Traffic Signs and Rules You Should Know Before Your Travel in Texas

Hitting the open road throughout the United States is a dream for many. The vast amount of wilderness, impressive vistas, and fun places to visit make roadtripping one of the most desirable forms of vacation to truly experience the most of the countries natural wonders.

One state that gets put on many people's road travel bucket list is the great state of Texas. The lonestar state has vast amounts of desert, fields, lakes, but also modern cities to see. Knowing what kind of road rules and signs are out there can help you feel comfortable when travelling in a new location, so use this as a guide before you head out.

High Volume Freeways

One thing Texas is known for is their interstate system. Due to the large size of the state, they need to accomodate to an impressive amount of motorists. According to the information at, you should be aware of particularly dangerous roads too. Interstate systems are massive in Texas because of the population and size, so be aware before you travel that you will not be intimidated by any kind of roads, or their rules. The worst thing that you could do was merge into one of these without knowing how it operates, so stay educated before you travel.

Speed Limits

Something that is actually quite enjoyable about driving through the Texas landscape, aside from the wide open countrysides, are the speed limits. It can catch a lot of people off guard, but there are long stretches of highway road that is very well maintained, and has high speed limits. While this does not mean to disregard safety, the opposite really, it is simply to help you be aware that you can enjoy some speed on the highway. Keep in mind that other people might be thinking the same thing so just remember that while a 70 mp/h highway may sound fun, it can also be dangerous.

Destination Signs

These signs, often indicated by blue backgrounds or big LED signs attached to metal poles across highways, give information on important destinations. Knowing what turnoffs you need to make to get to a rest stop, airport, hospital, or city is important so you do not get lost. These signs are seen very often on highways for traveller help. Gas stations are another specific destination sign for your benefit as the state government does not want people driving aimlessly for hours without being able to fuel up. Pay attention to these signs so you do not get lost, and know when to plan your next trip to get gas.

Keep Legal Documents in Car at All Times

Advised for any driving or travel, you should make sure that your legal documents are in the car. This means your insurance papers, your driver's license (keep it on you of course), registration, and anything else you may need like a passport if you are travelling from another country by car. Not only is this a legal requirement, but it is good to build the habit so you do not get pulled over or need it and not have it. Glove compartment is generally the place you should keep it, and it should not leave the car for any reason.

Other Rules to Know

As you probably know, drinking or possession of open alcohol while operating a motor vehicle is illegal, and this applies to Texas state driving laws as well. Texting and driving is also heavily enforced and can result in some hefty fines. These are rules that you should never break while driving, especially in another unfamiliar state. Minors may not drive vehicles on highways without supervision of a fully licensed driver as their passenger and often there is a limit on how many people they can have in their vehicle. While these rules might not apply to you, it is still good to know for any reason, or if you are unfamiliar and just want to keep from running into trouble with the law in any instance.

If you are roadtripping, or just making a quick drive through an unfamiliar place, it is best to know the rules and road intricacies before getting behind the wheel. Texas is a popular state to travel through, and it comes with its own unique road regulations. These tips should help you on your journey, and keep you out of trouble. More importantly, it will keep you safe while on the road so you can get from point A to B without any danger.

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