • william try driviving up west river hill [mnt] used to be called the white house , my grandfather lead hunting expeditions inthe 20's=40s we had acamp 9 miles from the end of the road, any how they have have a few trals that go 3-4 miles a come to mountin lakes one called mud lake, nice broke trout, but you will be on your own from civilation for as long as you want, there is also the lake placid trail that takes a few weeks to navagate, you may want to take a partner or like me a good lab or 2,they can save your life, good luck, try to keep in touch, john

  8. I Read all of the comments on here and can't believe there are others... I know it seems weird to most but it feels right to me.. I wish to live off the grid deep in the wilderness away from society as well. I wish to build a home grow my food in a garden and live the simple life... I also see nothing wrong with bring food, tools, equipment or even a shelter. I got much more to say and hope people still go on this forum.. I am serious about this I will do this just really hard to find a location... So if anyone got tips, tricks, ideas, or want to talk to someone about it please email me I wouldn't mind joining a group or couple people to experience this with... I want to live in the wilderness long term.

  9. I've only read about 30 or so entries here, but so many of you seem to know how I'm feeling. My only issue is I am located in the UK and you all appear to be from the U.S.... Is there anyone else out there in the UK who would want to leave society behind on a long term/permanent basis??? I'm a 40yr old guy with considerable outdoor/survival experience who would like to have a travel companion/buddy who wants to live off the grid, off the land, hunting, fishing etc There has to be someone out there??? All the best on your adventure's guy's!!!

  10. Well this thread has been awesome, its good to know that there are still people out there that are wanting to do this and live this kind of life style. I am a male 26 from Louisville,KY. I know how to hunt and fish, i have always been fascinated and intrigued by nature and wildlife and ect. I am really tried of living in society its full of shit and everyone's fucking crazy! I have a girlfriend she is 24 and she likes this idea she is a bit of a girly girl but trust me she can handle her self and is strong and a hard worker. Does any body here know of what states in the US that you can just go venture off in to there wilderness and live and build your own log cabin?? All input and suggestions will be helpful good or bad. We both agree on doing this and all i need is info on where a bouts in the US can you do this and not have to worry about the federal government or any sort of government. Some where that is warm and does not get cold or super cold would be great and that has tons of streams and water ways or rivers would be great, i love to fish. Also some where that has a good population of deer elk mule deer and cat fish bass and ect. Here is my email hope to get some good suggestions from all of yall. Have a great day yall

    • Hello, Who here is seriously interested in heading into the remote mountains. William, a couple posts down and I are going to do this very soon. I am hoping to be in North Carolina in a few weeks, and will be meeting up with William. We will be heading into the Blue Ridge mountains and disappearing. I spent 20 years living in Alaska and recently returned from Ecuador, South America in which I was living there for 2-3 years. I survived an assault/attempted murder in which I was thrown off a cliff and fell 100-120 feet. I had an insane spiritual encounter, and was saved(very long story). The most difficult part of the experience was my climb up and out. I had vision out of only a single eye, and numerous other injuries. I see this upcoming off-grid living as being a training period for when I eventually head back to South America. I would love to have a go pro camera and lots of memory to do video coverage of this experience for my planned adventure based blog. This could be a great opportunity. Would love to chat with and get to know 1-2 more people. Too many people can be problematic. I am not a big guy, being a whopping 5'8 and about 145. 38 years old. I will also be bringing seeds in case we set up a permanent base camp. Skilled gardener/horticulturist here. I hope to do this for bare minimum 3-4 months, and possibly pull out during the winter...who knows those? One issue that I can see is that we will for the most part be strangers. Hence the reason a smaller group is preferred. If you would like to chat with me, I am Jason Pednault on Facebook. Ps. Others going to Ecuador with me after this(if things go well enough) would be an option. My survival story.

  11. Hi everyone my name is Tracy. I'm 47 in great shape no over the counters, scrips msg and so on. Feel better now than in my 20s. Can still easily clear double jumps on my mountainbike as well as riding across the state of florida where I live. I hunt and fish and go on long bikepacking trips across florida alot of places that sane people don't ride bikes on. I am a cabinet maker custom carpenter by trade since I was 16. This paint by numbers world is like a prison for me. My money and house were liquidated by fed leviathan and scandalous fiancee. One more year in this matrix then my vehicle and everything else I won't be taking with me will be sold. I can use the funds for the first part of my journey.Mountainbike and trailer and my gear and I will soon be saying,"SO LONG SUCKERS"

  12. Hello! My name is William a 22 year old from Chicago, I'm looking to veture off into the wild with a partner or a group of people myself. I can be reached at I'm looking to start within the mids of next month. I can meet whoever wherever. And this isn't just some random act of rebellion, it's in my Jamaican blood to live within and around nature. =) Thank you

  13. Hi, I am looking to go off to the Wilderness. Its a myth that you cannot do it. Our ancestors did it for thousands of years. So you people with the idea its too harsh, yes if your a gamer or couch potato it is. But for someone that is outdoorsy you have instincts that will help you to survive. So who is with me Im going to the Wilderness in the North West. I have everything I need to survive, and know everything I need to know to survive comfortably. As for you chicken *&^%%$%, go back to you play station and recliner.

    • Greg email me at I'm with you all the way.

  14. I don't know how old this thread is, but recent comments have prompted me to respond with a word of caution for those who are ditching society. Firstly, I want to say that I admire people who do this successfully (and happily), but would advise doing it in stages first over longer periods of time. Don't forget you are running away from one hostile society, into another. Mother Nature takes no prisoners. She lets you live, or She lets you die. There is no in between. This romantic notion many of you have (especially the younger ones) of living wild, and living off your wits, skill, and cunning, made me smile. Its a nice idea for sure, but after a while, it gets as tiring as living in the world you left behind. Facing the constant challenges of inclement weather, finding food, water and shelter, trying to fix everything from broken shelters to broken bones, gets old. Life in society is a choice. You don't have to be part of the bits you hate - you can dip in and out as you want. Its more about your mind and how you perceive your life. There are changes you can make within your day to day activities that mean you don't have to run away and risk your life. Remember that even wild animals live in a society of sorts, remember that there are no wild people or tribes anymore, and think about the fact that if living wild was that easy - everyone would be doing it.

    • Are you just a genus? Because we lived off the land with out grocery stores for THOUSANDS OF YEARS... why on earth would you say something like that? You are with the others that just jump on a bandwagon of cautioneers ~ omg you have no skills because you wish not to..

    • words full of wisdom ,totally agree , living in the wild is a wild dream but one has to take in consideration that you put your life at risk every second of the way. It's a one way ticket you live or you die .With nature it is that simple.

  15. Hi my name is Mat and I'm 16, I had always dreamed of running away and living in the wilderness. That has always been a fantasy until now that I have been thinking more and more about it. It's eating me away, the world, how people live their lives. When I turn 20 I wish to finally fulfill my dream. My dream now is to gather a small group of friends or maybe even some family and when I turn 20, to find a island and live there, to go out and finally be free, to live life as it were supposed to be lived. Maybe 5 years would be nice, but to do this I need to be pointed in the right direction. Any hints or tips for anything it can start doing now?

    • Man I'm 14 and have really started thinking about living in the bush or forest all the time now, me and my friend are talking about it but I don't think he'll actually do it. So I'm just studying and gonna get a bit of my own money to buy a knife and those kind of essentials and live my life in the wild. I would also like to bring a dog aswell and any friends that want to come, I wouldn't be able to stay sane living so we here all by myself I need someone or something like a dog.

  16. Hello to all, you guys are awesome and I fully respect all your dreams. I watched Bear Grylls when I was 16 and fell in love with it instantly. Later i studied all his episodes and books to learn survival skills! It is always a dream that is burning inside me, some people don't feel the same and some people just know it fully well. Now I was kicked out from my family, wondering around in this world like a ghost. Don't know when that happened and how that happened, I just too weak to face this world alone or fulfill my dream. My country-New Zealand is just the perfect place to do this, but I don't find it possible that I can live like your guys or Bear Grylls. Is there any chance for me? I don't know...

    • Any way, just feel my life is so bad with the "money" thing...gonna find work just exchange for food and accommodation. It would so much reduce the pressure of life on me. Next year I am able to attend an adventural school which teach me everything about moving in the mountains, oceans, and something about outdoor living. Well, I can't see if I can get Bear Grylls stuff done but this will be my first step. Used to plan study Chinese herbology in case of injury, study parkour for the sake of moving freely outdoor and study muscle arts for self defense. The problem is I am not sure if I still alive after so many years of studying IN THIS SOCIETY. Lol

  17. hello, i am a 17 year old living in southern Saskatchewan and i am fascinated with all things "primitive" i have been learning as much as i possibly can about living off the land in my area.. there is no one here to teach me, so i learn from the internet.. i have come across this thread and i almost want to think that it is made by a company trying to get my email and name.. this is exactly what i have been looking for!! a group of like-minded people who are ready to go back to the old ways.. the way things should be..... i am about to graduate and i am not sure what to do with my life.. but one thing i am certain of is that i want to spend some time.. if not the rest of my life off the land.. living as close as possible to the earth, foraging as much wild food as i can (but not too much)... i am quite interested to see where this thread goes..

  18. So I have continued thinking about this, and I was wondering if there was anybody who would consider buying land with me and doing this legally? then we could do as we please without having to worry about rangers. I know there are still issues with living "off the grid" but I believe if remote land is found and legally owned it shouldn't be to much of an issue.. If anyone would be interested in this email me thanks

    • Ashton: You sound real serious. I can help you get where you want to be. Are you a kayaker? My wife and me are ocean kayakers. We use 17-18 foot "touring" kayaks. The kind where you sit in a cockpit with a spray skirt, and with 2 big dry hatches. One in front, and one in back. Our brands are Necky and Current Designs. You can store in your hatches 5 times what the biggest backpack would carry. Extra tent and a pillow? No sweat. We took 4 or 5 basic kayak lessons at ecomarine - how to get back in if you capsize, etc. and the navigation, etc we learned from DVD's. Our first trip was 12 days. No expensive guided kayak trips, etc. Just go for it. We like exploring the remotest areas of BC's coast where very few kayakers go. A short trip is 10-12 days. Our longest was just under a month. Just the 2 of us. We used to spend most of the summer ocean kayaking. It's an awesome way to practice survival skills and if you want to really, really get away from people and civilization nothing compares. There are definately kayakers, and non-kayakers, who live in remote coastal areas. In tents. In makeshift huts, etc. Bottomfish are always very easy to catch. Ling Cod, sole, etc. etc. All seaweed is edible and very nutritous. We never met Kayak Bill, but we know people who knew him. He proved you can live on the coast, and survive and thrive: Here is some other interesting stuff I want you to think about.. I haven't read the book, but I know for certain these 2 people just walked into the coastal forest, with just the clothes on their backs, and came out about 2 years later: They live in Echo Bay / Paddlers Inn now. I never spent any $$ on any survival class, but I know people who know them, and I heard all the amazing stuff. Catching bears in a noose.. ..shooting homemade arrows at the bear... that bounced off, "How do we kill it ??" etc etc Some good tips on that site though. After years of ocean kayaking adventures, in the middle of nowhere, we had to get away from people and cities as best we could. We bought land in Kitimat-Stikine. This is a land of plenty. Plenty of firewood, fresh water, moose, deer, elk, fish, etc, etc. You can buy land, or buy nothing and live in the wild. Google satellite this area. Mostly uninhabited wilderness. The little citys have rules, but we are far enough out and you can do anything you feel like on your land. Peace, Dr. G

      • Hello Dr. G. Anyway I can get in contact with you? I would be honored if you would answer some questions. My email is Thanks

  19. My wife and I have been talking about seriously taking our family and moving to the wilderness as many other people have been talking about in this thread. Our only worry is that we want our kids to be able to be around other kids so they are not alone. If anyone knows of any familys that would accept our family to a setup like this we are interested.I have years of experience setting traps and snares, fishing, and hunting among other things. My wife is not as experienced but she can handle herself well. We have checked into "eco villages" but so far they have just been rich artsy types that basically make you pay 30 grand to be a part of their clicks.

