How Not To Be Torn Between Love and Travelling

Love and Travel

Travelling is an essential part of my life. I can talk forever about its importance and contribution to the development of my skills, life experience and personality as a whole. Actually, that's why I created this blog to share my experiences with people and to touch on the themes that find an echo in my heart too. And matters of the heart usually suffer first from a travelling lifestyle. Needless to say, such a lifestyle denies stability, serenity and a traditional scenario of relationships (unless your girlfriend or boyfriend shares your hobby). And the question is how to maintain relationships after free senior dating site helped you to find each other. Here is my answer to this question.

Accepting and realizing
I would say that this step is a solid foundation for relationships with an adventurer and traveler. I noticed that many girls think that travelling is holidays on all-inclusive luxury resorts without any stress and worries. Bur reality is not like this. Scams, overcharging, and emergencies may happen. It is not a never-ending party. Every journey means new people, new foods, new language and new time zone, and a traveler cannot stay online at any moment and will be grateful for understanding that, and his mind, in its turn, will be grateful for not being blown because you did not go online for too long. If you are travelling alone and you want to find the love of your life, you can check a good international dating site.

Staying in touch
Thank God, I live in the age of digital technologies, and the all-mighty Internet is a powerful thing that can reduce the distance. Skype, Viber, What's App let me share pics and my impressions, send a message or have a video chat. It is amazing how precious simple things become when you can't be next to your beloved person as of now, and how supporting a short text maybe.

Keeping up with my friends
In fact, the people are drifting apart not because of the distance, but mainly due to different lifestyles they have, including activities, interests, friends and life goals. Of course, the lifestyle of a traveler and his girlfriend not leaving the boundaries of her home city are initially different. But any traveler comes back home, and if a couple turns out to have nothing in common, then the situation is really bad. Indeed, just imagine, you want to spend time with your friends, your girlfriend wants to spend time with her friends, that will be a reason for an argument. In case, you have common friends, that would let you easily plug in after a long period of living apart.

Hope these tips will help you not to be torn between love to traveling and love to a girl. To my mind, if people really want to be with each other and accept each other, they will find the way to maintain their relationships and stay together.

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