4 Important Pieces of Advice a DUI Lawyer Will Offer

An arrest for driving under the influence is never a pleasant experience. If you find yourself accused of this crime, the last thing you want to do is deal with the legal system on your own. You need a lawyer who can provide advice and represent you. While you wait for your lawyer to meet you at the station, there are some important things that you should do. Here are some examples of what many lawyers advice people to do once the arrest takes place.

Do Not Resist
One of the first things that most lawyers will tell people is to cooperate with the arresting officer. There should be no action taken that indicates any level of resistance on the part of the accused party. Comply with the instructions to prepare for a trip to the police station and by your actions show that your intention is to do whatever the officer says. Even if you feel the allegation has no basis in fact, cooperation on the part of clients makes the job DUI lawyers face much simpler.

Watch Your Language
It isn’t just your actions that need attention. There is also the need to be mindful of what you say and how you say it. No matter what you think of the charges, calling the arresting officer names or saying anything that could be construed as a threat is not in your best interests. For now, remain as calm as possible and keep your responses short and to the point. There will be plenty of time to vent your anger once you and your legal counsel are alone.

Call Legal Counsel at the First Opportunity
It is your right to have a lawyer present as soon as possible. Make the request to contact your legal counsel shortly after the arrest. Provide full details about where you are, what has taken place up to that point, and the nature of the charges. Doing so will allow the lawyer to have an idea of what to expect upon arriving at the station.

Defer Answering Questions Until Your Lawyer Arrives
Along with the right to contact your lawyer, you also have the right to defer further questions until your legal counsel arrives. Make it clear that you will be happy to entertain questions once the lawyer is there. After the lawyer does arrive and the two of you have some time to confer, the questioning can begin. Remember that your lawyer will know if a question is in compliance with current laws and procedures. If not, the lawyer will step in and remind the officer that the question is not allowed at the present time.

Arrests for any charge are often difficult to manage emotionally. This is particularly true for someone who has never been arrested before. Charged with a DUI? Remain as calm as possible, cooperate to the best of your ability, and contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. Once the lawyer is on the scene, the process of deciding what to do next will be much easier.

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