    • Hi I am a Development Producer in the UK. I was researching for a potential series looking at people planning to give it all up and live in the wilderness. I came across your email in a forums and wondered what happened with your plans?

  20. My name is john im 20 yrs old and im looking for a adventure I've always dreamed of living off the grid and in the middle of the woods somewhere. Ive always toyed with the idea of just up and going ive practiced building shelters and im proficient in hunting and fishing. However ive never met anyone who is even slightly interested in doing this and I came across this website and it renewed the fire within me. I seriously want to do this but I don't have the money I have most of the equipment so im going to say this lets a group of 3 or 4 people get together and plan a trip soon. Email me at

  21. Hi, my name is Ashton Brown I am 22 years old (male), and I am inspired that I am not the only person with this dream. I have just come to a point in my life where I obtained my degree and I don't see why.. I don't understand why it is a good thing to make money for things that I do not need or really desire. I would rather be able to wake up when I want and do whatever I want, without the craziness this society has to offer! I don't mind working, but I work 730am til 1030 pm and all to pay for an expensive apartment and to buy a fancy car, I don't see the point.. I could die tomorrow and I would hate to "go out" on these terms! I would love to do this, but I'm not sure about doing it alone. I am handy with basic carpentry tools and I am in sports shape.. I am a straight male also, I have no problem with other orientations, but figured I would throw that out there. long story short I live in texas and have a couple grand saved up and was looking to see if any people were truly interested in this endeavor. my email is have a blessed day.

  22. Well just wanted to let all you like minded folks know I am going into the wilderness for roughly a year maybe more. I will be doing it in the great state of MT, regardless of whatever laws maybe in place. To live a "simpler" life. I plan to leave shortly after my 23 birthday which is the 30th of march, a month, two at most. I will be keeping a journal and hopefully will be able to have some way of taking some photos, I may be putting a book together. If you are interested in getting a copy of my journal just send me an E-mail and i will get it when I get back.

    • Hey you are kinda close to me. Emaill me We and a buddy are doing this very very soon in next month. We planned to do Arkansas mountains. We are 26 by the way.

    • Everyone me and a buddy of mine are planning on moving into the Arkansas mountains within the next 30 days. We are looking for maybe 3-4 people to join us. No meth heads nothing like this please. Weed is ok we are all 420 friendly. Wed like to stay atleast a year. We are both 26 years old and before considering serious candidates there have to be some screening. Like maybe facebooking what not confirming identity. Something alot those lines. If your interested email me. Me and my buddy are both healthy big guys. Im 6ft 4 200 pounds with military training. We dont care if your male or female, as long as your contribute. Hope to hear from you.

    • Kevin - Wishing you all that's best with your trip. Now 70 I wish I'd done it when I was younger, although I am thinking about doing it anyway while I'm still fit. I'd be interested in hearing about the adventure when you get back. Go for it.

      • Dave If you are like me I am a young 70 going on 45 lol would like to something like this as well.....go for it Dave have no regrets.

  23. Folks, you all seem to have good hearts and intentions, but running away from society isn't the answer. It only prolongs the inevitable. What happens when your squat is found out and considered illegal? What happens if there's a national emergency and the helicopters come for you? What if that nearby mining operation poisons the creek water you're drinking from? Or that magical place you think you've found has been rezoned into a timber license? Just shrug and move on? How about solving the problem at its source. We need good folks like you all to help fight civilization, not run away and hide. Your energies would be better spent ensuring future generations will inherit a more sane world. If you run away, then your kids will have to deal with the techno-nightmare. Unless civilization is physically stopped, it will keep expanding, and there will be no place left to hide. The answer is to fight it and stop it at its source. Think about it.

    • Yes, I agree with you Peter Moss. But I also agree with the people here that are posting, because I too have within me an extreme desire to get away from society and and all its craziness. Because I live in society, I have developed constant anxiety. Somedays it doesn't bother me. Somedays it causes me to isolate myself. Honestly, I am used to it by now and I'm probably here because I did mushrooms and nitrous oxide for the first time a couple days ago and my dopamine levels are imbalanced right now, so I'm depressed right now and having thoughts of running away and escaping. But anyways, Peter Moss, you're right. Society isn't bad. It isn't good either, because you know nothing in this world is perfect. Effort shapes the clay. Like you said we need to stay and fight and work together to build a better society, but at the same time, it takes a lot of robustness and strength to endure society's life. We all have our methods of escaping from this... I rely on isolation, and just being by myself. And that's when I'm truly at peace. The only other time I'm truly at peace is when I'm with my family members, especially with my Mom because she and I are perfectly alike. She is gentle and understanding and caring, qualities that are rarely given out by people of society. I don't know why they aren't, as these things are truly the building blocks of healthy and good life, like food and water. But anyways, you're right. We should stay and fight, but also, we have a defeated side to all of us, that side where we try and we repeatedly fail to make connections in this world, with the people around us. So, I simply want to escape to the wilderness for a while. I know my problems won't disappear, because I'm only leaving the problems behind in society, but at least I can temporarily leave them away. There is no solution for me. It's either run away from society, find a better society with like-minded people, or it's stay and try to thrive here, which hasn't worked out for me very well. I find it difficult to find the necessary things I want and need from people... Love, care, understanding, listening, encouragement, sacrifice, honesty, gentleness, plainness, faithfulness, all these things... But, as I have said, these things are too rare in society. Or maybe you can say that I lack the skills to procure these things from people. But then, these things shouldn't be procured, but rather, freely given out, as free and open relationships are the best, long-lasting types. But I digress and I rant, and sometimes, wilderness just really seems like the best answer.

      • Hi Jahun, Not sure how this works ~ if you'll even see this but your post sounds like it could've been written by me, other than the mushrooms and nitrous oxide. ( : It's very poignant. No - it's not that you lack the skills, people are just indifferent and cruel, sometimes even to people they do care about. They only person who I mattered to was my Mom and she died in 2011 and I don't know how much longer I can take being totally alone in the world. (I don't even have someone to list as an emergency contact.) Nature seems to be the only thing I feel like I'm "part of." I know I would be happier if I could leave society behind and live in the wilderness, although having to kill animals to survive would be difficult for me. (But the animals I would need to kill would suffer less than the ones that come from our horrific factory farms.) I want to hide away like a hermit but am compelled to use my voice to stop/expose injustices in the world; for animals; for the planet; and for PEOPLE too. But it's hard doing everything alone, it's like I'm invisible. I do take initiative and try to cultivate relationships any where and way I can, so far, to no avail. I feel like I am a different species than everyone around me ~ like I just don't belong. But if I just focus on the beauty of nature, I am "at peace" and can get through one more day. I live in a city but have little places I go to that help me. Riding my bike helps too. And I have the sweetest kitty who, contrary to humans, always seems to know exactly what to do to make me feel loved and needed and appreciated and real. If I was able, I would have LOTS of animals. Their love is unconditional. Anyway, what I really want to tell you is this: appreciate your family, especially your Mom. My Mom was sick for years before she died, so I had time to prepare and talk to her about things. She was proud of my activism and feel she is by my side, telling me not to give up. I knew I'd miss her but never thought it would be THIS lonely without her. Life goes on.........

  24. Hello to everyone who has posted here. I am a primitive skills survival instructor, among other things..Have been at this for longer than most of you are old. . I have written a series of articles (about 15 now) on our website called the" Feral Woodsman". The website is about survival skills and being self reliant . we dont deal in wild eyed survivalists theories.. The members are down to earth and deal in realities. I wrote for 7 years for " Wilderness Way magazine , now defunct. We have an event once A year teaching skills from some of the best instructors in the country. you can look at the site without becoming a member.. I moved to the high desert in California about a year ago as the deserts are what I know best on a personal level.. within 10 minutes of my cabin I can vanish into the wild. I am looking to be able to communicate with those who are or are planning to do this life in the wild. My series of articles are turning into a book , and have been contacted by publishers . I will not share exact locations or specific names if you wish it so. visit the website or you can contact me at either way the site offers a lot of info for what many are planning to do in the wild.. the best of luck to you all.hope to hear from you... Dude McLean

  25. I am very inspired to read all of your comments. I have experimented with this concept myself, having lived several weeks at a time in the forest, and found it to be very challenging and also very wonderful. The thing that I find particularly striking about this thread, however, is how so many people are "planning" and so few are reporting "doing" or "having done". Don't get me wrong, I think you all are on the right track. I'd just like to hear more from people who already have lived this life for a substantial period of time, say over one full year, and can give extensive and detailed practical advice on how to make it a viable longterm alternative. What I see here are a lot of good hearted, well intentioned dreams, which is lovely, but knowing human nature, for ninety-eight percent of you it will not materialize. I want to read the SUCCESS stories of those who have done, or are doing it for real. Another suggestion would be this. There are enough of you beautiful earth souls here that you could most likely all get together and organize a commune, pool your resources, etc. Maybe instead of leaving society, we might try to reinvent it for ourselves, on our own terms, amongst kindred spirits. Anywhoozle...I wish you all the best!

  26. I can't understand why everyone has the need to live [ in the old days ] in a cabin that is. My life is bad enough why make it worse? If you want to live off the land I mean why build some thing you know will take up a lot of time? Myself I am going even further back in time. The best way to leave no trace is not to build n e thing. The cave men did it why not us? I am all for the best way to live free and clear of the every day rat race. I have the know how to live in the wild I am a country boy and will be till I die. Think outside the box. When the S.H.T.F do you want to b in a cabin to get raped or killed or do u want to be nice and cozy in a place n the mountains that you know the s--t won't get to ya? There arr way's to get water to a cave and I have all the fire power I need. I can hunt and fish know how to make snares for small game. There will be plenty of room for who ever wants to join me be you male or female. I have no money but I have a big heart. If you feel you want to go get your self a good horse and contact me at This not a joke. I am almost ready, just tying up a few loose ends.

