Road Trip Canada: 5 of the Best Routes to Use

Canada is a dream come true for everyone who loves road trips. Driving provides you with the capacity to travel at your own speed, pull over and admire the scenery as you move or split the journey with kayaking or hiking. There are lots of great cars to rent for this trip like the Mitsubishi Lancer or BMW 328i.

Regardless of if you love beaches, mountains or urban heritage, here are some of the best routes to try out.

Vancouver to TofinoBritish Columbia

Start this road trip by using a ferry crossing. At the Horseshoe bay, board a boat and chill for some hours while you cross the Strait of Georgia down to Vancouver Island.

The drive from Nanaimo to Tofino which is 270 km provides you with the chance to stop at MacMillan Provincial Park and take a walk between massive Douglas Fir trees, a few of which are as old as 800 years.

The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia
This is a trail of around 298 km which spreads around the Northern part of Cape Breton Island. Majority of the length of this route spreads along the coasts and provides viewpoints that overlook North Atlantic.

According to Locals, the best period to travel is in the fall, but that should not stop you as the Cape Breton Highlands National Park Landscapes look wonderful all year round.

Icefields Parkway, Alberta
This is a 232 route and in just around four hours you can drive past it with a leased Mitsubishi Lancer, although this would not show you the beauty of the waterfalls and woodland wilderness that can be seen on both sides of the highway.

The route goes between Jasper and Banff. It cuts through the Rocky Mountains and goes past two national monuments which are the Jasper National Park and the Banff National park. They are home to the massive ice field in Columbia. You can take guided hikes on the glaciers of Saskatchewan and Athabasca and learn about the Geography of the region.

Montréal to the Gaspé PeninsulaQuébec

The Chemin Du Roy route for tourists goes along with the St Lawrence River's north shore through heritage locations in villages like Neuville and Deschambault to Quebec City. A few days can be spent exploring the fortifications and old town, one of which is the Citadelle of Quebec.

Regina to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is well known as a prairie, flat province. This is because lots of drivers only observe it from their vehicles while going past the Trans-Canada Highway.

Begin in Regina, where you can check out the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Center. You can also see Mounties on parade every Tuesdays from July to the middle of August in the Sunset-Retreat Ceremony.

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