How To Save On Food And Drinks While On Vacation

Going on vacation can be relatively expensive, especially when you're going abroad. But apart from buying your ticket and finding the best accommodation that suits your budget, there's one more area where you might unknowingly spend more than you intended; food and drinks. Research shows that people spend an average of $35 per day on meals while on vacation. But if you're on a strict budget, there are ways that you can save big on eating out while on vacation. Check out these excellent tips below.

1. Come along with snacks

One of the best ways to save money on your food and drinks is to come along with different options for your trip. Before traveling, you can head to your nearest grocery store and stock up on food and drinks you can easily travel with. These include dried fruits, granola bars, nuts, chips, and soda. You can also travel with alcohol, such as ready to drink cocktails, but it would be best to check the requirements to know how many bottles you can bring with you on your trip. Snacks and drinks are a smart choice, especially since they are usually more expensive in tourist destinations. You must also bring a reusable bottle for water refills as long as you are certain the water at your destination is safe for drinking. It's a smart way to prevent buying water daily and contributing to plastic waste. 

2. Choose accommodation that includes meals
You might be tempted to exclude meal packages to reduce costs when browsing your accommodation options. But before you do, you must weigh your options to see if it would be much more affordable to include meals in your package or eat out. Many hotels and guest houses offer breakfast to guests, which can be very filling and pull you through lunch, provided you have some snacks. Other accommodation options wouldn't mind making a small pack of food you can eat later in the day, especially if you're not a breakfast person. For the best value for your money, it would be best to stay at all-inclusive hotels and resorts, which include meals at all times of the day. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't explore other local cuisines, but you wouldn't spend too much of your money. 

3. Ask locals for recommendations

If you are new to a particular destination, you will likely visit restaurants and bars in tourist hotspots. Those places are notorious for being overpriced. Instead, you can ask your hotel concierge or a local for suggestions to more affordable and delicious places to visit, giving you the chance to eat local food. You can end up finding some of the best restaurants with the most delicious and flavorful dishes at significantly lower costs. Locals might also be able to tell you the best times to get food. For example, they might know of a restaurant that offers special discounts on certain days. 

Thanks to these amazing tips, your travels no longer have to be ridiculously expensive. Don't forget to stock up or politely ask for assistance during your time away.

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