  27. Hi Cindi my name is Damon . I currently live in the country and I have been hunting and fishing all my life and quite successful at it. I know of most wild edible plants Berry's ect. I already own most of the equipment needed to live in the wild and the skills to do so. Just wondering were you plan on heading and when. I am 33 and in great shape . I also know first aid CPR swell as some old-fashioned wild herbal remedies from fevers to cuts bone breaks ect. I am quite educated in the old ways. If you are interested in possibly going together please send me an e mail. Thanks and best of luck damon

  28. Any one older wanting to do this please let me know. I'm a country girl at heart love fishing and hunting. I can rough it we'll just would like a companion.

    • My name is Ely. I live in northern washington 12 miles from british columbia border. i have slept outside in subzero temperatures and hunted and been hunted since late august. I have tracked and trapped since child hood with my father in the ozarks. I joined the army when i was 18. I live this life daily and only come to town occasionnaly to do research and get in touch with supplies and remeber why i dont live amongst people nemore. ne one who would like this life email me Bumplewart at gee male bring ur own gear and a lot of grit. this isnt a game or for the weak. it does get lonley tho and some compaony will be nice. i can teach you what you dont know and ill make sure you dont die.

    • Cindi, I am 50 years old and I to would love to get away from the world as we know it. I also am a country boy and can hunt and fish. If you are still looking for a partner I am willing. I have my own guns and rod and reels. I can field dress about any wild game. My knives are sharp and my guns are loaded I'm ready to get on the road. If that is what you are looking for my e-mail is Hit me up lets get going.

    • Hello Cindi, my name is Matt. Im 28 years old and am getting ready to leave within 2 weeks into the Appalachian mountains along the Virginia and West Virginia borders. I am extremely in shape and already have all the tools to survive out there. I am doing this as more of a spiritual en-devour as well as to live in the wild away from society. I plan on being out there for a while. If you are interested in a spiritual journey back into the real nature our father created then contact me.

    • Hi, I am an easy going guy looking for easy going company to get away to the middle of nowhere .. to live in serenity and peace .. I worked all 40 years of my life and got nothing for it, now for the next 40 I want to live in the wilderness and be happy and free. I am not lazy and have primitive survival skills, I have tested my skills many times for weeks on end .. now time to Go , not sure when or where but I want a partner to explore this with from the beginning .. thanks

    • Hi, I saW YOU ASKING FOR A CAMPING BUDDY, i AM 55 AND i HAVE WORKED IN THE MIDDLE EAST FOR 8 YEARS AND CURRENTLY IN THE pHILIPPINES. I will be back to the states by the middle of april which is this month. I was thinking of getting a old motor home and heading out and camping and fishing on the BLM lands and I am a lone I was looking for someone to have to talk to as well. I want to be self suffecient with at least some solar power and catching rain water, compost toilets and hopfully some kind of internet, We can only stay up to 2 weeks at a time on fedefal land and wildlife management areas but the camping should be free, we would need money for gas, hopfully we could catch fish and do a little hunting to help with are food. Let me know if your interested, take care.

  29. In the Spring of 2015 i am leaving the south east and moving west. Time to start over.... I am ex military and currently a HS history teacher. I plan to travel and stay at all the free camping, dispersed sites from Montana to New Mexico. Learn about each area slowly and find spots that i can go take off to for weeks or maybe even months at a time.. depending on the season. Eventually i plan on ditching the car and going on mountain bike. Taking only what i can carry. Never stay anywhere too long, but just be on a never ending journey.. I could use some company maybe....

  30. Hey there everyone, name is Eddie, I am 17 years old and currently living in Texas. I am making plans for the bright future ahead of me, one that involves moving into the wild, preferably the mountains or somewhere near a river. My plan is to travel and search for a place to reside at for at least 2 months, to gain a bit of experience before the real thing. Planning on doing this somewhere around this next June, by then I will be 18 and won't have to worry about the police searching for me for being underage, of course as long as I leave a letter behind to my family saying I voluntarily decided to leave, but will return. I have no issues, nor do I have any problems with my family, I am focused and determined to do what I want to do and accomplish. And the reason I am here is to make an oath with myself and the people here, I will accomplish this. By June 2014 I will come back here and say goodbye, as well as when I come back, I'ma be writing of how the first step to my great adventure went. Hehe :) Good luck to everyone who is willing to accomplish their dreams, be it ridiculous to some or admired from others. This life is too short to live it regretfully, it is not like we can decide if we can live or die anytime, we can only choose how we want to die. Posted 12/14/2013

    • I live in Texas as well, I was wondering where you are planning on going?

    • Hey, my name is Matthew, I am 18 and living in Ohio. I have been planning and preparing for a couple of years now to head to Western North Carolina. I already have some exact locations but have not decided exactly. Western North Carolina has plenty of space, mountains, rivers, fontana lake near Smoky Mountains. I am quite familiar with this area having gone here almost every year. I am planning on trying it for at least a year and longer if all goes well. Like you Eddie I really want to accomplish this, maybe we can meet up and accomplish this. Contact me for further information at Thanks!

      • I am going to build a log cabin. I am retired, so to speak, at 36, with a monthly income of $400 guaranteed for the rest of my life. It is not much money, but it definitely gives me a leg up since I can spend 100% of my time building my cabin. I am a journeyman-level custom wood carpenter; I worked at Lake Tahoe for Lamonica Const. for several years on million dollar homes and I have the references to prove it also. I was raised in West Virginia on a farm, so I want to keep chickens or meybe even build a hog pen and smokehouse. I have a 30-30 lever action Winchester in WV at me mum's house. I live in California right now. I plan to research Western North Carolina and if I cannot come up with a cool place to build a cabin then if I have to I will go "leave no trace" Native American-style and make a shifting camp on reservation land. I am interested in sustainable gardening, composting, solar and wind power. Email

        • Hey Jack, I will email you. I must say you have a lot more experience than I do. I never really had a plan to build a log cabin. My idea was to live in a wall tent. I know many people that live in wall tents, one guy I know lives deep in the bush of Alaska, no roads or towns nearby either. I know that I would be able to live in a wall tent permanently so a cabin is not a necessity at all for me. If you study the land close enough you will see there is plenty of public land in Western NC near the Fontana and Santeetlah lakes close to the Tennessee border. This area has one of the most diverse plant areas in the world. If you know what you are doing it is a foragers heaven with lots of water, fish and game, too. Have you heard of the Olympic Park Bomber aka Eric Rudolph? Well he hid in these same woods in Western NC for more than five years mostly foraging for plants, nuts etc etc. It can be done.

  31. Hello, I am very concerned on the road society seems to be planning on taking a 3 month break from it all in January, hiking and camping in the oregon wilderness. I am looking forward to a breathe of fresh living for a bit.I am 42 yrs old.I use to teach survival classes for NSTC so im not going unprepared.I'm looking to hear suggestions and experiences from

  32. Hi all my name is steve. I am planning on moving into the wilderness as soon as posible. I have all equipment and food for prob about a year. I am looking for a couple of people to go with me. I have weapons for hunting and fishing gear. Have tent to stay in while i build a cabin. Also when cabin is done i hqve a wood stove i can put in it. I have an uncle with a lot of land in vermont and we would be moving up there on his property to build a cabin. The property has a pond and lots of woods. I currently live in massachusetts and am being kicked out of my home. If anyone is interested in doing this get back to me. Like i said i have food to keep us fed till we can get food from the land. Lets get this going. Email me at hope to hear from you soon looking to leave within weeks

    • I commend you. On a similar trajectory myself. Thinking of attending a short survival school session first. Could I get your contact info? Sounds like real pretty country.

  33. I've been really reading a lot about post petroleum issues, declining trends in the quality of society and also have been experiencing a lot of stress and conflict being an older, very educated woman in an area where we are not valued. Thinking over the past few years of incredible loss, heartache, loss of hope lead me to realize that it isn't being alone that's the problem its being alone in a crowd, being relegated to the"old maid" role and being pressured to accept this. I have 40 acres of land to go to when I retire in 7 years, used to teach primitive survival skills and tracking, have grown my own food, built buildings, cut wood by hand, gutted deer and tanned hides, why not just bail when the time comes?

  34. Great to read that there are so many more of us out there. I'm looking to buy 150+ acres in Ontario. A piece of land which has running stream or lake, plenty of timber for heat. I am in construction can build anything wood &metal & know about plumbing & electrics etc. Also was a butcher in a former life & army too! Looking to build own house that is heated & lit all using natural resources. Also get some bear dogs to chase the bears away. Plant own veg/crops, have chickens, & goats for milk/cheese. My wife makes soap from scratch (ashes/lye) so we will be clean too! Can pickle crops for a winter supply. Maybe advertise for people to stay & teach survival skills & live off grid for a bit of cash. Would be great to have a few more families where we could have a little community. Have been provisionally accepted for permanent residency in Canada route of farming as I have experience of farming. It really is doable lets face it the pilgrims did it just should chose the right time of year like spring to give you chance to plan for the harsh winter ahead. Best of luck fellow off the griders keep on posting :)

    • Not sure how recent this post is, but figured to try. It's hard finding people in Ontario that are looking for this lifestyle. We are a family of 7 looking to go off grid but we are in just the beginning stage of planning. If you'd like to shoot me an email we could discuss this more.

    • Im Very Interested im a 24 year old college grad with architecture degree and I have great hunting fishing and survival skills I am also in great shape! I have been doing research for somtime and I have had my eye on Canada and Alaska but I don't have a passport so I would need to get one of those. Im currently in Texas and im looking to get away from the city I have lived a complete life here and its not for me I tried it and did what people said needed to be done to have a awesome life just to find out its not my thing. Now im ready to go to the outdoors where im actually free from society and its self destructive ways. please email me at

  35. Im in NB and planning and preparations to do the move to the wilderness next spring....avid hunter/fisherman/construction/natural medicine knowledge/etc....anybody from canada on here up for the change?

    • I want to move into the wild in New Zealand. I just want people who are serious and won't chicken out by the time it's time to go. I don't want to be screwed. Any takers write me back. Planning on next year, 2014 sometime. Right now I'm in Hawaii and homeless. Trying to do odd jobs to get by. It will happen. Michael, 25.

      • Hey Michael, Honestly my family has lived in Africa in the wilderness and learned how to live well off the land. I personally have lived in the mountains of Colorado throughout the winter. We are thinking of selling everything here and New Zealand is our first choice. This would be myself, wife and son, Stacie & Isaac. I know we will do well and not leave you alone for any reason. Stacie is a med tech and am a carpenter and metal smith. Our child is five and lives very well in the wilderness. Feel free to contact me at anytime. Cell #7204226612

  36. Hey everyone my name is Josh and I just read your posts on this blog the other day about living in the wilderness and being self sustaining. I know how to hunt and fish and I'm ex military. I'm 26 years old and I'm planing on leaving Phoenix AZ in January. I have all of my own gear and know how to live off the land, I even have a book on edible plants. I've been looking in the Oregon area, Steen mountains to be exact. Oregon is great for crops and I was planning on bringing seeds to have my own garden. If you have a better place than Oregon let me know and maybe you can change my mind. I'd like to get some people together and make the trip out to the wild, community is always a good thing. I was thinking a small group maybe 3-5 people. If you're down, I'm 100% serious and when January rolls around if no one else wants to go I'll be making the trip solo and I'm well prepared to do so. I have my own weapons and have a background in contract work, could build my own log cabin. If this sounds like something you're interested in please let me know. Live free, that's how it was meant to be. To organize with me please email me at (will be checking email daily until I leave in mid January) I have an SUV that seats 5 so four seats left for fellow travelers. FYI if you're planning on leaving with me for the wild, physical fitness is a must. We will do lots of hiking and it will be higher altitude than the city living you're use to.

