The Complete Long-Term Vacation Packing-List: 6 Must-Haves You Can’t Forget

The droning nine-to-five lifestyle can start to take a serious toll after awhile. Overworked employees become resentful of their usually jubilant coworkers and find themselves dreading the next day of work the minute they clock-out. Without taking the proper time to rejuvenate and indulge in small pleasures, you start to miss out on what makes life extraordinary.

For many fatigued individuals, a typical five-day vacation might not suffice as a few days away from the desk is not nearly enough to revive your sense of professional passion. An extended vacation can range anywhere from three months to two years and offers physical and mental benefits. Immersing yourself in a culture affords you a deeper understanding of foreign customs and builds lasting relationships worldwide. People who adventure have more positive mindsets and tend to form healthy lifestyle habits along the way.

Once you've decided to embark on a prolonged trip-of-a-lifetime, it's time to get down to business. Purchasing your one-way ticket to paradise is only half the work—preparing for an extended vacation takes considerable skill. Packing too much may drag you down when you're rushing to catch a train, and under-preparing can become expensive if you have to purchase all new supplies while on the road. Focus on the essentials, anticipate your needs, and leave ample room for souvenirs you'll pick up along the way.

Not sure what to include in your packing list? Check out these six essential items for long-term travel.

Your car

Having access to your car will save you big bucks and hair-pulling frustration when exploring a foreign land. While some may opt to drive their vehicle shorter distances, shipping a car to Florida, for example, prevents your prized possession from getting damaged from the road. Travelers who choose to forgo their vehicle for extended periods risk break-ins, weather damage, or theft when returning from their paradise. Instead of wasting energy stressing while you're away, bring your car along for the ride— you'll thank yourself as you cruise down the shoreline in your beloved convertible.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are organizational tools to prevent chaotic packing situations when you are living out of a backpack. Keep your clothing in one section and toiletries in another—that way, if a shampoo bottle explodes, your blouses will be safe. Varying cube sizes also allow you to locate essential items when you're in a hurry.

Universal power adapter

Although tiny, universal power adapters are powerful pieces of technology. Lightweight and easy to carry, an adapter is essential as you travel between countries as it ensures you can use your devices regardless of where you're residing. Make sure to find an adapter with a built-in fuse that will protect your devices during a power surge.

Sewing Kit

You never know when you'll need to patch up an old sweater or fix an essential pair of hiking boots, so keep a sewing kit with you during travels for a quick fix. A simple needle and thread might make all the difference during an emergency. Plus, you can do simple tailoring jobs on any local clothing items you purchase.

Activated charcoal

During your travels, you may encounter food that doesn't sit well with your stomach. Keeping activated charcoal will come in handy when you need to recover quickly from an unwelcome ingredient as it offers relief for upset digestive tracts.

Travel pillow

The many nights you'll spend cramped in an airplane seat will be more endurable with a comfortable pillow. With the right cushion, your grueling 24-hour plane ride will be a breeze. Make sure to invest in a lightweight, compactable pillow for added accessibility.

Bottom line

With the right preparation and knowledge, your extended vacation will be an experience to remember. By packing smart and covering all your bases, you'll be ready for weeks of exploration and relaxation.

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