Want to Travel Cheap? Here's What to Do

Traveling is an experience that not everyone has the fortune to have, but if you are smart about your travels, there are ways to experience the world on even the smallest of budgets. There are a few things that can help you extend the worth of your money, and here are some of those tips that will help you travel on the cheap.

Have a Budget (and Stick to It)

The first thing that you want to do when you are considering traveling and hoping to do so in an inexpensive manner is to create a budget. This is important as it will help you maintain and be responsible with your finances and spending. Having a budget that you will stick to throughout your trips will ensure that you keep your spending controlled. Having a budget on your trip doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice what you are doing, your enjoyment or what you spend on in terms of food, activities or gift. It just means that you are not overspending, which is key when you are trying to maximize your money during your adventures.

Plan Ahead Of Time

The best way to save money and travel cheaply is to plan your travels ahead of time. This does not mean simply planning for the next day, or even week, but actually dedicating the time months in advance to plan out your trip and keep an eye out for different prices. These savings not only translate to airfare, transit, or your accommodations, but also to just about every aspect of your trip that requires you to take out your wallet. Starting your planning early will allow you to not only save money by finding the best prices, but also helps you plan where to eat, and what activities you would like to take part in throughout your time. 

Watch Out For Deals

As touched upon when it comes to planning early, having that time to monitor prices is key to saving loads on a variety of factors. Unlike certain things that have set prices like the local transportation, or food prices, travel expenses are full of fluctuating costs. Consider different websites and resources for finding the deals on those big ticket items that will change prices. These factors will include things like flight costs, and hotel or hostel prices changing during peak and off times. There are also packages that include both airfare and accommodations, so having an eye for these deals will go a long way in saving you money or letting you spend more on other expenses.

Use Review Sites

One important factor to note when trying to travel on a budget is that saving money does not mean cheaping out. In addition to finding deals, you need to also do your research to find quality to help your money go further. Even if it means spending a little extra to ensure you have a quality place to sleep or food that won't leave you feeling sick, it's best to not take your chances on some things just because it's cheaper. Having this mindset can also help you save money on extra items like medical or cleaning supplies. Reading up on other travelers' experiences and reviews will definitely help save you money, and more importantly help improve your experience when traveling.

Use Cash

If you are truly trying to save some money and travel on the cheap, one of the best suggestions is to travel with money on hand. Before your trip, again considering that you have planned in advance and have time to monitor prices, keep an eye out for best exchange rates on the local 

currency. If you have planned your budget as well, you will know how much money you will want to bring with you to carry on your person. Of course, it is not smart to simply carry more money than you need, and be flashing wads of cash recklessly. Use cash for things like leaving tips, or paying street vendors, but also keep an eye out for local exchange rates. Not all shops have the same rates, and depending on the length of your trip, you will need to exchange multiple times. Using cash also means that you are able to stick to your budget better, as you are able to physically see how much you have spent day by day.

Traveling allows you the opportunity to expand your perspective, and if you can, you should take the chance to do so. Even if you can't afford to stay at luxury resorts, there are still ways to see the world. In most cases, budget traveling provides you a greater experience that brings you closer to international cultures and other people.

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