    • Hey Josh, I love I'm salt lake city utah. I've been preparing for living off the grid for thelast year. I would love to join your group this January. Im an avid hunter and fisherma. I recently picked up fur bearing trapping. I feel as though you and I can learn about from each other.. I really hope to hear back from you.

      • Hey Cor, also in Salt Lake...have been seriously planning to bug out to the Uintas for a few years to survive an economic collapse but may just up and go in a year, probably June 2015. I have a good spot picked out I think where no one can go but we could get our food and gear there by traversing it down from a road to a river (600 yards 60 degree slope). At the river there is nothing but trees and no trails for over 5 miles. It is truly a densely hidden area. If caught it could spell trouble because I'm not interested in getting permits for hunting, etc. but where I'm thinking about going and how to get there is the results of a 10 year search of those mountains and it's almost perfect. During winter would get completely snowed in. I want to buy a stove, chainsaw, basic medical stuff and I think I'm ready. I have a 3 year food supply. What do you think? Want to plan with me for 2015? Anyone else want in?

    • Josh & Cori~ Do you have a facebook? It would be easier to chat that way. Long story short, I am getting ready to do the same. I have a friend, Zach, who has been doing this for 5 years now and I may meet up with him and his group in Idaho in 3 months. This is huge for me, I currently have a career and a huge family who loves me alot and most of them know about my dream of living off the grid. My kids are pretty much grown and understand as well. Most people would say I am leaving so much behind and I am crazy but I dont see it that way. Crazy is my life, day in and day out, doing the same thing, vicous cycle, and getting nowhere. Again, long story, so I would like to put a face with a name and talk more about your plans on this life changing event. You can find me on Facebook under Laci Gideon. Please message me in a private message. I havent told many people about this and I am not ready to explain this dream of mine to all of my friends and family. Hope to hear from you both and if not, I wish you both the best of luck in all your endeavors. God bless!

      • Laci. I have been thinking the same. Please share your views with me. I want to see the world as natural as possible but afraid to take that first step,

  37. I recently got back from almost 2 years living in the wilderness of Oregon. Like the most recent commented said, It isn't for the faint of heart. I've seen a few cougars about but they aven't shown much interest however a surprise I didn't expect are wild dogs. German shepard to be exact. I always keep a blade with me and was lucky to have done so. I plan to go back out in January.

    • Awesome! I envy you!

  38. You people do realize 'living off the land' takes an incredible skill set that it can take a while before you go out there to learn. Unless you're already an experienced hunter/fisherman/woodsman it's not recommended I think. If that's what you want to do, I suggest learning to hunt and clean/dress prepare wild animals, as well as knowing what you can and cannot eat. Learn to fish. Unless you're a 'country boy' that has been raised doing this stuff, you'd be surprised what you don't know and how difficult and ...ugly, it can be. Don't romanticize it to much. Man came up with all of these inventions of modern life for a reason.

  39. I am too sick of this modern craze of consumption, corporatism slavery and natural ressources abuse. We basically need fresh air, water and some food. We need to get back to much simpler lifestyles.. The Natives One.

    • you and me both pal, I'm totally sick of the society and dream to live in the way a real human is habbitued to. to be out there under the sun and stars (well, the sun is also a star) your totally right about what we need, i mean, in the end we don't die in our grave or join the next life with our credit cards or latest clothes. to be one with nature is a need and a desire.

  40. i am also very interested in this, and a country boy and ex-Army.with good hunting and fishing skills. plus good at building. i am seriously thinking of doing this myself. i am sick of being tide to the system and dream of freedom...

  41. To whom it may concern: I reside in Ohio and seek to live in wilderness in areas near here that one can without interruption and in isolation. If anyone knows of such a place that is near some body of water for fishing then please contact me with any information. I am very grateful, R. Stone Email:

    • are u planning on going with others, have u started getting the supplies you will need to survive and build ?? im also looking into doing the same in maine ive been checking some sites etc for a female compainion to share in the work load, and for just company its has noting to do with being together just be more interesting and great to have company..if u happen to find a site with lik minded people looking to do to same feel free toemail me with any info.... you can also find me on f/b Christopher a freeman in lake havasu city Arizona... good luck with your plans!!

      • Where r u located and your age please.

  42. We r actually looking for a quiet, remote area 1 room cabin wood stove to heat or fireplace. We have been prepping, tired of the turn this country is taking & want complete privacy and serenity. We can pay low rent or rent to own but fix up to help pay rent. Desperate our walls r closing in fast! Please help. Willing to work small country town close by will work too. Gotta get out. We r prepared to hunt for food, protect ourselves.Please help

  43. In northern ontario there is a lot of beautiful land! Google map Joyce's lake, off hwy 62.... My personal dream area to live!

  44. Ohioian here. I have been planning and training for a few years now and I have tied up all my loose ends and am ready to go. I am going at the end of summer before the weather turns. End of August to mid-September. Let me know if you are local and interested. I will go solo but I know that one more or a couple more would make it realistic and viable. I am not looking to set myself up to fail but willing to solo its if nothing else. Email me if interested or have any questions. Best of luck in life and godspeed. Michael

  45. I have been looking at this question from a slightly different perspective: What happens when we have a major catastrophic disaster and our current technology is no longer viable? How can we begin fresh, in small communities, and build our own batteries, solar panels from scratch right from the materials of the earth? How can we build small motors, electrical devices as primitive as they might be so that not everything is lost? We have the technology to begin this NOW but I don't think anyone has ever started an investigation as to how to go about this.

  46. Me and my husband have been talking about this subject for a long time. I recently lost my job that I had worked for 7 years. We decided now is the time. We live in S.W. Missouri and was wondering if anyone knew of any good places to to this near my area? Also we have a pick up truck and are unsure what to do with it as we will need to get to a town once a month for doctor visits and possibly for any supplies we may have forgotten. Anyone have any suggestions? We only have 2 more weeks to finish our prepping for this then our rent is up and we have to go. We are both use to camping and roughing it and know the local edible plants. We are basically prepared the only thing we are not sure of is how to hide the truck or where and how to park it and where to go where we won't be found. All help is appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hello, move to the yukon lol! no one is out there and its beautiful sure there are bears and wolves but hey there is always going to be animals that are hunting you where ever you go. :) i am 16 and my dream is to move there.

    • I live in the K.C. area, I'm a nurse also and I'm exploring the option. I'm just so stinking sick of others telling us how to live our lives.

  47. hey i am patrick. I have been thinking for a long time for a change in the life pattern. I am an ex marine.We are a group of 7 people.We are moving out of this technical era into the wild.We are not couples just free thinkers who are willing to live this life.Well it sounds like a challenge,but what in life is not.I guess it takes some stupidity and lot of bravery in this act.We are 4 men & 3 girls.We are concentrating on having basic life saving skills and learning about survival in wild.We had a thought of having laptops in wild,though fascinating idea but will need some technical gatherings,as we are planning to stay long term.Lets hope for the best.

    • Where are you looking to "disappear?" I want to go. I have nursing/medical skills as well as basic woods skills. I am weary of this life I have worked so hard to be a part of. I yearn for simplicity.

      • I've been to Alaska and the North West. I really loved Montana and Washington. Oregon is nice also. I'm skilled in survival,ex- infantry,First responder and first aid certified. Fire training, hunting and gathering, horticulture. Weapons and ammo,survival gear, water purifying, tracking,sein net fishing. Military arctic,desert,and poison gas training. It's best to live 2 miles off amain road ,then you're allowed to legally poach what you need to survive without getting in any legal trouble, so long as you don't waste any meat ,hides,or fur

      • I've been stocking up and hopefully within a year I will be ready to go,ive been looking and talking to people wanting to live this lifestyle im hopin to find a female wanted the same thing,not as a couple just someone who can share the workload and have company,would be a wild adventure! lookin into the maine area so we can grow the plants and food we need and have wonderful hunting for food..the hardest part will be getting all the tools needed to build a cabin and the basic gear needed to survive..but having 2 people to share the load he trek would be much easier and deff more fun :)

      • 39 here and looking to go live in the wilderness also, have been planning on either Southern Oregon or Utah myself for over a year .. I have all the gear needed also $2000 worth of not just hiking but Living and survival gear .. I am also an avid hiker camper, can make fire with wood and ice etc ... hope to hear from ya thanks

  48. Hi! I am glad to know there r other people who want to go out and live in wilderness.Well on the contrary i guess it's just increasing the chance of running into the people or say society from which i want to get away.I wonder i run away from society,from my co workers,from relatives,from every one and then i find them all living in jungle.That's a nightmare.Well i don't now your situation & reason for living a "into the wild" extended version,but in a way it seems nice that i am not the only one.I am from india,30 years old.I tried last winter in mountains of North india,where some people told me stories of bear & panther attack so i couldn't sleep for 5-6 nights and just kept burning woods in all those nights in the jungle with no onearound for 10-15 miles.Well my personal experience, cold weather is worse then warm,specially when living without proper clothing or food in this case.I am thinking of some island or beach this time.I am thinking of starting from goa in south india or some other coastal area.I have never been to south india which includes goa,but i hope i might get a nice destination if can get far away from civilization.I don't want to live in dessert.Mountains are first choice because of serene n beautiful location but a beach will be the best place to survive.I am still thinking of my options.keep me updated on May u all get what you really desire.

  49. Hey guys, happy to see others who feel like me.... i feel closer to everyone here then all the people in my life even if i don't know any of you. You see i work in a bank call centre and do the whole 9-5 work for the weekend thing and it is eating my soul away. Soon i will have none. I stand still and watch others live their meaningless lives with delusions of grandeur and can't help but think society is corrupted and disgusting. I have wanted to leave for a few years ever since i saw the movie Into the Wild. That movie changed my life. I live in Canada, montreal to be precise, and the biggest reason why i am scared to even try this is the weather conditions. At least for 4-6 months a year, it is way too cold at night to sleep without fire or shelter. I am also scared of bear encounters in the wild. I did purchase myself a bear spray but it works only once or twice then it is empty. Maybe ill buy 1 or 2 extra lol I see myself finding a area of the woods that is remote somewhere in northern quebec or ontario or elsewhere and building a shelter and staying there for a few months. I would fish for food, hunt small game like squirrels and birds with a BB gun lol, no guns here this aint the states! =) I read about the mouse trap tip on some other poster and i think that is genius, they are light to carry and reusable..... me likes that for food in the wild. Would carry with me a emergency sack of rice for extra food. I however would love to do all of this with someone. If anyone is thinking about it, i am planning to leave in May this year, in about 1 month. Email me we can talk for fun, who knows, could be amazing.

