Road Trip Checklist for the New Normal

The novel coronavirus has definitely changed the way the world operates. Schools and businesses have closed down. States that wanted to open up quickly saw major spikes in the number of cases within their borders. Citizens of the United States have seen many national borders closed to them. This means that staycations and domestic road trips are more common than they were in previous years. This will likely be the case in the short run, and those who decide to travel should get used to the new normal.

Plan Your Route

Hotels and restaurants have closed down around the country, and not all of them have opened back up. You'll want to check with a hotel or two on your route if it will take more than a day to reach your destination. First, you'll want to confirm that your chosen hotel is open. You'll also want to inquire into its cleaning process in light of COVID-19 before reserving a room even if the hotel is open.

Think About Taking Lunch

The restaurants that are open for dining in will likely be crowded in many parts of the country. Crowded restaurants are the perfect place for the new illness to head in your direction. To avoid eating out, you might want to pack some of the food you plan to eat while on the road. It's possible to eat while driving, and it will provide the side benefit of cutting down on your expenses. If you do decide to eat at a restaurant, going through the drive-thru is a great option.

Pack Carefully

In the new environment, you'll want to think about packing things that were not common vacation items previously. For example, you'll want to make sure that you have masks available. While some states are not requiring masks in indoor areas, it's still a good practice to wear one when you'll be around people. You might also consider packing some hand sanitizer and some gloves. A thermometer could be necessary if you start to feel ill while you're traveling.

You can also consider packing some CBD oil pills before heading out. These pills can help support a sense of calm and help manage signs of common daily stress. Traveling during covid-19 can be stressful and cause paranoia, so it’s great to have these with you for support.

Watch Gas Stations

It's possible to get COVID-19 from gas stations. You might consider wearing gloves when you go to buy gas. If not, you'll want to wash your hands or apply sanitizer immediately after filling your tank. You'll probably need to use a few toilets if your destination is more than a couple of hours away from home. Synchronizing your bathroom breaks with gas stops and meals is a great idea. Truck stops tend to have more room to avoid other people, and they are frequently cleaner than smaller gas stations. Regardless, you'll want to wear a mask if you need to go into the gas station or truck stop.

The coronavirus has changed travel and made it more difficult to fly to your destination. This means that you'll want to adjust your travel planning thought process so that you can protect yourself and others and keep the spread of this new disease to a minimum.

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