Essential Tips in Staying Healthy While Traveling

For many people, traveling is its own medicine. When you're visiting new places, you feel so healthy and alive!

In the following, we'll break down some of the essential tips to keep you healthy and active as you discover the world.


Your rest is crucial. Your body needs the time to recover from the day's sightseeing. The physical exertion that occurs when you're moving one place to another may be more than you realize.

You're carrying luggage, walking through airports, and taking long bus rides. This is all rough on your body. Before traveling for one stretch, make sure you get the proper amount of rest before moving on.


Have a full itinerary for the day ahead? A long hike to the top of the volcano? Stretch beforehand! Try and spend at least ten minutes stretching out each morning. Make sure to do a full body stretch, your body will thank you later.

Even if you're getting prepared for a long bus ride, stretching can be very important. You don't want to get any cramps and you want to ensure you're as comfortable as possible.


Yoga is an excellent way to both stretch and decompress. You're on vacation, right? You'll want to let go of your anxieties and have a clear mind to really enjoy your vacation. Yoga can also be a great way to meet fellow travelers.


Meditation is another great way to reduce stress. Doing some meditation in the morning and before bed is a great way to set your intention and appreciating the moment. Don't discount the benefits.


Try and keep to a routine. For example, you can stretch or do some yoga each morning. Also, keep in mind to brush your teeth and take a shower whenever possible. Try and keep regular habits. The consistency helps keep your body's homeostasis in check.


Instead of hailing an Uber or Grab, walk! Walking is a great form of exercise and the best way to truly get to know an area. You don't get the same experience when you're passing by on a bicycle or in a car. Walking gives a true feel of the culture and the environment around you.


Hiking is a great form of exercise. Just be sure to pack plenty of water with you to keep hydrated. Also, having a phone or some sort of device with GPS can help you from getting lost.

Digital Detox

Another great way to give your mind some time to relax is to stay away from your phone and laptop. A little digital detox can go a long way can leave us to appreciate the simple things and focus on ourselves.


Elijah Keys from HCG Diet says that brushing your teeth earlier will help you stay out of the kitchen at night. Whenever you brush you should also take the opportunity to wash your face and hands. It's also important to regularly shower. Grime and bacteria can build up in your hair and on your skin even while traveling through airports.

Think about it. You're kept in confined spaces with up to hundreds of other individuals for hours. It's not the most hygienic environment.

First Aid

This may seem simple, but it's vital. Knowing basic first aid skills and keeping a first aid kit is essential when traveling through remote or undeveloped regions of the world. Even though a serious situation is unlikely to occur, having the skills and preparation for it can mean life or death.

Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Go outside! Don't stick to the inside of your hotel or in fancy malls. Experience the great outdoors! Vitamin D is great for you. However, be sure to use plenty of sunscreen and protection for your skin. You don't want to be sporting a serious sunburn and then lugging a 40 LB backpack for several hours. Trust us, it hurts.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can really mean life or death. If you're traveling through a tropical country, there is a worry of contracting diseases like dengue or malaria. Travel insurance will give you peace of mind so you really can enjoy your trip.


You may not always have the opportunity to eat a nutritionally balanced meal. Be sure to pack essential vitamins before you begin your travels. They can be a great supplement to your regular meals and help maintain your nutritional intake.

Wash Your Hands

It's very handy to carry around some wet wipes and hand sanitizer. You won't always have soap or water available as you travel. Your day will be filled with contact with all sorts of surfaces ranging from shaking hands with new people to opening doors.

You never want to eat with dirty hands. The bacteria you transfer from your hands to your mouth may possibly get you sick. You should always wash your hands before and after meals.

Don't Forget Your Fruits and Veggies

Even though you may be visiting a meat-heavy country like Thailand, you'll want to get your fill of vegetables whenever possible. Try and eat a salad when you can and order some extra veggies. You can even visit a grocery store firsthand to buy your own vegetables. This can also save you money.

Fruit is also important. You can buy bananas, oranges, and strawberries as snacks to eat throughout the day. These fruits are almost universal.

Drink More Water

You can never drink enough water. Always carry a couple of water bottles with you. You really can never go wrong. Plus, staying hydrated is incredibly important. Your body needs it, especially when traveling through tropical countries.

Watch Your Alcohol and Soda Intake

Alcoholic drinks and sodas are full of calories. They also slow you down. Instead, you should focus on drinking water. It's just plain healthier for you. We know you're on vacation, but the key is definitely to drink alcohol in moderation. Too much alcohol in a short time can be damaging to your body.

Have Fun!

Always have fun! Traveling is true nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. Sometimes we forget to live in the moment and truly enjoy the experience. Each moment visiting a new environment is an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

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