    • I am married and fifty-two years old. I have worked at UPS for 24 of those years. My wife (Liz) and I are more than ready to leave society and live and learn in the wilderness. We are looking for the best place... I am reading the books... watching the TV shows and YouTube... I know living in the wilderness is NO vacation and a matter of true survival, but we are still ready. I have serious questions. Where is the best place for long-term living in the wilderness. I want to build a permanent structure somewhere... and I don't want to be bothered (except from those who I would invite). I need to know what tools and supplies to take with me... and where to go... ANY IDEAS?

      • I don't know where you are planning on going to or what you are looking for exactly, but reading the series My Side of the Mountain could give you some ideas and motivation! It's also just a really great read!

      • very risky to build a permanent structure on public lands. Your best bet is to buy a little piece of land on the edge of the wilderness. I assume you are wanting to live in the wilds for many years. You will get tired of playing hide and seek living on the public domain. I did this for many years before finally getting some land bordering national forest in far N. Idaho. Of course this is a compromise of "THE DREAM" but at least I am making it happen and have not regrettted it. Northern Idaho panhandle is rich in the resources one needs to survive, Lots of fish available year around. Firewood abundant, and great gardening if you have land to grow it on. There are so many wild edibiles here too. Huckleberry, rasb, serviceberries. Lots of wild greens to use as salads and cooked. If you go far enough north around here , like near Canada there are not to many people . Check it out. Good Luck to you wherever you end up. Glad to see others have the same mindset as I.

    • Hi alex! I live near Montreal too! Do you speak french?

  50. Hey my name is Adam I am 26 from England I have been traveling for 2 and half years around Australia and New Zealand but still I am living in a society that I have grown to hate full off technology, living for the weekend and working 9-5 just to pay the bills. I really want to live in the bush somewhere but I have no survival skills what so ever and wouldn't know where to start. I would like to do it with someone or learn some skills before I would do this. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I can do to prepare or someone who is interested in the same get in contact with me. You can email me

  51. I feel your pain and as I sit here on my oversized phone with its fancy touch screen I can't help but become sad at the person I have become. I'm 26 year old living in Alberta Canada, I grew up in the woods spending most of my life until 20 fishing and enjoying the wild. Somehow I got sucked into the world of money and now find myself working my ass off just to make it to the next weekend to go camping. I would love to talk to similar people about moving off the grid here in Canada. I know of some spot and have explored them, would be great to talk you can reach me at

    • Me and my bf live in ohio. We are also disgusted with this diseased society. We want to run away and survive for a living.. Live to get by. Please email me at

    • Hi Cody, Be careful. The laws and prejudices of society are toughest on people who are marginal, and you are dreaming of marginalizing yourself. If you don't have a residence address, you are screwed in a lot of ways. If you bail your job for the bush and actually stay there for a long time, you will need to be skilled in some sort of industry that will accept you when you bail back. Everyone lived in the bush at one point, so of course it's possible: it's the human society part of the equation that will get you. Also, money is the most important thing. You have to start with all the money you will ever need (and most of it must be kept in a bank) and you must over time accumulate and safely store all of the hard goods that you will, likewise, ever need; otherwise, inflation, because you're so young, will kill your savings to the extent that you will not be able to afford new gear thirty, forty years down the road. As for people, no. That will not work. If you cannot do it by yourself, don't do it. Alberta is the best place. There are a lot of reasons. The only people who will ever succeed in the wilderness alone are they who live like that for moral reasons. No one else will have a reason to tolerate the suffering. Because of that fact, no one except myself will ever succeed alone, but good luck.

      • yes I was gone for 10 years when I came back to society I was no longer in the system its been about 20+ years now and im just getting back in the system but feel a great regret for coming back into society I have a family and may just go back never to return travel the world in a primitive way ?

  52. I've wanted to leave everything behind for so long, its not that I don't love my family etc... I just feel what I'm living in is fake. The world dosent suit me, and I not suited for it. Not for now anyway, a move away to an isolated location, with minimum contact from people for at least half a year would set my life back on track, mature me and let me understand the world a liittle more...

  53. i wouldn't try this in Texas. They are backward and law enforcement is bloodthirsty. The courts will make a conviction happen if they don't like you for any reason at all. They will fabricate evidence, make up stories, whatever. I kid you not.

  54. Hey my name is Bryce and i'm 16, i've been wanting to do this kind of thing most of my life. i have spent the past 2 years of my life in Australian air force cadets, i have also been reading plenty of informational survival guides. for the past year, i have started to put these skills into test, in the wilderness. however due to school i have restrictions. the past school holidays i spent my longest period of time in the woods with my friend, it was 3 weeks, during this time i clearly knew that this was where i belong. i do plan to join the Australian air force for a few years but then i want to head on out to Alaska and try surviving in the wilderness there.

  55. Hey everyone I am also going to leave society behind. Unlike most people here I'm not from the US, I'm from Holland and I'm heading out to leave a solitary nomadic lifestyle in the biggest forest of the world called Russia. I have been prepparing for 2 years now so I'm very serious about it. In those 2 years I have been collecting equipment and learning survival skills. Since november last year I have been keeping a blog on my plans and prepperations. If you are planning to make it out there in the wilderness aswell you might want to take a peak at it for some information and inspiration.. I will be leaving soon, very soon, in the end of May this year to be more precise, I am heading straight ahead, full throttle towards the biggest adventure of my life

  56. Hello all of my Fellow Free Thinkers who wish to live,survive and strive the ol' natural way. lol I have been taking this into consideration for some 2-3 years now, more so as time goes on. I am going to get a dog, that is able to deal with cold weather and just foot it and live, rather than staying stationary and trying to survive off one area, I am planning on footing it from Florida, the Tampa area, yeah thats right, just me and my pup, heading north out of the state then northwest beyond that, I guess you could call it drifting, as I am drifting with the winds of change and going to be surviving the flow of time in a way that seems best fit to me. Society among other things has caused its own downfall that has been seen from the distance for many moons now.. They Call me Fl!pz so if you hear that name, Peaceful journeys and good fortunes my friends, also soon to be that white boy with dreads, as it will make life easier to manage.. and focus on what needs to be focus on.. more power to you all with the balls to tell the world to fuck off, and go live naturally, maybe our paths will cross at some point, Farewell for now travellers.

  57. Your all crazy!! However I so admire you guys just picking up and leaving society to be happy. I really envy that. Good luck. I'll be waiting right here eating my processed food,Carbonated beverages, wanting to hear your adventures!! Be safe!

  58. Me and a group of people want to live in a forest somewhere in Canada for a month during the summer. We are just having trouble finding a location with out people. Any Ideas?

    • Canadas huge vast wilderness would make great coverage for the adverage "squatter" as the law inforcement calls you. I doubt any plave would be more safe than any other just to stay far away from any used tracks and locations. Hope use work it out, sorry i couldnt be any mOre help

  59. I am very interested in a lifestyle where I provide everything for myself. I would love to be able to drop everything right now and move out to the the wilderness. I am only 18 and know that this way of life is in no way easy. My plan is to graduate college, acquire skills and tools, take a month or 2 out of my life to experience isolation from society, and then make a decision to continue life in this manner or to go back to society. If you have done this before, please email me your stories and/or tips that would help me throughout a journey I would like to take. Email:

  60. I urge people to try a 3 days adventure to a state park that has primitive camp sites first. I do want to leave society behind also but i am not ready to do this yet. You need to know real survival skills. There is no medical attention and what would you do if your gall bladder went out on you. or you had a heart condition. What if it was winter how would you start a fire? I would find a place that teaches you these survival skills before you just adventure out in the wild. the wild is dangerous. A simple twisted ankle could kill you. very hard to live out there and it is unforgiving too. Just food for thought.

  61. It's amazing how many people here share the same dream. I too am aching for this kind of lifestyle. I'm 28. Can hike 15 miles a day easily. Have money for extensive supplies. Good fisherman. Decent woodworker. Strong will. Good heart. Thinking about leaving sooner than later, depending on the certain things. Currently living in CO, but AK would be my go to place. Hit me up if you're thinking what I'm thinking and are serious, have skills. Two's always better than one. Three or four wouldn't be bad either.

    • I'm prepping myself to live outside of societies reach. I'm going to be brief here as I intend to write my story on the web with intentions to find people who are serious in this lifestyle. I currently live in northern california. I have finances that will allow me to prep for this correctly. I was in the military (USMC Force Recon Bttn) and learned good survival skills. I'm 34 years old, athletic, and have a spice for life..real life, not the bullshit that this world is turning into. If interested in a partner or an addition to your group, I'm 100% serious and intend to move from CA by the end of february 2013.

  62. I am currently working on obtaining the gear and intel for walking away from society. I would be very interested in talking with others that share the same goals. Lemme know

    • Hi marc, youve certanly came to the right site, Ive been trying to find a couple of people who are seriously dedicated on Making a change and actualy are trying to organize this great adventure but ive come across A great number who are apparently all talk, would be great to discuss your thaughts and plans more. Feel free to email me

      • I'm in Australia, and want to get away.......permanently, to live in the bush. look me up if in Australia, and serious.... Please don't waste my time.

        • I'm in the far north of Western Australia's with a low population area, no water shortages, no great danger of bush fires, warm climate, fish, kangaroo and other edibles galore!!! this has been my dream since '86...the older I get, the more I feel the need to do this...I need to wait until my 14yr old son fly's the coupe before I can venture off into the bush and NEVER to return!!

        • Hi Craig, My name is Sandra. I don't know how old this post is whether it's still valid or not and if so can you please contact me a.s.a.p. to the email address above or incase you have problems. I am dead set serious in living life in the bush packed and ready to venture out and solo if need be within the week. If I can get somebody or a small group even better. I see alot of people wanting to do this just not alot in Australia. Am after people wanting to live life in the wilderness within Australia, Qld up north, out west, NT, SA those kind of area's..... My idea of living in the bush is for free & roughing it - taking my most basic essentials, seedlings the things that'll help make it easier while i grow, learn and build my camp area. If I venture out solo I will have my two little dogs so I wont completely be alone. If you're already out there happy camping and stay safe;) I'm willing to meet somewhere, work on a plan - compromise. Of cause strong - physically and mentally, honesty,trust and being reliable would have to be a must. Even if you know of a website that has more Australia with people who want and are ready to do this now would be helpful. Anyway hope to hear from you or someone soon. Warm Regards Sandra

        • Oh I aint waisting no time at all. Packed and rearing to go early Sunday morning. I've got my dogs, my tent and the basic things I need. From Brissy heading out West. Have mentioned here on another post that have room for one more. It is a bit of a tight squeeze with more luggage but could manage it if need be. If you know of someone send'm my way.

