6 Vodka Cocktails You Should Try This Summer

You don't need to be Russian to appreciate good vodka; you need good taste. Well, the Summer is right on top of us and following we are going to recommend some Vodka cocktails to keep you cool and hydrated.

1. Vodka Gummy Bear Jungle Jacuzzi

I thought of no better way to start my bizarre vodka drinks than something over the top. You do a double take with this drink. It is by far the weirdest and hilarious choice. While it might look expensive, I was surprised to see it is a low budget solution.

The drink can be easily prepared with Vodka, Soaked Gummy Bear and Jungle Juice. Throw every ingredient in the fishbowl and mix them along.

2. Absolut Chicago Mary

I was surprised to learn the world already has Hot Dog Vodka, Pizza Vodka, etc. This is the Chicago Flavour insures vodka drink. A tip from pros, use Olive and rosemary in the end. According to me, it had a bit weird taste. If you want a contraption of Pizza thrown into the grinder and mixed with alcohol.

The ingredients are not much different as compared to a simple Mary. This drink is easy to make. If you want to sharp, then you must use pickle Vodka.

3. Diet Pickle

People either love fizzy drinks, or they hate it. If you like fizzy drinks, then you might as well try Diet Pickle. These drinks are made with Pickle Vodka. All you need is vodka and fizzy drinks. Combine these both, and you will have a cocktail you will have a hard time forgetting it.

This happened to me, I refuted this idea at first, but I tried it and developed a taste for it.

4. Pink Panther

Don't worry, and I am not going to refer to the cartoon here. Instead, I am going to refer to the strange drink that might round up every other entry. It's made with grapefruit vodka combine with rosemary. It's a great choice during hot summer months as it will keep you hydrated for long. It is made with seltzer water.  It has a unique taste of sour and fruity at the same time.

5. White Russian

No one said that you can't combine Vodka and Coffee. Several cocktails are made by adding vodka (and other liquor) in coffee beverages.  White Russian is one such example. It is a “boozy” coffee cocktail made by combining Kahlua, vodka, heavy cream and coffee. You can add as much vodka as you like.

White Russian is easy to make. Just pour the ingredients into a French Press (a coffee maker) and prepare your coffee. French Presses make great coffee while being affordable. If you want to learn more about these coffee makers, you can read more here.

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Shots

If you want to prank someone, then you better try this! I was too pranked with this contraption. The drink uses peanut butter vodka and real jelly. The creategives a night touch, but it's a bit offset flavored drink which is made by adding something more than traditional flavors. If you want to go wild, hen you can add some banana, and bacon. This is something you are not going o try something every day.

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