Top 5 Edmonton Dishes And Where To Find Them

While you might not think of Edmonton as a culinary center of excellence, you might find yourself surprised as to what the city has to offer for your gustatory delight.

Like most other major urban centers in Canada, Edmonton boasts a rich tapestry of different cultures that all have their own ideas when it comes to making good food. This makes for just about unlimited options and enough variety to make it difficult to ever say that you've tried it all. Of course, having an abundance of selections can make it difficult to narrow down your options to just a few choice dishes, so that's what this article is hoping to accomplish.

Don't miss the opportunity to get a plate of these delicious options in Edmonton:

Donair Burger

An interesting take on an East Coast favorite, the Donair Burger can be found at Burger Joint at 9132 23 Avenue and is one of the best burgers in town. If there's anything worth considering food delivery in Edmonton for, it's the donair burger. Seasoned donair meat is the main draw and if you haven't ever tried this style of meat a burger is a very non-risky way to give it a shot if you aren't willing to commit to a full on donair. You have the option of ordering it right off the menu which comes with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, garlic sauce, and red cabbage or building your own.

True Canadian Poutine

The poutine offered from The Canadian Brewhouse is as Canadian as can be. Medium sized fries doused in cheese and a thick brown gravy is the name of the game and it's all topped off with a miniature canadian flag proudly flying from a toothpick. Make sure you're hungry before you decide to go for this one, as it's very filling and extremely irresistible.

Mexican Tacos

The tacos on offer at Tres Carnales Taqueria are as close to authentic Mexican tacos as you can get in Edmonton, and maybe even in all of Canada. Fresh ingredients come together to compliment fresh guacamole and spicy meat which is all on a soft tortilla to really bring everything together nicely. Enjoy bouncy latin pop music while you dig into your newest favorite Mexican dish.

Guru Butter Chicken

Our next entry hails from India and comes from the aptly named Guru restaurant, they know their stuff. Their Guru Butter Chicken is an excellent rendition of a world famous dish that's chock full of flavor thanks to the exquisitely crafted butter sauce and memorably tender chicken. If you haven't had butter chicken before and want to make sure you get it right the first time, Guru has you covered.

So as this list shows the food options in Edmonton are as varied as the people who inhabit the wonderful capital of Alberta. These four options barely even scrape the surface of what's out there, I highly suggest asking around to find even more options once you've given these a shot. Best of luck and good eating!

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