      • Hello there l am 23 yrs old and im from Texas, I too am looking for a life outside society living primitively. I am dead serious about this, and I am trying to leave as soon as possible. I served in the US Army for 4 years and Boy Scouts when I was younger, so I do have skills that would be usefull and necessary. Im an avid fishermen and hunter, young, in good shape, and have tools and supplies ready to go. The only thing I havent figured out is the location I will go too. I do not have have a problem with going in a SMALL group, at the most 5. I have a good sense of humor and im a team player so im very easy to get along with. - email address Thanks, good luck to all

  63. Steve, I commend your dream and ideas. Ilive in Tampa. Florida's public lands are managed by the state. Because of the beauty and tourism, it would be hard to find land without eventually being told to leave. For as a "walkabout" it is an excellent choice. It's nice in the winter and there is plenty to eat in the winter when all our crops grow best. The summers are brutal with rain everyday, but it is a beautiful state in the winter. This morning was inthe 50's and will get to 74. I hope you get to do your walkabout in florida. Bring sufficient tools and supplies and sadly in todays world you'll have to have cash or you could work as crop picker which pays cash daily. Good luck

    • I can't stand that everything revolves around illusions like money, and ridiculous laws in society. It's hard to find genuinely good folks anymore. My wife and i are currently stocking up on tools and supplies, and doing our research on where to go, and what to expect weather and nature wise. We want to be completely away from people/rangers etc... natives are ok. I already know how to build a shelter except for how to waterproof my roof... but I've got ideas and I'm very resourceful and pack much common sense. I know how to determine edible plants, make smokeless fires and leather meat smoking tents. I've got a good pellet gun for quiet small game hunting, and plenty of string and hooks for fishing, but we are lost as to where to go. Any ideas will be great. I'd also like to make string from tendons... and how to make leather for clothing from deer hide. Any info would be awesome! We wish to completely live off the land, taking only what's necessary to survive, never giving a damn about another dime once we begin our life in the wild... think Grizzly Adams without ole ben, and a damn good woman... that's what I want...and am actively pursuing... help please! Can email me at with any info... real and genuine only please!

  64. am 27 and the dream of being free from this world has been on my mind for most of my life and i know theres alot of people that feel the same this world is not a fair place to live in anymore living in the woods or forest desert mountains and so on should be everyones right i read most of these post alot are most of the time we do this alone why cant we make little villages in these places like this were we can be in little commitnitys working togeather like we should be in stead of tring to make more money then each other i have alot more to say but i know more then me just thinking it and sometime am really hard to understand but i will be living in the washington state in the wilderness not too long from now i have meny ideals

  65. I have also dreamed of living such a "free" lifestyle. I say lets do it... there seem to be quite a few here that want the same thing,,perhaps we can all experiment and go for it. This upcoming summer would be perfect to try it out. Gimme a shout and lets make it happen.

  66. I have really enjoyed reading these comments. This is exactly what I want to do with my life! I live in South Africa and most of you would probably say that this is the perfect place to live in the wilderness. Think again my friends. There is really no place to live a life like this. All the land here is owned by someone and I can guarantee you being shot by someone if you find yourself on their land. The only real wild left here is in nature reserves. People here think I am an idiot wanting to live in "the wild". At the moment I am strongly considering going to another country to live my dream live. I really have a passion for a life like this!! At the moment I leave home when its stil dark, sit in an office all day and only arive at home when its dark again... This is killing me!!! If anyone somewhere in the world need a companion to live with you in the wild please contact me at Good luck to all of you!!

    • hey Jaco i live in Cape Town and have the same ideas as you, i believe there are places in South Africa where this can be done, ie Transkei or Knysna forrest. my cell no is 0792673597, lets get chatting buddy. im keen

  67. Ever since I was young I've always had this gnawing feeling in the back of my mind and gut telling me that this life isn't really meant for me. Now that I'm 21 I feel more than ever that I've got to make a change. At least once a week I have dreams of having a team of sled dogs going about in the brush of Alaska. I've always been into survival and learn new things constantly everyday. Whether through books or just trial and error I'm always looking for new survival techniques. My idol is Dick Proennoke, if anyone has ever heard of him, and would love to build my own little one room cabin for myself to live alone out there (I can even appreciate the survival techniques and suggestions in the TV show 'Doomsday Preppers'). To me, it's not a pipe dream at all, it's just a matter of when. This gnawing aching feeling is growing each day and I don't want to keep living my 13 hour work days, being depressed and anxious at home, and feeling alone in a crowd. I've always loved being outside, camping, fishing. I'm from Illinois, but the city drove me nuts so I moved to Washington. I'm still stuck bustling here even. So, all that being said, I'm making my plans to leave this empty life style and full fill my life long dream. People keep bringing me down telling me that I'm naive and idiotic, but I disagree completely. Some people are just meant for that sort of lifestyle. I have the skills and am learning to shoot. If anyone has any words of support, suggestions, or just would like to share experiences I'd love to hear more. I just want to talk to like minded people who don't think I'm wrong for feeling this way. Thanks guys and good luck with your dreams!

    • Hello everyone, reading through these comments and questions have truely transformed me. In my daily life, I have always had a urge to leave these societal binding, but that was it, just an urge. Now it has evolved into a burning sensation, I can barely hold back the tears when I think of the journey that i am now preparing for. I haev always had a different view of life, and it's many meanings, i believe that my vision has been clouded, I want to clear it. I would continue on but i am currently under some time restraints. anyone willing to talk about their experiences in the wild, or how they want to leave, please email me at

    • Tara follow your dreams and do it just be sure you do your home work on this. I also seen the story of Dick and it has truely inspired me. I have been thinking of moving some where in Alaska also and have come to the conclusion of going just don't know when or how. I love the outdoors and just seeing everything Dick accomplished outdoors in Alaska has just drove my desire to follow suit.

    • Hi my name is kalo, I share this dream with you. One day I want to take off to Alaska and never come back, live off the grid. Normal life is not for me, my dream started when I was really young watch dick prenekee. Get back at me I would like to hear from you. I live in Washington aswell

    • Hey Tara I think you should go for it. If you don't you will probably regret it for the rest of your life. I have been thinking of doing the same thing for the last couple of years.I've just been waiting for the right opportunity and the right time. I wish you the best of luck and the best of Avengers.

    • Tara, I understand how you feel 100%, as would most everyone on this post topic, I would think. You are not alone in the way you think, or feel. You, as what seems like most people on this site have figured out, there is more to life than "this". I can say I have done my best at trying to "fit in" as the material world wants people too, but I can't do it. I have that gut feeling you spoke of myself and the longer I live this mundane life, the more I can't help but want to get away from it and live free. As I said earlier though, I just simply wanted to reply to your post when I seen it to say you are not alone, don't let the world get at you for the way you think or see it, and do what your heart tells you. Good Luck

  68. Oh how my heart aches for living in the woods, i am in the U.K and desperately want to be out in the wilderness. I own a tine piece of land and camp out there as much as I dare, without upsettting the nearest village. I have been to Alaska 20 years ago for the summer, and Sweden too, I would just love to live this life all the time, close to nature and as one person says I can't think of a better way of dieing than giving my body back to the earth at the end of this life. All my freedoms have been exchanged for a government that says it will look after me if I work 9-5 and pay my tax, but the way I see it is that it has taken away my evolutionary inheritance, the authentic life and given me consumerism, a care home in old age where I can be senile and uncared for, a myriad of plastic consumerbles instead of real handmade crafted, belongings, the throw away society. Marketed the Dream of cheap everything, traded in our freedom and integrity to the international corporations, so that our children caan sit in their bedrooms watching TV, interfacing on social media and be taught their morals by strangers we don't want in our houses, the so called "celebrities". So when people tell me I wouldn't like it Out There,I know that that I because they are the ones that are frightedned, not me. Give me a short life of authenticity lived in the woods or the wilderness anytime, over a 100 years of acheing to be free in the drudgery of modern life.

    • Hi ,julie my name is Bud I have been preparing for a move into the wildernes of northern Ontario now for the last couple of years .Building the supplies I will require to sustain the transition .Items to build a long term shelter or cabin,very indepth medical and safety supplies .Etc ,etc ,etc . I grew up spending much of my early life living from natures bounty . I am so tried of soceities restraints . I believe the only thing I should likey miss I think is someone special to share it with . I agree with all you have written in your note .Well put ,and any comments you would like to share would be greatly appreciated .

  69. Hey all, this made me realize whats missing from my life. I was in the army, and im a crack shot. I don't have any money, but i want to give up on this rat race, to embrace the things i once held nearest to my heart. I'm willing to work hard, and learn, if you can help me, please email me at

  70. I have really enjoyed reading these comments. I have spent 63 days in southern Utah wilderness, I cooked my own food from powdered milks & wheat & the like. We hiked to multiple 5 gallon "blueies" every day, about 5-10 mile hikes. I built my pack from a Y cut of branch, a tarp, and, some thin rope. Used the tarp as a tent. I learned to "bust a coal" from a sage spindle, how with small rope attached, and a juniper fire board, with a flat soapstone rock as the spinner. I learned resilience, perseverence, and self worth. I would absolutely love to take the next step and proceed into wilderness, albeit with the knowledge and skills nessecsy to survive. I am twenty years old, of sound mind and body, and would love even discussing tips, ideas, Plans and the like.... You can't contact me at Thank you Devon

  71. wow, im keira , im 27 and i have been trying to find a spot in alaska to start out in. i have wanted to move to the wild for a few years now,i am in the air force and i no how shitty the world is getting first hand. i have no kids and i grew up in the wild , my father was a wilderness guide , i can catch fish ,make small traps for rabbits and coons ect. and i can make fire . i have taken classes to learn how to make small one room cabins and taken classes to learn what mushrooms and wild greens you can find and eat , im looking to get out of this dam rat race ,to live free if any one nos a place in alaska to start up please share it with me .or if any others are looking to do the same in alaska let me no as well . e-mail me at lets all get out and live with the drama of the "world"

    • KEIRA I tried to email you twice about Alaska, but the email was returned as undeliverable. Is it or From Hank

  72. hey im 20 ..and have prepared to move into the wilderness...i know survival..i know how to build im an all around handyman ..have guns knive and all other goal is 1 year atleast living completely off the a cabin trap and hunt,fish..and eventually make own clothes to use and get rid of modern wear....wild and free native style....looking to find girls or guys 18 or above to come along...i think 2-4 people would be a great time....feel free to email expierience needed ..i can teach you...just looking for people with the same love for wilderness untouched by man...possibly meet over skype to discuss...thanks

    • hey I might be interested in what you propose. I am 26 have been planning something like this for years. I am going out to the sierra for a the month of august here in California. But I am very much interested in your plans. Feel free to write me an email.

    • Eamon i would deffently go with you if i could sadly im only 13 but i have spent time learning from native americans how to love the wilderness im a skilled riful shooter im sick and tierd of the mordern day life it makes me sick thinking about living in a aprartment in a busy city takeing more resorces than i need i have went into the woods many times but i went for 3 days with only a knife bottle flint and steel a little fishing line hook and a wool blanket in boyscouts with 3 other boys in my boyscout troop i would rather die in the woods rather than to live in a city contributing to this land wich was onece nature.

