Where to Sit in the Plane: Tips for Travelers

Everyone likes traveling and exploring new countries, but no one likes airports and flights. Flying six hours in an uncomfortable seat is a lot of fun. Picking a seat on the plane is one of the important components of a successful flight. And for some people, making the right choice is way harder than hitting the jackpot at TonyBet. Here's how to choose a comfortable seat.

Seat Arrangements on the Plane

Boeing Aircrafts

The company has 38 models, but the most popular is the 737. There is no single aircraft layout, because there are several modifications. Let's talk about the plane with 168 seats. There are two classes in the cabin. The first five rows are business class, next – economy. The plane is divided into six rows: seats A and F are by the window, and C and D are by the aisle. It isn't recommended to sit in the last seats because there are two toilets at the back, where the whole business class goes. The most comfortable place to sit is on row 6 – plenty of legroom, no one will recline in front – and on row 15 in front of the emergency exit.

If you want to take a great picture from the window, do not choose seats 13 to 17 rows: they are just above the wing.

In the Boeing 777s, for example, the situation is different. On the 777 300ER, for example, only Economy Class has 34 rows, with rows 17 to 51. The first ten rows are business class, and from 10 to 16 is comfort class. This model consists of three cabins. The most comfortable seats are those, where the front seat is not reclining: these are rows 17, 24 and 39. However, there is a toilet next to row 24, and the kitchen is next to row 39.

Airbus Aircrafts

With Airbus, it's the same story. The most popular model is the A320. Consider the A320-20C model. The aircraft is small: economy class occupies only 20 rows, business – five rows. The sixth row has plenty of legroom, which is suitable for tall people or those who have a vital need to stretch their legs during a long flight. The seats on rows eight and nine are uncomfortable because of their proximity to the emergency exits and the impossibility of reclining the back of the seat. The view from the window, by the way, is spoiled by the wings of the plane.

One can fly comfortably on the tenth row: there is more space between seats, and there will be no minors and passengers with pets. Sitting in the tail isn't the best idea: first, it's close to the toilet, secondly, the seats don't recline, and thirdly, it's a noisy aircraft engine.

What to Consider When Choosing Seats on a Plane

Of course, navigating by airplane model is difficult, because you have to google what kind of aircraft the airline uses. The easiest way to navigate is by where the seat is and what is next to it.

Window Seats

They are worth choosing if you are uncomfortable staying indoors for a long time, want to take cool pictures and have more surface to lean on while sleeping (especially on night flights).


  • Cool view out the window and there's a lot to see.
  • Natural source of light if you want to read.
  • You can lean against the closed porthole and sleep.
  • Lots of space, which reduces claustrophobia.


  • The view may not be appealing if the seats are directly over the wing of the plane. By the way, there is the option of no porthole at all in the side seats.
  • There is nothing to see on night flights.
  • You have to constantly ask your neighbors to stand up when you go to the restroom.

Aisle Seats

An aisle seat is advantageous when you fly long distances. You can stretch out and go to the restroom without disturbing anyone.


  • Autonomy of movement.
  • You can stretch your legs out. 


  • Sometimes there is nothing to lean on while sleeping.
  • No cool pictures.

Places in the Mid

These lack both merits and demerits.


  • Comfortable: you can see the porthole and only one person will be disturbed when going to the bathroom.


  • You have to fight for a seat on the armrests.
  • Two strangers next to you if you are flying alone.

Seats in the Nose of the Plane

The nose section of the plane is the most comfortable for passengers: service starts from here, you go straight to your seat and don't have to wait a million hours to get off the plane. But these seats also have many disadvantages.


  • If you're flying with kids, you can put a cradle or stroller in a free seat.
  • Service starts right here.
  • You will be the first one to go down the stairs.


  • Sometimes you have to pay for these seats.
  • Often passengers with children sit here. These are the noisiest rows. If you cannot tolerate children crying, choose a remote seat in another part of the plane.

Places in the Middle of the Aircraft

The middle section of the airplane is optimal for those who are afraid of turbulence zones. There is less turbulence when you hit turbulence.


  • Comfortable seating arrangement.
  • Most likely, seats can be booked for free.
  • The jolting is felt less.
  • Emergency exits are close by.


  • Poor view from the porthole: you can almost always see only the wing.
  • You can hear the hum of the engine.
  • Close to the fuel tanks, which is not safe during an airplane crash (although on the other hand – what is safe during an airplane crash).

Tail Section Seats

The tail section usually goes to those who didn't make it to check in on time. Sometimes they may also be chosen by those who have studied airplane crash fatality statistics a great deal. It's believed that it's the tail of the plane that is the safest part of it.


  • No children nearby.
  • Safe seats (more than 60% of passengers in plane crashes survive in the tail section).
  • Free seats.
  • This is an unpopular part of the plane, so the risk of getting more than two seats is high.


  • There are toilets and people standing in line next to each other.
  • Service by staff is last in line.

Where Is the Best Place to Sit on a Plane With Children

The seats in the front rows are the most comfortable for passengers with children. If your baby needs a bassinet or stroller, it's at hand. You can let your baby walk around in the free space in front of the seats. Flight attendant services are also always available.

If you have older children you can choose seats in the middle of the cabin so that no infant will wake up during the flight.

Where Is the Best Place to Sit on an Airplane With Children

It's most comfortable for passengers with children to sit in the front rows. If your baby needs a bassinet or stroller, it's at hand. You can let your baby walk around in the free space in front of the seats. Flight attendant services are also always available.

If you have older children you can choose seats in the middle of the cabin so that no infant will wake up during the flight.

Traveler's Tips

  • Understand what you will be doing on the flight. Before you choose seats on the plane, be sure to decide exactly how you will occupy yourself on the flight. For example, if it's a night flight, it's best to choose a seat so that you're not disturbed during the flight, you can lean comfortably against the closed porthole and sleep. If your feet or body gets tired, sit in the aisle and you can stretch without anyone else bothering you.
  • Research the model of the aircraft. Information about which plane you will fly on is in the public domain, just google it. For example, Air Astana flies Boeing 767-300ER, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321, Airbus A321neo, Airbus A321neo LR, and Embraer E190-E2.
  • Check in for your flight online. That way, opportunities to sit in your desired seat will increase manifold.
  • Let the airport know at check-in which seat you want if you didn't check in online. Arrive at the airport early so you don't end up in an uncomfortable seat.
  • Don't fly during busy periods: that's morning and evening, Friday and Sunday.
  • If you're thinking about which seats to choose, try to consider the movement of the sun. If you fly from east to west and north to south in the morning, the sun will shine on the left side, and from west to east and north to south in the evening, it will shine on the right side.
  • If you get an uncomfortable seat, you can take any available seat after the last passenger enters the cabin and the crew announces “Boarding is over”.
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