West Texas adventures

Everything in Texas is significant, and so is the great outdoors in West Texas. You can explore the varied desert landscape, quirky small towns, two national parks and drive a scenic road next to the Rio Grande or go to the Globe Theatre replica in Odessa.

The best time to visit the area is from March until October. The West Texas weather ranges between warm and hot during the summer months with low precipitation.

The Big Country

Although Big Bend National Park might not be the biggest one, it has more than 150 miles of trails, Rio Grande flows and creates the big bend hence the name, and it encompasses the Chisos Mountains.

Stargazing and hiking are popular in adjacent Big Bend Ranch State Park, and another great attraction is the River Road that runs alongside the Rio Grande and is perhaps the most stunning road to travel in Texas.

Another excellent adventure destination in West Texas is the Guadalupe Mountains, National Park. Almost 100 miles of hiking trails, varied ecosystems like Alpine areas and Chihuahuan desert landscape along with the highest peak in Texas will give you a lot to explore.

Make sure you obtain your ESTA American Visa if you are visiting from abroad. The ESTA process is an online procedure where you will need to answer a detailed questionnaire and pay a small fee. The administration will then determine whether you are eligible to enter the US. ESTA approval lasts around three days, but we recommend you start with the application on time, even before you start planning the trip. Once you get the permit, you have two years to take advantage of the Visa.

Out in the West Texas town

El Paso is the border town on the Rio Grande river with the Mexican city of Juarez on the other side of the border. The city was immortalized in popular country culture with 1959 song Out in the West Texas Town by Marty Robbins. The events in the ballad occur in Rosa’s Cantina that is still in business today.

El Paso is the largest town in West Texas with plenty of attractions. El Paso Zoo has 35 acres designed with kids in mind. Other than plenty of animals, Zoo offers attractions like African Star Train, the Hunt Endangered Species Carousel and Hunt Family Splash Pad.

Explore more than 800 species of desert plants in the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens. El Paso has plenty of fascinating museums like the El Paso Museum of Archeology with illustrious galleries that show life in the region from 14000 years ago. Other notable museum includes El Paso Museum of Art, Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museum, Holocaust Museum and Study Center, and The National Border Patrol Museum.

El Paso is home of the most essential Spanish mission dating back to 1682. Franklin Mountains State Park and Hueco Tanks State Park offer great outdoor opportunities near the city.

Things to do in Odessa TX

One of the most attractive small towns in West Texas is Odessa, named after Ukrainian town, that is situated in a similar landscape. The Globe of the Great Southwest is the exact replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, and you can enjoy quality shows, including classics like Rome and Juliet or plays like Beauty and the Beast.

Odessa has another replica from England. On the University of Texas campus, you can find Stonehenge Odessa, an astronomically correct twenty stone blocks replica.

Odessa is home of eight-foot-tall homage for popular culture character of Jack the Rabbit. If you ever wondered how a meteor crater looks like, you can check one 550 feet wide close to the town.

West Texas is historically known for big ranchers and cowboys. An excellent way to experience it is with a visit to the Parker House Ranching Museum.

Water park Odessa TX

Scorching summer heat in West Texas calls for some water fun, and Woodson Park Aquatic Center has various installation for children and pools to relieve the hot weather.

Sherwood Park Aquatic center has a pool, waterslide, and a lot of community space for leisure time.

After Alaska, Texas is the biggest US state, and West Texas is especially interesting because of its diverse nature, desert landscapes, old historic towns, and plenty of attractions. Think about your Wild West adventure when filling out an ESTA form. After you get a permit, you can visit the US for up to 90 days. This admission procedure is only available for visitors from Visa Waiver program.


From Mexican border and Rio Grande River, through Big Bend National Park, Chihuahuan Desert to interesting towns like metropolitan hub El Paso or small-town Odessa, West Texas offers varied experiences and an enormous amount of attractions. You can explore the great outdoors, or dive into history.

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