  73. Hello all, it's nice to hear there are more out there like myself. I've always felt I was born in the wrong age personally and with the direction the government is going, well I'm sick of it. I'm planing on saving up until next June and trying to learn more survival. While I've always been close to nature and spend much time in it, I never had to really learn how to "survive" so if anyone else runs across any great sites that they recommend I would love a link :) Not that I won't be looking anyways but you never know. Also would love to hear what area's people are thinking about going. I was thinking about going down to Florida and going on a walkabout. Hopefully finding a place to live. I want a piece of land and a garden but I don't see that happening if I stay. Anyways would love to hear from anyone and will be checking back occasionally.

  74. I am looking to meet others who are interested in living in the wilderness. Would be best if each individual has a certain skill or trade. Feel free to contact me at

  75. I've read all of your posts on this forum and I'm amazed at how many people want to get away from the all the BS in the world and especially here in the good old US of A. I am also studying different survival sites and learning alot about living off the grid. I don"t know if any of you work in the medical field but it is becoming so ridiculous with all the government regulations, etc. Now there talking about putting more security cameras in the h0spital where I work. There even saying it is legal to put security cameras in the rest rooms as long as they don"t show a person from the waste down! Anyway I have a lot of medical training and I was a Navy Corpsman and a Field Medic with the USMC. I'm definetly think about living in the wilderness, and after studying alot of survival situations the past year I am just about ready to do it. A few more supl[ies, and I am ready. Today is July 4 ( Imagine That ) Independence Day. 2012. Do any of you have that eerie feeling that something big or bad is about to happen? I lice in Southeast Colorado and have been to the Mountains alot and usually get a sad feeling when I have to come back. I have thinking about doing some Gold Prospecting, (for something to do) but I imagine I'll find plenty to do. Does anyone have any good ideas where it is Legal to live in the wilderness? USA - ALASKA - CANADA. Please let me know. I'm single now and no children. Definetly nothing to keep me in the city. Thank you all again-What a great Forum!!!

    • Hank, in just about all areas of the country you have to keep moving around every few weeks to keep from getting in trouble. Dont hang around close to civilization and go deep into the mountain areas and fix you a camp before winter sets in. Make sure you take a few good knives non of those $9.00 flea market specials. Invest in a few really good ones full tang is the best from a good maker. Find you a place not far from a good water source and make sure you know how to make fire several ways. Water is no good if you cant purify it. Wish I was younger I would be out there already. lol Yes you can feel the situation getting worse here in the country every day. Get to your new wildneress home before the SHTF or you may not be able to get there. Best of luck.

      • Thanks Charlie for the advice. Do you or anyone else know when the SHTF is going to happen? I'm reading different forums and some of the folks are saying it's going to be the end of August, others say the end of summer. Of course no really knows yet, except maybe the " The Powers that Be " Still trying to get ready and looking into different areas to go to. Also trying to find a good tent stove and Solar Battery Charging Kit, I wonder if they are any good in the winter? I have a good Generator, but it would cost way too much for gas in the winter. Thanks again all, and be prepared!

        • Look up Rocket Stoves. They are easy to build and you can make your own. They are good for heat and good for cooking. We are looking to make some soon.

  76. wow thats amazing how many people actually want to live in the wilderness alone, away from this BS thats out in the city life. i actually thought i was the only one who felt this way. In a few years, as soon as im 18 and legally allowed to move out of my parent's house, i will definetly go out into the wild and live my dream. i am currently 16 but i will have to wait 2 years :( i also have $3,000 in my bank account which i am willing to spend it all on supplies for a permanent camping trip.

  77. Hey, my name is Kolin and I have had this dream for as long as I can remember. For awhile I tried to compromise with myself and the people in my life. I went to school and majored in anthropology. My favorite area of study was prehistoric people. Not a day would go by though that I didn't think about just dropping everything and following my dream to live in the wilderness. Everything I have learned over the years has all just confirmed what I already thought. In order to live in a truly responsible manner , living off the land is the only way. So now I got to the end of my college career and I am not even sure I can finish. Not following my dream gradually put me into a huge depression but ever since I decided on my path, that I need to live in the wild, I have felt myself again, for the first time in years. My days are now filled with prepping and researching how and where I should do this. Right now I am thinking somewhere in the pacific northwest or Canada. Possibly along the coast, since resources are more plentiful and easy to access there. I spend alot of time reading other peoples experiences for ideas. But my goal right now is to really decide on a location so I can better prepare for that specific location. I have been trying to figure out a legal way to do this but everything I find makes it seem its not possible, short of getting permission from some private land owner. If anyone is seriously interested in doing this, the time frame I am dealing with is finish preparing for the next 3 months and either start in June 2012. This is a huge undertaking, especially for someone like me. I have spent time in the wilderness, but lack experience in hunting/ storing my own food. Which is my main goal between now and June. I welcome any input, experiences, comments, advice, etc. So please feel free to contact me.

    • I'm only 16 years old, but i have no goal in my life at the moment. I left school last year and had no interest in going to college at all, and I've been working with my father to make money. My family is poor and we get by just about. I have always wanted to be able to survive in the wild alone, but i don't have experience. Also, i don't know if i could just walk out the door saying that i'm going to live the best i can alone. I have never brought it up with my parents but there is a chance i could do it. I'm not immature really, i'm 16 i know, i'm relatively childish sometimes because i'm young but i am responsible and i'm not your average teenager i guess. The idea of living away from everything and trying to get by really appeals to me, society is just one big mess & it's so ugly, i find it really hard to watch to be quite honest. I'd just like the most honest advice really, you know? Just someone telling me if i could do it if i got a guide and some tools and stuff, i do really believe i could do it, and i want to so much! I live in the UK by the way. It's not exactly dangerous but i wish to move away also.

    • Hi there. My name is Eric. I grew up in the woods of Pennsylvania. I currently live in New Mexico. I served 4 years in the army. I have all the hunting and survival skills necessary to live off the land. If you are looking for someone to accompany you on your journey than give me a call at 5758055824. I am single with no children. I am 27 and of sound mind and body.

  78. I'm so delighted I stumbled across this site and found more people that share my passion with the wild and also the disgust in how this once beautiful world is turning out. I'm only 20 but have realized how much I'd love to bid farewell to this place and live the way we were meant to instead of being corrupted by all thease ideals forced upon us and laws among laws forbidding our freedom. Feel free to email me on

  79. Have you already left on your trip dave?

  80. I've actually decided to make the trek and move to Alaska. I'm a 31 year old man. My children passed away a few years ago and I always had the dream of living in the wilderness. I grew up in the mountains along the Appalachian trail, having relatives who trained me in trapping and various other survival skills. I have built 2 log cabins now. When I say cabins I don't mean those gorgeous ones with electricity, indoor plumbing, wifi and all that city jazz; I'm talking the traditional 1-2 bedroom version with a cobble stone fireplace or wood burner. I'm looking for like minded individuals who are serious about a plight into the wild. Removing oneself from the race of society and living the way God had intended. Is it possible to do this on your own? Of course it is, however we are all programmed to a certain degree to seek out social interaction and a neighbor can always be nice should you require a helping hand in skinning out large game or other odds and ends. If you have serious plans in living this kind of life let me know and lets get this thing planned.

    • If your serious join the above link, lets start planning for this

  81. Hi Bruce. I too have grown children and 1 daughter age 11. I usually spend every summer in Canada being flown or boated into a wilderness outpost cabin and I now want so much to spend the rest of my life in either Canada or the Alaskan wilderness. I hope to find other people who share my passion and would like to live thier lives out in the mountains.

    • ~ Wanting to move to the Mountains .. ~ I have and know everything for survival, been there and done it .. easy going and like democracy lol not arrogant or mean etc .. Just wanting to live free bro ~ I currently live in Northern Arizona 39 here and looking to go live in the wilderness also, . I have all the gear needed also $2000 worth of not just hiking but Living and survival gear .. I am also an avid hiker camper, can make fire with wood and ice etc ... hope to hear from ya thanks

  82. I am with all of you and glad that i found this site. Information on doing this has been great and helped me make my my decision to go through with living in the wild. I too am disgusted with how things are in this world and would like to be one with nature and live in peace. Currently living in wyoming and in the spring going up around the tetons or yellowstone and making life change for the rest of my life. If anyone has more info on laws or would like to join me on this quest please only serious replies, email me.

    • Your email?

  83. I've noticed allot of people like to talk about this life style change but haven't found one person that's actualy willing to make the leap. So here's an invite from a man who has done it to anyone who is willing to try it, please read my posts on this thread and if your intrested send me a email so we can talk further. I'm bringing allot more then just an idea to the table.

    • He! He! I'm venturing out early Sunday morning to start my new adventure but in Australia no bears here. Leaving from Brissy heading out west have room for one more. Might be bit of a tight squeeze but where there's a will there's away to fit anymore luggage in. If you know of someone send'm my way. But sunday I am leaving and nothings holding me back.

  84. I would like to get away from everything. Everything that complicates our lives. I wish to live in the mountains where it takes true grit and brains to out live your surroundings. Its healthy, natural, and time fulfilling but you'll wake up every morning feeling better each time knowing that this is how it should be :)

  85. I felt the same way and, over the past year so so, transitioned to wilderness living. Dodging the man is the easy part. I use a hammock and a large frame backpack, plus several caches in the local state and national parks. Never had a problem with the rangers. It's the loneliness and feelings of isolation that are the toughest at first, but it gets easier all the time. Can't beat the lifestyle: I hike, lay around on the beach with books, catch a wifi to use my laptop, go to free events, free museum days, you name it. And there's nobody around to tell what to do or how to think of where to go or any of the rest. Staying dry and presentable can be a challenge, too, but it's a skill you'll develop. Get to know the more reputable of the local hobos and you'll learn a lot about free local resources. Right now, I live on about $20/week, I only work two days per month, and life is great. Really, I don't know why I ever worked and paid rent. Anyway, best of luck, friend!

