Top 3 Casinos to Visit in Las Vegas

Las Vegas casinos are known worldwide, whether for traveling or the many movies and series that made them famous. Titles such as “Oceans 11” and “Hangover” made the destination even more desirable, as they present a city in a constant state of a party with a lot of hype and other “bad things.”

But, there is no doubt that of all the attractions offered by the city, the casinos are undoubtedly the main attraction, as it gathers from professional players to newcomers who want to know how it works and risk their luck in the game. The big problem is that there are many casinos and with so many options it is difficult to choose which one to visit. The tip to help you choose one or more casinos during your stay in the city is: Choose the casino according to your personality; in other words, evaluate the games that appeal to you the most, the available budget, and of course, the skill level you have in games, that will make it easier to choose. For you to know the differentials of each of the casinos in Las Vegas, here I have selected the best ones that will surely guarantee a lot of fun and, who knows, a good cash prize.

1- MGM Grand
​​At MGM Grand, you'll find a floor called Level Up, where there's more than a regular Casino waiting for you. They are one step ahead with interactive, skill-based games, bar, lounge, plus the casino itself. It is a more fun experience to visit, different from the typical Casino experience. There are many more normal restaurants around there too. In addition to a food court with quick snacks for those who don't want to miss a single minute of fun. And if you ever want to get into the casino vibe, you should first read a review of BetMGM to get familiar with their online casino; you can check it out on

The casino at the MGM Grand features elegant decor and an absolute sense of luxury. There is a lot of movement of people, a lot of noise and a lot of activity. The higher floors and further away from the Casino itself are better for hosting.

Curiosity: Several casinos belong to the MGM Grand Group, such as Mandalay and Bellagio

2- Caesars Palace
Simply one of the most (if not the most) famous on the planet! Caesars Palace is the consumption dream of virtually every visitor to the city. With a luxurious and even extravagant decor, it is located in the heart of Las Vegas, in Paradise, next to the famous PURE nightclub.

Their casino has the most oversized Poker Room and is well known for their sensational daily tournaments that reach record times in many cases. Suppose you want to enjoy the luxury of the casino hotel. In that case, you will be able to enjoy incredible attractions provided to guests, as well as a lot of comfort and differentiated services such as spas, saunas, yoga, and a long list capable of taking you to heaven.

3- Mandalay Bay
One of the most traditional casinos in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay was founded at the end of the last century and, like the vast majority of casinos in the city, they offer the hosting service, in which case, if you choose it, you will enjoy the incredible structure of the resort. With attractions for the whole family.

Blackjack, 21, roulette, slot machines, and poker are some of the casino's attractions that will make you enjoy every moment. Mandalay Bay is located right at the entrance to the city, right next to the iconic “Welcome Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.

Extra: Bellagio 
We put Bellagio here as an extra because it is a good casino option and different entertainment. There you can follow the famous light show and other famous events. If you are a natural poker player or enjoy a good tournament, you will enjoy Bellagio. There are high stakes in matches broadcast on TVs throughout the casino that attract many art lovers. There are two separate high-stakes areas in the casino for “big people” games known as Bobby Room and Club Prive.

It is also at the Bellagio that the World Poker Tour and big and essential boxing and UFC fights take place. In the resort, you can find famous faces, business people, and great magnates. Its landmark opening in 1998 with the spectacular Fountains at Bellagio water show in front of the hotel is still an attraction on the Strip today. Bellagio opened the era of mega-resorts and is one of the biggest to this day.

Get Ready For Vegas
As said before, who will define the best casino will be you, as everything will depend on your tastes and purchasing power. If you choose to stay at one of the casino resorts, you will have all the necessary infrastructure, so you don't need to leave the place; they are amazing! Before booking hotels and tickets, it's a good idea to take stock of your travel budget and do thorough research to ensure the best prices.

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