How Common Are Slip and Fall Accidents On A Cruise

Between the wind and the water, ship decks can be dangerous places. Fishermen and longshoremen get seriously injured and even die in the course of their work. When you go on a cruise, you can’t help but think about safety issues that may arise on the high seas. Although a cruise passenger will never face as much danger as a maritime worker, slip and fall accidents are pretty common on cruise ships.

If you are about to take a cruise or if you have taken a spill on a cruise there are a few things you should know about the process of getting injuries taken care of and paid for.

Where do the slip and fall accidents happen on a boat?

Slip and fall accidents don’t only happen on a deck. They can happen in the buffet line, in the restaurant, near the pool, or in the bathroom. Cruise ships are big busy places and it can be hard for crew members to clean up potential hazards in a timely fashion. However, the cruise line is responsible for your well-being while you are on their boat. They have a duty of care and they must maintain their ship so that it is safe for passengers.

Sometimes the floor of a ship may be worn or passengers who have had a bit too much cheer might spill their drinks and a crew member might neglect their responsibility to clean it up. Marble floors look lovely in a ballroom, but if you use to much wax or let people walk on it immediately after buffing it, it can be dangerous.

What to Do When You Have an Accident

When you take a spill on a boat, you should always have yourself checked out by the ship’s doctor. There may be some cases in which your injuries are so severe that you will have to be taken to shore. However, all cruise ships have at least one doctor and several assistance as well as emergency medical equipment.

The doctor will give you a diagnosis, but be sure to have yourself checked out by your own doctor when you get home. Be sure to save all bills that are associated with the accident. You should also ask for the names of any witnesses.

A crew member will fill out an accident report. Do give them all the details that you can remember from the accident, but don’t let them pressure you into answering questions to which you do not know the answers.

The ship’s insurance company should pay for your injuries. As with other types of insurance claims, the insurance company is likely to try and lowball you. If you are not satisfied with what they offer you, you should contact a personal injury attorney.

Finding a Lawyer

Cruise ships and insurance companies have entire legal departments. There is often a liability agreement in the paperwork you signed when you will need an experienced attorney to negotiate with them on your behalf. Getting injured when you are on vacation is hard enough. You should at least get your bills paid for. Click here to learn more.

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