  86. I too would like to build a cabin in the coastal wilderness in Alaska or elsewhere. I love the wilderness and feel a kinship with it. I cannot offer money but can offer hardwork and knowledge. I am 35 years old. I have worked in media for 15 years, I am an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, hiker, kayaker. I have worked at wilderness camps and have extensive knowledge of animals. I would love to build a cabin from scratch in the middle of nowhere and enjoy the solitude, the honest work and maybe a little panning for gold for giggles. The entire lifestyle runs through my blood. Thank you Jennifer

    • Hi Jennifer,I like what you wrote. I have done this and am thinking about doing it again.I've only been out of the woods for about a year and a half and i feel so sad that i left.Ever since i was a little boy i have loved nature allot more then anyone i have ever met,and the feeling is getting stronger and more real as i get older. Many summers as a teen i would head into the bush and many times i would not come back out till later in the summer. Doing nothing more then living with nature and exploring. Much like a walkabout but only in the wilderness. So about 7 years ago i was interested in a 4 month trip into a place called Smith's Sound. A Bald Eagle nesting site that was only accessible by boat. So i bought a boat along with many other things needed for a 4 month stay alone and headed on my way. After arriving and setting up i was tired and it was late in the day. Just then a group of 10 poachers come into view and they tell me they think i am a officer trying to bust them for fishing without having the proper paper work. I tell them the diff and they didn't believe me. They told me to leave and it was scaring me cause here i am in the middle of no where being threatened by 10 big men. It was almost dark so mostly all i could see was there shapes. I asked them as nicely as i could if they would allow me to stay just till morning and i would indeed pack up and leave. I told them over and over that i was there to photograph eagles but they insisted i was there to photograph them poaching. The next morning just before the sun came up i packed and left. this made me so mad. All the research,time,work and money went into that trip and i was unable to do it. I told myself that something like this would never happen again.So 6 years ago,after looking or a year,i bought a very large peace of land on the east coast of Newfoundland. Its so big i have been lost on it many many time.(50 acres) Now no one could make me leave. I choose a nice grassy meadow and i built a small cabin and have lived there alone with my 5 dogs for the past 6 years. Cutting and selling firewood and building material harvested from my land to make money. My wife does not like the "ruffing it in nature" life style so i have been doing this all alone. She had been living about 150km east of me in her house till about 2 years ago she moved to Calgary to be with her mother and father. Then last summer i had been thinking about spending the following winter in Calgary with her. So 15 months ago i came to Calgary with my wife. I knew after one week here that i had made a mistake. after being alone in the woods for so many years all the movement and noise around me make me so nervous and sad. I miss my little cabin so deep in the woods. I miss the little yellow birds that come in the month of May and the owls that hoot by the stream that runs in front of my cabin door. Watching the fire burn on stormy nights and and having the sun hit my face as it wakes me up in the morning. I have something inside of me that pulls me into nature and when i allow it to happen i find piece in it and within myself. Many times in my life i have done this but this last stretch in the woods was my longest yet. It was hard sometimes but i have had 15 months to think about my time there i do realize it was all worth it. I now know that if i could live for 6 years in the wilderness alone and still want to be there,i could very easily spend the rest of my life there and be content. I did miss being with women sometimes but for the most part it never did bother me much. The amount of work needed to live comfortably in nature is strenuous and would leave me very tired most days anyway. I think its very possible i would someday stay for good and not come back because i have never found the same peace anywhere,with anything or with anyone,that i have found in wilderness living. All the best Darrall

      • Hi Darrell,I live on the edge of wilderness living and always have.Spent my life as a logger,trapper,fisherman andhunter.I live in NS and spent a lot of time in NFLD.I always figured it offered on of the best escape enviroments there is but unlike NSprivate land is scares over there unless your in a community.If you have not returned would you consider selling it.My email is

  87. I too feel the same way. I've been seriously looking for a way to get away from it all. I dont know why but I just feel like I've grown away from society and was born in the wrong era. I really want to build my own cabin and just live in the wilderness with nothing but nature around me. I envy Louis and Clark on their journey across America. Lately I've just been looking for tips and suggestions on living in the wild. I live in the midwest and if anyone wants to seriously consider living in the wild send me an email or something.

    • I'm right there with you.

      • I'm ready to do this.

    • Hi Andrew There is a life time of tips i COULD give you regarding wilderness living, but heres a copy of part of a email i wrote to a man who was thinking about doing the same thing you are.I think it might open your mind about a few things many people wont think of.I hope you injoy and learn something =) ------------------------------------- Hello Martin, Iam very happy you enjoyed my email to time goes on i will be more then happy to tell you all i can and all you want about my experinces in the bush...Its very supprizing how no mater how much you prepare for every possable obstical when heading into the bush and still able to miss the biggest obstical of all,yourself ;) Seems a little corny to read it but nothing could be closer to the truth. There no preping for that obstical.Its going to seem so bad at first and it will make you want to leave. you might find yourself bending your original plan to acomadate your strugle with yourself BUT DONT. I relized after i finaly got over the struggle with myself what had really happened.Men like you and i, we believe living to be something different then society thinks it should be. yet up till now we have lived according to society and just like a tree collects dust we too collect the emotonal dust of the world around us.One of your biggest struggles will be sheading this emotional dust. You have to be honest with yourself in order to get over it but when you do i promice you the world will look brighter,the grass will be greener and you my friend will fall in love with nature all over agen.its a most sole moving experince and a bending shift in your way of thinking and what you really hold important in life will shift with it.ITS AT THIS POINT YOU START LIVING. I am not saying this is the only struggle you will have in the bush but it will be one of the biggest to happens because when you arive in the bush there is nothing familar.for some reason we need repatition in our life to feel normal.this strugle for me lasted a year and it was so hard on me but i stuck with it and it wasnt till i witness the seasons i just went through, come around agen, that i felt something in myself change.each season after that got easyer and i felt like i belonged. It can be done,and if you really want too live like this you will have to go through it.BUT ITS SO WORTH IT!! people have tried to do this in the past and failed because they will not let them selfs stay long enough to deal with it.they feel the FX of this struggle beginning and they leave because its how there(everyone) "programed" to think,never stopping to think it wont last.When you take something that been around the brain all these years and remove it the brain will cope with it the only way it knows how,to make you believe you have made a mistake and you should go back to what seemed to be a easyer life. People before us have tried and failed be cause once this inner change starts they leave thinking it was a mistake or maybe thinking they like the idea of living in the bush but dont have what it takes.Thats wrong in so many ways.It takes time to build a cabin and it takes time to grow a garden and its going to take time to prioritize your life. No mater how self sufisent you think you are heading into wilderness living,we all get slapped in the face by relataly and reaize how much of a pull and influnance the people and things around us have.BUT,when it passes the sun shines very bright on cloudy days. =) Its easy for people to call us crazy because it makes no sence to them.I pitty these people.they will be alive for 50+ years and never live. SAD! Kind regards Darrall

    • I have been preparing for several months to start living in the wilderness. I hope real soon I can make that leap. (March 29, 2011). I value Darrall's comments below. RIght now I'm trying to decide if Appalachia or out west is best.

      • Where about was this native american land? I had completely forgotten they have their own nation within the US.

  88. Actually, I live in Montana. This state is only 1% water and what little water there is generally is covered with someone having water rights. Our space per person is only second to Alaska and if you think you can take -40 degree weather, blizzards, and winds that can rip a roof off (just this week our neighbor lost their roof and someone in the paper had a neighbor's trampoline end up busting through their fence and land on their roof. If you can I'd suggesting only coming during our 2-3 good months of summer (late may through early august) and going to Glacier National park. They have a lake so there's plenty of water. It's beautiful too. Otherwise stay west of the continental divide to avoid extreme high winds and arid (dry) climate. They get all the water. And I hope that earlier poster meant bear pepper spray, you can't use regular. And if you're looking for a challenge, well it is here...

  89. Anybody really brave enough who wants to do it who is not under age i don't need the heat. I have lived in the bush it is tough i live in Canada now .I have done this in the Caribbean as well that is the place to do it trust me you can servive in anyplace.I can show you how it is easy. There is 4 things you only need, water, fire,food,shelter.But i brake that rule and bring a strong knife and a wak of other thigs .Any ways if anybody wants to come and do it no crap try it you will have ablast leaving soon.Write only if you want to come don't worry not a freek. Going by kayak this time and island hopping don't forget your passport no under age sorry .Iwas going to do this trip on my own but it sounds like you all want the same thing .Just picture this discover your island with tropical gardens a bounty of fruit and vegetables and the most amazing colour of blue swaying pulms blinding white sand tropic warm breeze of the ocean icould go on . Have a good one ,O ya don't forget a really good, not a cheep mask and snorkel.

  90. I want to go "into the wild" island....a jungle...a desert...but not alone...

    • hey Sarah i live in Canada it gets really cold as any buddy knows. so what i'm going to do or planning is leave here soon and go to Florida .then buy a sea kayak it is about 50 miles to the Bahmas and travel through out the caribbean. On till i find a island that can supply life for a couple of peaple. I did it last year but a little differant i had a blast so if this peeks your intrest but no under age peaple please i don't need the heat i do this alone usuly.Write me and let me know what you think.

    • Sarah- I feel the same. There has always a big desire to go live off the land somewhere, Montana, Washington, etc. But I know the loneliness would get to me eventually...never mind the safety issue of "going it alone." But trying to find someone willing to say screw and lets just do it.....not So easy.

    • Hey im Cody from California, im 24 and im going into the wilderness in a month, gonna hopefully spend the rest of my life living off the land in different places around the world. i have all the gear and im ready to go, just looking for someone to join me...

      • Mate you sound just like me. Had no idea that there were so many people fed up with the way this world is changing and that are desperately trying to convert back to the old age, but hesitant to do it alone. If you are serious about doing it as you seem, please email me I'm 20 and living in Australia.

        • Hey tried your email but it keeps failing to send. Anyway if you know of someone that is ready now or living this life style can you please let me know. I'm packed ready and will be rearing to go by this Thursday. (To meet up, tag along or form a group) Needing to have everthing sorted before Thursday as my communication devices may be down. Have plans to do this solo but if I can get another or more that would be great. Cheers Warm Regards Sandra.

  91. Hello, My name is Crissy. I feel the same way about the society. I feel I live in a world that really wasn't ment for me. I do wish to go live out in the open. I'd really like to find some land out in the open and build myself a small cabin. Do things like they did in the oldin days. What great fun I would really have. Get married and have kids, teach my kids right from wrong, of-course they would still have to go to a school. The way things are now, it's sad. They say this is a free country, but really it's not free. If it was free, then I would be able to buy land and build my log cabin I want to build, but no the city has rules and regulations. It is required to have 3 sides with brick. What is a log cabin with 3 walls bricks? Not a log cabin that's for sure. I thought about taking a trip to an island and getting lost haha. How awesome would it be to be really free. Built your own home with your sweat and hard work! I wish that before everything changed.. that were was a state that said.. "No, we refused to move forth with the new laws. We will keep our civilization the way it is." If that were true, I'd be there in a heart beat. If anyone ever does want to try to live out in the open and has some idears on how to do so, please email. I'm more then interested in hearing what you have to say.

  92. I have to agree with anybody with any thoughts of living the land. My favorite movie...Jeremiah Johnson. I think anybody who finds this post really has a deep want to feel what its like to be free. I respect almost anyone who wants that. Die an honest death. I do think its funny though. Funny like JOSE DIAZ writes "hit me up on Instan Messenger"...ha ha. But yet wants to go live in the wild...Would you bring a modern rifle or find a Hawken? Good luck men, and walk with god.

  93. I am planning on going to Montana to live in the mountains for a year I am going to study and learn all I can about the laws land and needs but if you are serious I would like to find a partner and I dont mean gay like just another person to go with me I would like to take my dog to but I think he would die he is a wuss I can catch fish with a rock if I had to I am a very avid fisherman I can aslo find a deer in the artic I am a pure blooded country boy who wants to get lost in the fronteer and find myself if you ever get this email me Justin sawyer my email is today is october 25 2009

    • I'M from Texas but have traveled the world and am very intrested in living in the wild.It would be nice to do it with another person if possible.

    • Bro i agree with you 100 percent man i am 19 but i would love to live in the wild and get away from the world we live in full of just crap i want to live together with mother nature see how animals interact hunt for my food just live an alkl around different life if anyone wants to go along for an adventure hit me up on my instan messenger

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