5 Tips to Improve the Hospitality Guest Experience

Innovation is the spice of growth – at least for a number of key commercial industries who are consumer-focused. Their constant efforts to freshen up the experience their clients receive through the use of their services is what sets them apart from their competitors in the field. For these entrepreneurs, the customer is the prize target, and their action plans are always woven keeping the customer in mind.

With the increase in tourists arrivals per time, lodgings and other hospitality places have the opportunity to become more efficient in serving while ingraining the perfect hospitality experience for their clients.

Just like a student will look at the highest ratings when they want to use this cheap essay writing service, the potential clients would also search the internet for ratings. A good number of these ratings would come from reviews left by previous patrons. For most people, a few bad comments might be all they need to decide that the guest experience offered by the hotel is not what they would love to have.

As a hotel, spa, hostel, motel or any other hospitality setting, there are countless ideas you can apply to your business that would create a lasting impression that will cause a ripple effect and thus, attract more people to your place. We would go through a few of them.

1. Using your clients' names in interaction

Your client becomes your ‘client' the moment they book with you. Familiarizing yourself with their preferences, and attempting to personify their stay is the core idea of knowing their names. By default, everyone loves it when you address them by name. It gives the person a sense of feeling welcomed, feeling that they are thought of – ‘despite their many customers they take note of my initials?'- a gesture worth appreciating.

2. Interaction before arrival

Don't bore them out with different emails, though! You could start interacting with your guests before they even arrive. What's the idea? Making the stay personal for everybody that chooses to lodge with you.

By engaging them, you get to know their preferences and fix them up beforehand e.g. if your client loves lavender as a favorite color, a cute welcome idea would be to have lavender-colored bed sheets prepared for them before arrival, or making provision for hypoallergenic snacks if your client is allergic to nuts. Personalizing their experience as much as needed is the central concept.

3. Being a trove of information for your clients

You could choose to set up a stand with menu choices from the best restaurants and gourmet places that are less than 5km away from you. Or, you could partner with specific top restaurants, for every booking made for a top-star room, your guests get magnificent discounts on the best delicacies. Or they get to tour the most popular attractions in the locality. Either way, the idea is – when your guests need to find out about the locality, you should be able to show them the way with a smile while displaying offers they can't resist.

4. Upgrading the ‘little things'

A vase here, a new toilet seat there. When people hear the word ‘upgrade', they imagine things on a large scale. The truth is that upgrades can also start on a small scale too. By beginning with the most trivial ones (shower heads, lamp shades, foot rugs), you are subtly designing the aura for a memorable experience for whoever is going to spend next night under your care. This is one of the few hospitality tips that people often pay attention to. Don't let the brightness of your welcoming smile be dimmed by the lack of ‘decent' amenities in your hotel or setting.

5. Treats, sweet treats

The usual display mode for this is having a box of candy on the reception desk. Switch it up a notch – devise ways to discover your client's ‘sweet tooth' preferences. Then surprise them by making those preferences available – their own little bowl of treats near their pillow! Or you could get the closest alternatives available, the amount needed just for the time they will spend with you. They will thank you for it, and you are more likely to get happy, satisfied guests.

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