Blisters: The First Aid Is Counter-Intuitive

Blisters happen when there sufficient rubbing of the skin and the skin becomes irritated, hot, and chaffed. If severe enough, blisters can lead to an open wound, bleeding, infection, and much discomfort.

Preventing Blisters

  • Make sure all of your equipment fits well.
  • Use protective tape as required.
  • With new equipment, break it in a bit at a time.
  • Never use new equipment in competition.
  • Use powder or a lubricant in your shoes.

First Aid for Blisters

  • Do not puncture blisters. This may lead to infections and they will take longer to heal.
  • Protect blisters with a small donut-shaped pad.
  • Use dressing for further protection and change the dressing frequently.
  • Ease up on activity to prevent the blister from becoming worse.
  • If a blister breaks:
    • Do not peel off skin. Leave it in place to protect the underlying sensitive area.
    • Clean the area with soap and water.
    • Keep the area dry.
    • Watch for signs of infection and seek medical help if needed.
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  1. Peter Alexandrou

    Cindy, Unfortunately it is next to impossible to diagnose people's ailments over the web. It is also difficult for people to self-diagnose themselves. Your case could be many things including something as simple as an irritate face from too much cleansing. Your best bet is probably to let up on the cleansing and see if things improve. If the "blister" is bleeding everyday then you're probably not giving it a chance to heal. If things do not improve then you should probably visit a doctor or skin care specialist.

  2. I was using a topical cream given to me by a doctor but now I'm not suppose to use it anymore because it was for a certain time limit. It did clear up some of the rash that I had on my face that the doctor thought was caused by some other medication I was on. I scrub my face and put on lotions and creams at night but now it looks like I have a blister on the right side of my face on my cheek. Is it possible to get blisters on your face? And if so, what kind of medicine can help that? It doesn't get a head like a pimple. After washing it will either bleed or release a clear liquid.

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