Expand Your Traveling Horizons

I must admit, I am a sucker for road trips. I absolutely love to travel. One day I would love to travel internationally. I would love to see the UK, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and a whole list of countries that have so much to offer tourists. These are places that many of us only experience on the television set or history books. Within the United States alone, there are several different cultures. Those that grew up on the California coast near the Pacific ocean have a vastly different routine than someone that grew up in New York City.

Expand your geographical horizons.
The fascinating fact, however, is that between the two opposite sides of the continent is the fact that we are all American; meaning, not very different. In fact, many may not see a difference at all. Just as the cultures of other nations are so very different from America, we would not see much diversity between the citizens if we lived in those countries. To experience the beauty the rest of the world has to offer is certainly dream-worthy.

The beautiful and bountiful Nordic countries.
Are you considering a vacation or business trip in Iceland? The best transportation is likely car rental Iceland visitors trust. Navigating around the countryside is a rewarding experience that you cannot duplicate by staying locked up in a hotel room. By renting a vehicle, you can travel to the places that you choose to visit and not have the added pressure of another person's schedule. The entertainment can be as spontaneous as you want it to be when you have your own transportation.

Embrace the destination's culture and attractions.
Are you unsure about recreation in Iceland? There are many activities in Iceland to enjoy, from every angle. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

  • Cave exploration
  • Snowmobile tours
  • Fishing
  • Motorcycle tours
  • Whale watching
  • Northern lights viewing
  • Kayaking
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife
  • Unique dining and cuisine

Get in where you fit in.
There are many things to enjoy on this incredible island. This list is just a few of the available attractions. Whether you enjoy hunting, boating, hiking, city life, or skiing, there is something for everyone. The northern lights are something that can only be witnessed in certain parts of the northern hemisphere, and this is something on my bucket list. The fascinating beauty of nature is something that most cannot deny, and when the opportunity arises to witness some of the incredible sights mother nature exhibits, take a moment to appreciate it.

Never underestimate the power of nature.
If you are the active outdoorsman (or woman) and are going to attempt a nature trip into the wilds of Iceland, always be prepared for anything. Make sure you are packing plenty of supplies, water, food, and a sturdy survival knife. Taking on the great outdoors is potentially dangerous, especially if you are alone. I would not recommend an outdoor expedition into the wild without explicit knowledge and experience in the outdoor survival realm. This is not for the faint of heart, and it is not easy. There are many precautions that must be prerequisites prior to taking this type of challenge on.

Educate yourself about the culture and history.
The general consensus and education of western society is that Iceland is a giant iceberg that is similar to the South Pole, or buildings popping up like igloos, strictly made of ice. The truth is, it has a very diverse landscape. It is a beautiful Nordic isle country situated in the North Atlantic, very near the Arctic Circle. Although it is so close to the frigid area, the gulf stream brings in warmer temperatures that create a diverse geographical topography. Mountains and streams, glaciers and ice, greenery and trees all thrive in Iceland. The multi-faceted country has a large tourist base and welcomes its international visitors to enjoy the many activities they have to offer.

If you choose to travel to a foreign country, learn some of the history and landmarks prior to your visit. Each country has its own unique attractions, so make sure the trip you plan embraces what each country has to offer in its entirety. For example, the first thing I would want to see in Ireland or Scotland would be the world-famous historic castles. In the UK, I would be delighted to witness the Changing of the Guards ceremony. In Russia, the Kremlin would be a fabulous sight to see. For Iceland, it would be the Perlan Wonders of Iceland, The Hofdi House, and Eiriksstadir. Eiriksstadir takes you back in time to the days of Eric the Red, Viking explorer who settled in Greenland and helped form the Nordic countries into what they are today.

Wherever you choose to go on your amazing vacation, do some research to make your getaway a spectacular one. Start packing and have a good trip!

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