South Korea Is a Country of Beautiful Parks and National Reserves

People who have visited South Korea love the country for different reasons. Many foreign teenagers enjoy the country’s K-pop culture, which has paved the way for talented Korean women and men to enter the global entertainment scene. And with internationally successful Korean movies like Squid Game and Parasite making the waves, many tourists are earmarking South Korea for a visit this holiday season.

But does South Korea have any beautiful parks and recreational centers worth visiting? Absolutely! This beautiful Asian country boasts 22 scenic reserves, and you shouldn’t end your vacation there without seeing at least seven of them.


There are only four marine and coastal national parks in the country, and Dadohaehaesang is one of them. When visiting this park, prepare yourself for a natural experience that will sweep you off your feet. Not only is Dadohaehaesang the biggest park in South Korea, but it is also located in the middle of three islands: Hongdo, Baekdo, and Heuksando, making it a tourist hotspot. There are over 15000 plant species, 140 bird species, and 150 exotic fishes in this park. In many ways, taking a trip to Dadohaehaesang almost feels like visiting a special enclosure for exotic animals and plants.


Bukhansan is the closest park to Seoul, South Korea's capital, making it a great touring destination. If you are into hiking, you will find that visiting this park will provide the perfect activity-based vacation because of its scenic routes. Also, for those wondering what a super chill lifestyle would be like, stepping into the temples around the park will give them a clear picture of tranquility and zen. They can stay with the monks there and learn the ways of Buddha for a few days before returning to the bustle of the South Korean cities. 


Seoraksan is a mountainous park with a landscape that would leave your jaw on the floor. With so many oak and pine trees scattered around the park, you will feel like you time-traveled and had a Christmas holiday in medieval times. And in fall, all the leaves turn yellow, reminiscent of Paris in Autumn. So if you are looking for a location to get the most breathtaking Instagram pictures, pack up and head to Seoraksan. 

Gyeongju Park

If you have always dreamt of having a glimpse of South Korea before civilization, then you should visit Gyeongju park. Some bits of this park remind you of old South Korea, preserved and kept in a time capsule for your viewing experience. This park is South Korea's only historical national park located in Gyeongju, which was the capital city of Korea’s Silla Dynasty from 57BC to 935 AD. 


Finding a place to bask in the first warm rays of the rising sun is not as simple as it sounds. With our daily routines involving waking to alarm clocks and shuffling out of bed, everybody deserves to kick back and enjoy the crack of dawn at least once in their lives. Jirisan national park in South Korea is one location where that dream regularly becomes a reality. Since this area is also a terrestrial park, it promises the most jaw-dropping views in every season. So every tourist who wants to form beautiful memories of their time in North Korea should visit Jirisan park.


Mudeungsan is yet another park that shows off the old South Korea, but more importantly, it blends the view with modern South Korea to make the experience extraordinary. This park is every hiker's dream because of the breathtaking scenic routes and challenging trails. And there are also pillar-shaped rocks formed about a 70million years ago, and right in the middle of them, an old Buddhist temple. 


Think of Songnisan Park as a mountain park because its first landmark is a temple at the base of a tall mountain. This park is beautiful for so many reasons, but the best of them is the spring azalea bloom. The spring could almost fool you into believing you were in heaven because of all the pink flowers that bloom around the mountain in that season. So if you want to experience nature’s idea of a kaleidoscope, Songnisan is the place for you. 


The next time you want to visit South Korea, you shouldn’t waste time thinking of where to go to make your trip worth the money you spent on it. This article will guide you and help you plan a fun-filled vacation in this breathtaking Asian country. The national parks and reserves in this article are open to the public but remember to book early and follow safety protocols to have the best time there. Finally, take many photos and let them remind you of the fantastic time you had touring South Korea.

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